Episode 1243: The Dark Shadows Parts

“According to my calculations, only one more person must have the dream.”

All I can think about is what’s happening behind those doors.

All I know is danger! The cards do not lie!

All she did was tell me what you had planned — to betray me — and you killed her for it, just as you killed me, and you killed your wife Amanda, because she tried to help me too.

All that remains is a shell, a manifestation! This body you inhabit is not yours!

All we know is, she was hanged. But whether she died or not is something everyone in Collinsport is still wondering about.

All we know is that there’s another force working in this house against the same people that we’re fighting against.

And in another house, nearer the sea, the emotion is rage.

And on this night, a young woman with certain mental powers of her own will begin to sense the truth.

And their meeting, when it comes, will shatter the ancient truce between the living and the dead.

Another blunder! This may mean your life.

Anyone who believes in voodoo must believe in me!

Apologies are the Devil’s invention. They just cover evil behavior.

Are you in this room? If you are in this room, speak to me more clearly!

Aristede’s far too precious to die an ordinary death. He shall be haunted, and tormented to his grave.

As each moment goes by, you have less and less existence!

As I was going through the portrait, I thought I knew what it meant.

As soon as you’re finished with all the mumbo-jumbo, would you hand me a glass of mineral water?

As you know, lycanthropy is the study of werewolves.

Barnabas is dead. He locked me in a room, and then he died.

The basis of your problem is the destructive nature of your blood cells.

Because of his stupidity, one of the beings chosen for the plan has destroyed the other.

Being startled is the most interesting thing that’s happened to me all evening.

The bells! If only I could manage to make them ring!

Blood… oozing through the wall! Where’s it coming from? What does it mean?

Blood is the life force. It reaches into the deepest recesses of both the heart, and the brain. It is the familiar of our complete being.

But the name Victoria is so beautiful to me, I couldn’t possibly surrender a syllable of it.

But then I got the most shocking thing that ever happened to me in my life.

But then uniqueness is not always a good thing. It sets you apart from other men.

But when? Every night, the shadow grows larger!

Can you imagine what it’s like to go to bed at night, and fall into the deepest sleep you’ve ever known?

Can you see the center of the stone? Because beyond that center is another center.

Can’t you tell what I’m doing? I’m choking you!

Children are animals, but with one important difference.

The circumstances around her death make it impossible to explain by ordinary logic.

Collinwood belongs to the ghosts now.

Coming back from the dead is not a trick, Bruno!

Congratulations, my dear. For once, you’ve succeeded in being successful.

Count Petofi, do you think this is some sort of a carriage ride?

Count Petofi tried to have me killed, but he couldn’t, because I’m not alive in this time, so I can’t die.

Cousin Barnabas hates me. He sent the bat because he wants me to die.

The dead sheriff was standing over me with a gun, and I woke up here.

Death is fascinating, when one considers the wide possibilities that it offers.

The Devil has been in these rooms, and he has inhabited the bodies of these two, and looked with favor upon them.

Did the cards suggest a sum of money for the gypsies?

Do not be afraid! I will help you! I am the first he killed!

Do you deserve to live? Why? To playact at your black arts, to be a dilettante warlock?

Do you have any idea what it’s like sitting here, waiting, counting the days until there’s a moon that’s full?

Do you have any objection to my looking at your cellar?

Do you have the theories towards this staircase written down anywhere?

Do you know why I brought you back from the grave?

Do you remember I told you when I was in the past that I shot someone?

Do you remember when this mark was the only sign we belonged to each other?

Do you still believe we cannot gain help from the dead?

Do you think a woman’s just going to volunteer to risk her life for something as insane as this?

Do you think I care how many people die along the way? Do you think I care how many leaves are on this tree?

Do you think I wanted to die in Alexandria, when the fire priests dragged me to the sacrificial altar, screaming?

Do you think I’m fool enough to leave the power of the hand in that body?

Do you think it’s right, to pray for a cursed thing like this?

Do you think that what’s happened in this house has deranged my mind so much that I’ll accept your outrageous lies?

Do you think there was some disturbance in the time barrier — some disturbance in the warp — and we’ve come back to another time?

Do you think you could come here to another century, and simply watch the action as if it were some play?

Do you think you might be able to summon the one who’s controlling her?

A doll like this could even be used to kill someone.

Don’t ask questions. Now, you mustn’t panic, or ask — or be afraid, or ask questions, because something unexpected may happen. And you mustn’t panic! Do you understand?

Don’t start imagining a lot of things just because someone we barely know is acting peculiar.

