Episode 654: Half-Hour of the Wolf

“And after you see what happens, you will never be the same again!”

It’s the day after Christmas, and now on the show, a werewolf is tearing the hell out of Joe.

652 dark shadows joe werewolf attack 2

A couple days ago, as a special yuletide treat for the housewives, the teenagers and the young set, Dark Shadows presented the most exciting action sequence cliffhanger they’d ever attempted.

Producer Dan Curtis, in his infinite lunacy, is determined to get as many people watching the show over the Christmas break as he possibly can. The kids are home from school and everybody’s relaxing after the holidays, so the show serves up a thrilling slice of mayhem, guaranteed to replace any stray sugarplums that might be dancing in anyone’s head.

652 dark shadows joe werewolf attack 4

So at the end of the last episode, they arranged for Joe to be alone at Maggie’s cottage. There’s a menacing growl from outside, and then suddenly the window disintegrates with a shattering crash, and the werewolf leaps into the room, flying over the railing, animated by nothing but a bottomless hunger for death and destruction.

652 dark shadows joe werewolf attack 6

Joe tries to dodge behind the sofa, but the wolf is upon him. Everything in the room is suddenly a weapon or an obstacle; they knock over tables, and send a glass lamp smashing to the ground.

And then the snarling beast has Joe by the throat, sinking its jaws into his flesh as he screams and struggles.

652 dark shadows joe werewolf attack 7

This is Alex Stevens, by the way, playing the werewolf. I don’t think I’ve introduced him properly before, and he deserves some attention, because he’s phenomenal.

Alex appeared for the first time as Chris Jennings’ wild side a few weeks ago, and he’s listed in the credits as “Stunt Coordinator”. Dark Shadows is actually his first screen credit as a stunt man, and it’s certainly attention-grabbing.

He’ll go on to appear in dozens of movies, including The French Connection, Super Fly, Eyes of Laura Mars, Superman, Splash, 3 Men and a Baby, and Goodfellas, as well as a memorable part on an early Sesame Street segment as the baker who sings “Eight — chocolate — cakes!” and then falls down the stairs. At the moment, of course, he’s reducing a cast member to his component particles.

654 dark shadows wolf joe fight

The Christmas Eve cliffhanger ends there, with the wolf grabbing Joe and savaging him around the throat area. We pick up the action from here, and the fight just keeps on going.

The wolf throws Joe over the couch, and then tumbles after him, knocking over some more furniture on the way.

654 dark shadows joe werewolf attack 2

Joe — who is not billed as a Stunt Coordinator, so he’s awesome for doing all this — tries to scramble away, and when the creature charges, Joe kicks it in the gut and makes a break for the door.

654 dark shadows joe werewolf stool

With the wolf closing in, Joe picks up a stool…

654 dark shadows joe werewolf attack 3

And WHAM! He smashes the beast in the face, and the world is a mess of splinters and wolf parts.

654 dark shadows joe werewolf attack 4

So this is the kind of fun you can have, once you realize that a werewolf could perk up your soap opera considerably.

This is one of those moments when I feel like I have to remind everyone that in 1968, daytime television didn’t have a lot of action sequences. Dark Shadows is currently competing in its timeslot opposite The Match Game, The Art Linkletter Show, and homework.

They’re already crushing the competition, and they really don’t have to try this hard. At this point, they’re just showing off.

0654 dark shadows joe werewolf attack 5

Joe ends up sprawled out on the carpet, with his handsome cousin straddling his chest. This is another reason why I like the werewolf, by the way; it lets the boys get all physical.

Desperate, Joe reaches out for anything he can use as a weapon…

654 dark shadows joe werewolf attack scissors

And then we get a nice, clear close-up on a pair of scissors, carefully placed just within reach.

654 dark shadows werewolf joe irresponsible

Joe grabs the scissors and stabs the monster in the left shoulder, chasing it away.

This is a fantastic lesson for the young set at Christmas time. Now they know what scissors are for.

654 dark shadows joe tore up

So here lies Joe Haskell, still alive but only by a technicality. The boy is tore up from the floor up.

Maggie calls, wondering what’s taking him so long with the luggage, and he just falls over backwards and does everything short of actually expiring.

654 dark shadows joe wrecked

Now, in yesterday’s episode, Joe and Maggie officially broke up, agreeing that there wasn’t going to be any reconciliation following their mutual supernatural-assisted indiscretions. On any other soap, a longstanding couple splitting up would be a big moment, with close-ups and a tear in the eye, and maybe even a song and/or montage.

Dark Shadows took care of the breakup in a minute and a half, and then it was interrupted by a phone call. The show has evolved beyond the need for human emotions, and now exists entirely for crazy spectacle.

That’s why a werewolf is the perfect addition to the Dark Shadows menagerie. Let’s say two characters are talking about their feelings, when all of a sudden a werewolf jumps through the window. The werewolf automatically trumps everything. There is honestly nothing else like it.

654 dark shadows barnabas joe fight

Obviously, I have huge respect for the vampires on the show. But if I had to choose, Twilight Saga-style, between Team Vampire and Team Werewolf, it is no contest at all. Werewolf always wins.

654 dark shadows werewolf alex stevens

So, for the record, here’s a quick list of what’s so great about werewolves.

#1, obviously: visual spectacle. #2: it’s unique, there’s nothing else in soap operas that’s even remotely like this. #3: imminent threat to any character you like; all they need to do is superimpose a pentagram on somebody’s face, and there you have it, instant plot point.

Let’s see, what else. #4: lots of countdowns and deadlines, as everyone tries to get things under control before the full moon rises. #5: comes with built-in mysterious backstory, i.e., how did he get this way? #6: you can do a serial killer storyline, and still like the guy.

654 shaun of the dead zombies

Now, werewolves are not actually my favorite monster. My number-one favorite is zombies, because there’s never such a thing as one zombie.

For example, you could be sitting in a public place — let’s say a restaurant — and if a vampire walks in, it’s not necessarily a life-threatening moment. Vampires can pass for human, so a single vampire walking in could just be looking for a friend.

But a zombie is slow, and obvious. If a zombie walks into the restaurant, then there’s a street full of people outside that door who failed to take care of the situation. One zombie walking in the door means it’s already too late. One zombie means the world is broken.

654 dark shadows alex stevens werewolf

But a werewolf is a close second, drama-wise, because it’s a force of pure mindless destruction that still remembers how to open and close doors.

It’s the opposite of a Ron Sproat episode; you can’t just stand there and talk. You can’t reason with a werewolf, or open up negotiations. A werewolf is an automatic emergency.

Metaphorically, vampires and werewolves are pretty much the same — they’re both symbols of the hidden lust and rage that lies beneath the surface of civilized man. But werewolves are cooler and more dangerous, and they’re fun to look at. I just really like werewolves is all.

654 dark shadows julia maggie governess

Anyway, back at Collinwood, Maggie and Julia are hanging out in the foyer, pretending that they’re on a normal TV show.

Maggie has just accepted the position of Collins family governess, and she asks Julia if she thinks she’ll be able to handle David. Julia reassures her, saying, “Don’t you worry about it, Maggie. My only question is, will you like being a governess?”

So that’s cute, standing there and acting like that’s a question that anybody cares about. This is not that kind of show anymore.

654 dark shadows maggie barnabas joe hurt

To prove it, here comes Barnabas, leading the wounded Joe into the house and shouting for Julia. Apparently, Joe is so severely injured that Barnabas had no choice but to get him up on his feet, load him into a car, drive up the hill to Collinwood, extricate him from the car, and drag him into the drawing room, where he can get the skilled medical attention that he needs.

I guess ambulances and hospitals just don’t exist anymore. I wonder what happened to them all.

654 dark shadows werewolf fall 2

Meanwhile, the werewolf staggers back to his room at the Collinsport Inn. I don’t know how he manages to get in and out like this without alarming the staff or the guests; either he’s amazingly stealthy or he’s already murdered them all.

Things that happen off-screen on Dark Shadows don’t really matter anyway. The sets are air-tight little bubbles of drama; the space between one set and the next is just a hazy void that nobody cares about.

654 dark shadows werewolf door

So the savage, bloodthirsty animal uses his shoulder to push the door shut, in such a casual way that you don’t really think about how bewilderingly silly that is.

654 dark shadows werewolf fall 4

And then he turns around, and executes a perfect fall backwards onto the floor, because Alex Stevens is the greatest actor on the show. They should have had a stunt coordinator a long time ago, it’s fantastic.

654 dark shadows joe bandages

After a brief word from our sponsor, we come back to Joe, all bandaged up and dirty, with his shirt open and everything. It’s like I keep saying, werewolves make everything better.