Don’t tell me you didn’t see her in that room. You did! That woman will ruin our world!

Don’t touch me! Let his eyes tell me what to do!

Don’t try to deny it. I’ve investigated you thoroughly, and I’ve seen you in your coffin.

Don’t try to understand. Just submit to your needs, as I do.

Don’t you ever do that to me, or you’ll find yourself beyond the borderline of death!

Don’t you understand? What I’ve been trying to tell you all along is that I am already dead.

The earth hovers between night and day, as though terrified to bring into being the days and nights that lie ahead.

Either she controls the portrait, or the portrait controls her.

Even if you are not the Devil, you are surely in league with him!

Even the hope itself is a hint of what it must be like to be a human being.

Every day he becomes more like a mortal man… and no mortal man can spoil my plans.

Every time something happens around here, there’s always a dog hanging around!

Everybody I’ve talked to is awfully upset about those attacks on the girls, and the horrible death of those poor animals.

Evil! That’s what’s here. I can feel it in the air. Evil. Evil!

The evil here always follows you, doesn’t it? The evil here never stops.

The eyes in the painting… They were alive! I could feel them!

Find Angelique and tell her that, unfortunately, her final destruction is only a matter of minutes.

Fingers of flame, make healthy again what I have diseased!

For a variety of reasons. All of them, I think, quite valid.

For as long as I exist, I’ll despise this room for what it has done to me.

For mother, the cards are blank. For me, they throb with life!

From the darkness of the world you now inhabit, and the everlasting depths of the grave, hear us!

Gerard, you took life from them once. Don’t do it again!

Go get me the stake and the mallet. I still have blood plasma downstairs from the experiment.

The gods told him the secret magic number of the universe, the number which unlocks all the rules that bind you mortals to your daily, dull lives.

Goodbye, Maggie Evans. I might have loved you. I might have spared you. Now, you must die.

Grandfather always said that I would be killed by a woman, and he was right. A woman murdered me!

Great Sun God Ra, bearer of warmth and fire, grant your daughter the gift of life!

Had it not been for me, you would have been prowling the woods last night.

He is my cousin, as you are my cousin, in this time or any other time!

He knows everything there is to know about the family history, especially about the past.

He may be eccentric or mysterious at times, but I don’t think he’s evil.

He must have had a plan — and it must have been diabolical!

He will endure an agony long before he is dead. He will beg for death. Death will be a mercy.

He will look for some secret dark womb that will keep him safe. We must find that place.

He’ll go down there in that cellar, and he’ll find a coffin, and he’ll want to know about it.

He’s not a gypsy. I can only use it on gypsies!

He’s not a very good doctor. He examined me for nearly an hour, and didn’t notice that I only had one hand.

He’s some kind of a creature from the world of the dead!

His plan for creating a super race which will follow only me is excellent.

The house, the room. The coffin!

How can they possibly hear you or me, when we are both dead?

How can we know with any certainty whom this head possesses?

How dark it is! I do not like death at all!

How does it feel, to see yourself enter a room? Sort of like seeing yourself step right out of a mirror, isn’t it?

How does it make you feel to know that you are succeeding as a whatever you are, but failing as a woman?

How odd it is that I should feel this urge on this night.

I adjure thee, contemptuous and evil spirits, by the judge of the quick and the dead, by thy Maker and the Maker of all things, by Him who has the power to cast thee into Hell, depart in haste the confines of this house!

I am a princess! And when I raise my hand and say die, then of course, someone must die!

I am defending the right of this girl to be judged innocent until she is proved innocent!

I am forced to remain in this century. I am consigned to this time forever.

I am going to destroy that thing that’s me in that room!

I am puzzled by the meaning of shadows.

I am the keeper of the book, and the protector of the baby.

I anoint thee with the blood of the owl, the raven and the bat.

I believe in a past, and I believe in a present. And I think that sometimes, at some very special moment, they become confused.

I believe that the events of the past can be haunting enough, without conjuring up spirits about it.

I believe that time is extremely fluid and accessible.

I call upon all the dark creatures of nature to aid me in the destruction of one who is my mortal enemy!

I can make you older. I can make you die. But I cannot assemble a human being and have him live.

I can punish you for having such human emotions!

I can see now that you represent nothing but lies.

I can sentence you to walk the Earth in an agony of loneliness for the rest of time.

I can’t bear thinking that when we’re together, we draw her from her grave!

I can’t forget that I was the one who was intended to destroy you.

I can’t let you leave here. The evil in you may return in another form.

I can’t put together the parts of a body into a human, with life or breath.

I can’t rest, I’ve got too much to do! I’ve got too much killing to do!

I can’t take my mind off this bullet.

I can’t understand why I have the feeling that something frightening is going to happen.

I did not change Mr. Collins into a cat so that you could kill him!

I did not come here to discuss the dead, but rather — the living!

I didn’t meet you at the station because I had to find a portrait — a very important portrait.

I died, and everyone brought me such pretty flowers.

I do not need you now! Can’t you understand? Go back to your grave!

I don’t have to think about you. I know we swing, and that’s all I have to know.

I don’t know, and you don’t know, none of us knows, and we probably never will know, and besides, I don’t care.

I don’t know what is happening inside you, but it is evil.

I don’t know what you did, or how you did it. It doesn’t matter, because I’m going to kill you.

I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. Why do you want to kill me? Are you insane?

I don’t like people asking questions. And I like even less the people who inspire those questions.

I don’t see how you can change a person into someone else.

I don’t share your confidence in that cane.

I don’t understand the disappearance, but there’s things in those slides that I understand even less.

I don’t want to encourage them, and their ridiculous prophecies.

I don’t want to sit. I want to understand what’s going on.

I don’t want you to die the way he’ll do it. That’s why I brought you the milk.

I dream about her only because I hate her!

I fear the séance didn’t put an end to what’s been happening here.

I feel that the possibilities of things in this world are so infinite, that it’s difficult to conceive of another.

I felt it in that room! I felt life being drawn out of me!

I find it very egotistical of you to think that only your kind can come back from death.

I found a way to transcend time. But you have found a way to suspend time!

I had forgotten how overwhelming this urge for blood could be, and how helpless I would be to resist it.

I hate to be ungallant, but looking at you, I see nothing but the misery that you’ve caused.

I have feelings, Ben. I can hate. And I can do something about that hate.

I have instincts, and my instincts tell me that this hideous thing is disgusting, vile and evil.

I have powers, I guess. I didn’t used to have, but I do now.

I have the feeling that perhaps all of us are leading a different life in that room.

I have things for you to do, other than to make preposterous statements.

I have to go back and try to change history, so that this terrible night couldn’t have happened!

I haven’t got time for pentagrams!

I heard her voice, I touched her hand, but that woman has been dead for over a hundred years.

I hope I disappoint you, and die before dawn.

I hope Jeb had presence of mind enough to put the coffin back in the grave.

I implore you to remember the dead!

I just can’t remember all the reasons why we should get rid of the vampire.

I just had a strange feeling of vibration.

I just used to accept the way I was. I got kicks from it! But now I never want to be that way again.

I kept telling them! Death was an extension of life! I kept telling them that!

I knew it by the way he looked at me, and by his lies in answering my questions.

I know all about you! I’m gonna tell everyone, so you’ll be destroyed!

I know I shouldn’t summon you, but won’t you appear to me?

I know there’s good, and there’s evil, because I learned it from you. But you’ve forgotten it, Barnabas, and you have to learn it all over again.

I know what I’m saying, Julia, he’s out there, Barnabas is out in the mausoleum, and he’s alive! He’s alive!

I know what the evil force wants you to do next.

I know you are men! She is a woman! I know this is a basement!

I know you’re doing this to me. You and your spells!

I might be able to forget that I’m dead.

I must believe that my being at that graveyard at eight o’clock will bring him back.

I must cleanse your body, so the evil spirits can never bewitch you again.

I must go somewhere — find someone — no matter what the consequence!

I must learn your secret — how to bring you half alive!

I must remain in this century now, as a punishment for the mistakes I made in the past.

I never once believed that she could survive death — until tonight!

I refuse to allow my fears to be decided by the fears that exist in this house.

I remember the first sensation I had from him in the future.

I said you were my friend, and how I wish that were the truth. But I am past the point when friends are possible.

I see a night of terror! I see strange screams, muffled sounds!

I should go to Collinwood, and drag her from the house, and burn her!

I should like to give the defendant one last opportunity to denounce her master, and relinquish voluntarily the powers which link her to the Prince of Darkness.

I summon you in the name of the charred and blackened stars that reigned at my beginning!

I suppose I’d better pay a visit on the antique shop which specializes in a succession of strange, disposable little boys.

I think the man I’m talking to is a ghost!

I think the worst that will happen to me is I shall be forced to hear that rather pitiful riddle.

I thought I had removed the life force completely, but apparently not.

I told you once that you might be trapped here, in the past.