In fact, if you’ll allow me a moment of off-the-cuff lit-crit theorizing, I bet I could come up with some jargon like thematic narrative destabilization or something, where I could claim that the shock of a brutal action sequence on daytime television breaks the rules of the genre, which allows them to cross other boundaries without anyone really noticing.

654 dark shadows julia joe bandages

We’ve been getting occasional flashes of manflesh for the last couple of months, always tied to some serious injury. Tom showed off his neck area when he was bitten by Angelique, and then we got a peek at Adam’s chest following another vampire attack. We got our first extended neck-down exposure when Joe was stabbed in the stomach, and Julia had to cut his turtleneck in half so she could bandage him up.

He buttons himself up pretty quick this time, but it’s still a reminder of thrilling possibilities. Delving into the supernatural has given Dark Shadows the license to show more action, and that opens the door to violence, and sexuality, and who knows what else.

654 dark shadows chris regret

Okay, back to the inn. The werewolf has turned back into Chris, who gets up with a splitting headache and some mysterious tears in the menswear. Remembering the pentagram on Joe’s face, Chris tries to call him, while he uncorks some super emotional thinks.

Chris (thinks):  What’ll I say if he answers? At least I’ll know he’s — all right. Alive! Why don’t you say that? Why won’t you admit that’s what you really want to know? If he’s alive!

654 dark shadows chris mirror shirt

Then he notices the hole that Joe ripped in his shirt. Disgusted with himself, he tears at the shirt, and

654 dark shadows chris unwrapped

Oh my god, you guys, it’s thematic narrative destabilization! I totally called this.

654 dark shadows chris christmas

Oh, look at that. It really is Christmas.

654 dark shadows chris text

Okay, at this point I need to come up with something else to say, to justify some more screenshots, joke or something here

654 dark shadows chris reason

same thing here [ insert sentences, think of something ]

654 dark shadows chris something

something something [ narrative lit-crit jargon, joke ] something

654 dark shadows joe chris confrontation

Okay, so now Joe’s here. After the attack, he was left holding a piece of ripped cloth, which he tore off the werewolf’s shirt during the scissor attack. Recognizing the fabric, he goes to Chris’ room, and he finds the torn shirt.

654 dark shadows joe chris embrace

Joe asks Chris to explain what’s going on, and when Chris doesn’t fess up, Joe grabs him by the arms. And I’m starting to wonder if this is another moment of thematic destabilization whatever, because these guys have had their hands all over each other for two episodes in a row. That’s the awesome thing about made-up lit-crit jargon; it does whatever you want it to.

654 dark shadows joe chris gay

So is this really happening, or am I just hallucinating now? Because this is really close to being the best episode of anything, ever. Maybe it’s just me.

654 dark shadows joe hysteria

Okay, more stuff. Joe has a gun now. I’ve kind of stopped processing this as a story by this point. It’s just boys and shouting and head wounds and wardrobe malfunctions.

654 dark shadows werewolf shot 3

Chris is a werewolf again, and Joe shoots him, but you can’t stop a werewolf with a handgun. Nothing can stop a werewolf, not guns or fire or common sense or anything. The werewolf is what it is.

654 dark shadows werewolf shot 4

So the werewolf keeps on coming, and that’s how you make a half-hour of amazing television. It’s a cultural watershed, really, setting a new bar for quality and audience engagement.

And that’s why television suddenly became perfect, from January 1969 on. This explains everything.

Tomorrow: Accidentally Yours.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Joe left the phone at Maggie’s cottage off the hook. As the scene shifts from Collinwood to the cottage, there’s an off-the-hook telephone sound effect — but it starts too early, and makes it seem like Maggie can hear the noise all the way over at Collinwood.

In the next scene, Maggie looks outside, and then closes the front door — but they don’t close all the way, and the door swings open behind Maggie as she turns to pace across the foyer.

At the end of the episode, Chris pleads with Joe to get the gun from his dresser drawer. When Joe opens the drawer, Chris yells, “Put it out — take it out!”

Tomorrow: Accidentally Yours.