I understand. I didn’t like being in the grave. I wanted to come out, too.

I want you to come over immediately, and bring your medallion.

I want you to do nothing. Promise me that, and I will not use the coffins.

I want you to get good and mad — mad enough to rip a man to shreds!

I warn you, those who doubt the word of truth are only a shade less guilty than those who defile it!

I was just noticing your harpoon collection.

I will concentrate on vengeance, and nothing else!

I will know to trust them, to lead them through the mysteries that will make them respond.

I will not be defeated by love — the most cardinal of sins!

I will not come with you! You’re dead! You’re dead!

I will not let him, nor what he knows, step in the way of what I must do.

I will not let you roam the countryside like a crazed animal!

I will speak, and make my beckoner speak. I will say the riddle myself, and I will refuse to open her doors.

I will tell you an old gypsy saying. Walk fast, and misfortune will overtake you. Walk slow, and misfortune will catch you!

I wish I understood why this table is the way it is.

I wonder what I’ll be like, as a human being?

I would give almost anything to witness the fury you’re about to unleash.

I would’ve thought it idiocy to assume that a praying bigot could turn a zombie into a man.

I would not let them be together in life, and they shall not be together in death.

I would not put pencil to paper to trace the Devil’s handiwork!

I’d like you to tell me a little more about Maggie’s neck wound.

I’ll close my eyes, and when I open them, you’ll be here, and the watch will tick!

I’ll first give you the pleasure of viewing the dead, disintegrating body of Barnabas Collins!

I’m accusing you of painting a portrait of a wolf!

I’m afraid of the night! Don’t let it be dark! Please, don’t let it be dark!

I’m always with fear, Barnabas, but we don’t have time to think about that.

I’m back, I’m back! I didn’t die, I didn’t die!

I’m caught in something — a web!

I’m close to killing you tonight. Only your beauty saves you.

I’m in a graveyard. How did I get in a graveyard?

I’m merely wondering if there’s something in you that reaches out towards unnatural creatures.

I’m not going to be inside any pentagrams. I’m going to be doing something that makes sense!

I’m not just a little boy in every room in this house!

I’m not who I thought I was. I’m someone else! Someone far away!

I’m positive he’ll give you a sign — a sign for you to forget all of this insanity!

I’m sorry, it’s just my nerves, the storm, and just now, the clock didn’t strike.

I’m sure that book has a name for whatever you are.

I’m sure that you can recognize the difference between a cellar with a coffin, and a cellar without a coffin.

I’m the sole judge of who deserves what!

I’m their mother; they’re as much a part of me and everything I feel as they are of you.

I’ve always thought the telephone an instrument of the Devil, haven’t you?

I’ve been a prisoner because of this room!

I’ve been insane for years! I just became sane, a short time ago!

I’ve got to tell her that there’s danger for the entire house!

I’ve just been thinking about the things that have been happening around here — not just to me, but to everyone!

I’ve never seen anyone possessed quite like that.

I’ve often thought it’s very sad that we live in two worlds that are so far apart in time from each other.

If Cassandra is still alive, why is Trask’s skeleton hanging in the basement of the Old House?

If for one moment you suspect that what she’s doing could be something like that, you must destroy her.

If he dies, the whole future of the Collins family will not be existing!

If he himself can transcend time mentally, he should be willing to accept the fact that it can be transcended physically.

If he stays dead now, then the course of history will be changed.

If I could have known what they meant, while they were happening, maybe I wouldn’t have died when I did.

If I could only transcend that time warp that exists in that other room! If I could only get to that other world of time!

If I did not know what horrors we commit, even in our dreams, I’d say all malice and evil leave us when we sleep.

If I die now, the curse is ended, and the transformation won’t take place.

If I let you read it, will you go away, and leave me alone for the rest of my life?

If I only knew how you died, maybe I would know how to banish you.

If I were a ghost, as I assume someday I shall be, I would not let mere words drive me away from my home.

If it hadn’t been for you, I would have been beheaded. I was beheaded!

If only night could become eternal, the blackness with us always.

If the ceremony is a success, there may be a severe disturbance in the house after it’s over.

If they find the vampire, I’m sure that my past will somehow be discovered.

If we can find more realities like that, maybe we can get him out of the mist.

If we can just find a way of telling the truth, without anyone really knowing what happened.

If we find out about Rose Cottage, we’ll know about the murder, too. I don’t know why I feel so strongly about it, but I do.

If we only knew what these three bullets meant.

If you believe in that sign on the floor, you must believe in this!

If you scream, they will come! They will know how you haunt me!

If you want to protect your mother, you will either kill me, or you will put yourself in my charge.

If we fail, well… then we must go through with it anyway.

If you marry me, it’ll be like marrying a corpse.

If you’re going to be a Collins, you must live at Collinwood. That’s what you said! I found out what it was to be a Collins! I found out!

Imagine what it would be like to exist only at night, only when the world is at peace. It would be a lifetime of moonlight.

In a world where there’s so much ugliness, have I the right to destroy her?

In every crisis I’ve ever experienced, time has been my worst enemy.

In my own time, in the future, there are many terrible questions.

In spite of all their curses, I have dined well, slept well, and dreamt no desperate dreams.

In the name of sanity, what’s going on in Maggie Evans’ blood?

In the name of the gypsy woman who wept for you and your crimes, I order you to go back!

In the strictest sense, Lang’s creation wasn’t a creation at all.

The inhabitants of Martinique found a way. They burned cypress and myrrh beside the empty coffin.

Instead of a dream, you threaten me with a gun. Are you bored with your tricks and your spells?

Instead of showing your own death, it may be showing you mine.

Is it possible that we traveled through time while we were on those stairs?

It has been established previously in this trial that raising a spirit from the dead, as in a séance, is admitting a séance experience.

It has possessed me more than once, so that I’m no longer afraid of it. Death and I are old friends.

It is my fervent hope that this letter will somehow survive time.

It is written that only this box shall accompany me.

It means that Barnabas is upset about something, and he’s getting ready to do something about it.

It must be done as only another human being could do it.

It never ends, does it, when one begins to unravel evil?

It never occurred to me that being human would make me become the man I was.

It seems that when there is a full moon, legend has it that possessed children are extremely restless.

It states that Collinwood is to come under a siege of unrelieved tranquility.

It stopped, but it’ll start again. It’s all part of everything else.

It was just me. I was pretending to laugh like a man.

It was the gypsies! They drove you out of your mind with fear, and then sent some gypsy fiend to pursue you!

It was the moon! I’m afraid of the moon, Barnabas, and I don’t know why!

It was then that I noticed that we all have a strain of despair.

It will give me great joy to see you rise from the dead, and walk the night.

It’s a creature without a soul, that has to find one to be real.

It’s all right. You’re here with us, in the past.

It’s almost as though this arm had been drained of blood.

It’s been my experience that death causes as much ill-feeling as life.

It’s easy enough for one of the spirits to take control of the children, but to be allowed to do it so easily and so successfully, they couldn’t do it without the help of an adult.

It’s just that sometimes when I look at someone, I can almost see beyond them.

It’s not going to stop me, mother, all those lies, because I’m going to kill you! And I’m going to kill everyone else!

It’s one thing to apply black magic to someone’s portrait. It’s quite a different thing to paint someone, and have that someone come to life.

It’s the ceremony I don’t like. It comes too close to the angry ancient gods for comfort.

It’s time I start finding some of the lost world that we can’t understand or even see.

Josette is dead! How dare you dig her grave!

Joy with evil that you will find, like an adventurer on the sea, finding an unmarked sea.

Julia, you were doing more than just sleeping.

Just by touching it, I can tell that it’s very, very old.

Just come, and bring all your amulets and herbs.

Let me begin by saying that man is chemical in his composition.

Let me go back. I do not like it here. I have no friend named David.

Let me love first, as a human being loves, and if there’s still no forgiveness, well, let me take the punishment… not as a monster, but as a man.

Let the earth turn in eternal space, until we are touched by the light of their stars!

The letter M is very strong in this room.

The lightning seems to be much more powerful than it’s ever been.

Listen, and you shall hear the rustling of the leaves in a thousand trees.

Loathsome I am, and evil. You can mock me for that, but leave my pain alone.

Look in this mirror. Now, don’t be afraid. If you can see yourself, then you will know.

Look into the fire. You will see my face in the flames.

Magda said something would happen to me last night, and something did happen to me last night!

Maggie, you didn’t stick a pin in your neck by any chance, maybe a piece of costume jewelry?

Maimed and suffering spirits robbed after death in the name of false creation, I speak as your benefactor!

A man — no! He was a monster! A monster!

A man doesn’t just suddenly choke to death for no reason at all.

The mark has something to do with the way we feel!

Master of darkness, I entreat thee to look with favor upon me!

Maybe, maybe! What assurance have I with maybe?

Maybe you’d better get used to the icy coldness that he carries around with him!