654 dark shadows werewolf shot 5

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

15 thoughts on “Episode 654: Half-Hour of the Wolf

  1. Another one of the daring things about this sequence of episodes is that Joe has been transformed into the Damsel in Distress – extraordinary on a soap even today, much less the Sixties. Joe Haskell started as the traditional Soap Hunk, the hero good for lending a shoulder and for rescuing women in jeopardy. Now he’s been snacked on by another woman and terrorized by hairier guy. DS isn’t just changing how soaps work, but challenging gender roles.

    Also, I have no idea why DS ever wrote out a werewolf. Werewolves make everything better, and one could have saved even that teaspoon of a story that we call PT 1840. Alex Stevens should have been put on permanent contract.

    1. There’s an interview where Dan Curtis says he doesn’t like werewolves. I don’t understand it, I love a good werewolf, but Dan wasn’t into them. Thankfully, he was smart enough to use one anyway.
      Alex Stevens is great, he’s so aggressive, knows how to lunge. Brings lots of sizzle, fo shizzle.

  2. Personally I never noticed it, but this open shirt stuff is part of Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson on “Little House on the Prairie”)’s comedy show. She talks about how Michael Landon liked to have his character injured so that he had an excuse to be shown with his shirt off and bandages wrapped around his ribs. So by 1974 Landon at least was totally hip to this. See her live show if you get a chance. If you like Danny’s writing you’ll enjoy it.

    1. I can’t remember who it was, but I remember reading an essay once where the author said he realized he was gay as a kid because he always liked it when Little Joe on Bonanza got shot and they had to take his shirt off.

      And continuing in a sort-of-lascivious vein, I didn’t understand if it was Don Briscoe or Alex Stevens as the werewolf yesterday in the screenshots Danny posted. But in the last two photos, where he’s leaving his room at the inn, whichever one it was made me think of that line: “I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go.”

  3. And let’s not forget the full name of Alex Steven’s werewolf. I. S. Werewolf. Incredible Shrinking, that is. Alex was a full four inches shorter than Don Briscoe, making him seven or eight inches shorter than David Selby. I guess when the hair sprouts, the bone mass is reduced by the sudden transfer of molecules, whatever. The DS stunt coordinator was certainly one of the headliners of That Year Of Insanity . . .

    1. I don’t see the height discrepancy between the man and the wolf as a problem. Becoming a wolf-man completely reshapes the body; seems okay that they’d be taller in one state than the other.

      The bit I find problematic is that since, as you mention, Alex plays both Wolf!Chris and Wolf!Quentin, it is odd that both men would become werewolves of the exact same height. Wolf!Quentin being shorter than regular Quentin, but still taller than Wolf!Chris, I could buy, but the two wolves being the same is too much for my brain.

      Or perhaps all werewolves are exactly the same height? Like an International Werewolf Standard – that could also explain the height discrepancies between each man and their wolf counterpart.

  4. Is that Joel Crothers fighting with the werewolf or another stuntman? It seems like he’s making pretty professional stuntman fight moves, and we see only the back of his head, which makes me think it’s not really Crothers.

  5. I bet one reason Dan Curtis didn’t like werewolves is that he had to pay two actors to play one role.

    It’s awfully generous of Barnabas to be so helpful to a guy who tried to strangle him with a drapery cord just a little while ago.

    Don Briscoe definitely belongs to the pre-gym era of soap opera hunks. A modern hunk would have a much more developed physique.

    Like any good Mainer Chris buys his clothes at L.L. Bean so he can take that torn shirt right back to Freeport and exchange it for a new one, no questions asked.

  6. I’m totally all about werewolves. I think they’re scary as hell because they’re wild and quick! Joe and Chris’ fight was awesome and it literally gave me chills when they showed the scissors…and then Joe uses them!! This show is super bad ass now.

    That night ABC thought it would be cool to air a most un-Christmas episode of “Bewitched”, Episode 153: “Instant Courtesy”, one of my least favorite episodes because it’s focused all on Darrin at the office being overtly courteous due to a spell of a Endora’s.

    But on the werewolf tip, Darrin was turned into a werewolf Halloween 1965 by baby Marcia Brady aka Maureen McCormick playing a transformed Endora as a gypsy trick-or-treater.

  7. The orange paisley dress is the number one Maggie dress of all time. I would totally wear that right now. Awesome…

  8. Man, that Joe/Chris action sequence was expertly staged. Kudos to non-stuntman Joel Crothers for his willingness to do this.

  9. How many full moons in a row are there in Collinsport? I mean, it is actually only a full moon for one night… You know, science and all that

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