Mirrors! Will they show me all the people I could have been?

A moonless night on the great estate of Collinwood, and a secret drama takes place — a drama which, if known, would shock and horrify every member of the family.

More than a hundred years from now, someone will come, and let you out of your coffin.

Mr. Collins called them astral disturbances. They’re very difficult to describe in words.

Mrs. Johnson was hysterical. I’m sure her story was more vivid than real.

Muddy tracks on the floor, my clothes all torn, the furniture just knocked all around the room.

The murders occurred within a short span of time. Each victim was found decapitated.

My existence may not have been what it should be, but at least I have permanence.

My guess is that the time band is always there, but one can only glimpse it through the warp.

My wish shall be your wish, my goal your goal. And together, we shall bring Barnabas Collins to his knees.

Nicholas! All our dead have turned into skeletons!

Nine days after my spirit leaves the earth, I will return, and give the power to another gypsy somewhere.

No, I can’t be Josette Collins. I’m someone else.

No one’s daughter is immune from evil.

Not anything’s going to keep me from destroying you!

Not many young girls feel very happy about the past, and the past is very beautiful.

Nothing must disturb the sleep or sully the name of that other Barnabas Collins who died in this time.

Nothing seems more important to me at the moment than the strange goings-on in this house.

Now, I want you to listen very carefully, and I want you to look at the doll very carefully, and maybe you’ll hear its name.

Now, I want you to look at it, and see that it is absolutely a carved head of some kind.

Now, I want you to stay here, and look after the ladies, take them upstairs, and lock yourself in a room.

Now, the symptoms appear to me, the way the attack came upon you so suddenly, the way it appeared without any reason whatsoever, without any warning, that this must have been caused by something.

Now I know why you tried to prevent me from coming back to life.

Now that you’ve killed her father, the wedding must be postponed.

Oh, I have so many plans, and each one is better than the last.

Okay, you’re pretty, but we’re not on a bus.

Once the body’s completely finished, we’ll have the problem of its decomposing.

One cannot buy a witch in an antique shop.

One is good, and the other is — well, let us say for scientific conversation — the other is evil.

One man has risked his life, and his reputation, to end the vampire’s career before it can start.

One more life. That’s all it will take, and then the destruction will be ended, forever!

One night, before the vampire was killed, Barnabas and I were alone in a hidden room.

The one that she will try to kill will be you. So, you see, your presence is vital.

The only future she has with you is death!

Only I know that… and the gypsies. Those deadly gypsies!

The only possible explanation for David’s disappearance is that he vanished.

Only the spirits of those that we’ve killed would dare to harm us this way!

Our mistake is thinking that there are limits as to what can take place on this planet.

Part of my life is being repeated right now, this minute.

The past is but the beginning of the beginning, and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn.

Peace? I don’t want peace! I want his destruction — and I will have it!

Perhaps there’s one thing that they don’t know, and that’s the thing that we have got to find out!

Please don’t be afraid of what being trapped by the past means. After all, one should be afraid of being trapped by the present.

The powers I do have are formidable, Barnabas, and I am prepared to execute each and every one of them!

The powers you have, they give you a certain amount of control over time and space.

The problem with you, Judith, is that you hate the fraudulence of gypsies.

Promise me that you’ll shoot me through the heart some night.

Put down that letter opener, you look ridiculous.

Read the book, and you will know why the head must be destroyed.

Released by the guardians of the chains, and blessed by the custodians of the twelve days, grant us the use of your powers!

The Reverend has always said, pretty people are the Devil’s playthings.

Robbing a grave is a bizarre activity for a beautiful woman.

The room must be dark, for darkness knows us, as we know darkness.

The saddest morning in the Count’s life was when he awoke after a night of the full moon, to find his unicorn had been killed by a wolf.

The sea is my grave. My grave is the sea.

The sealed room — that’s my room! And the skeleton is my skeleton!

Send someone to Collinwood for my medical kit, if your servants haven’t destroyed everything.

Several years ago, he wrote a pamphlet about the possible existence of twin worlds, in a concurrent band of time.

A shadow, yes — a shadow that fell over all of our lives!

Shall I open my own bottle of sherry, and see how much I have to drink before I begin to see hands appearing?

Shall I tell him the real meaning of the little games you’ve taught him, how you seek evil in the darkness for your heartless schemes?

She may have been there — Adam may have been there — but there was no indication of their having been there while I was there.

She never planned on being trapped in her own history. I know her well enough to know that.

She was like a flame. A flame, coming toward the house.

She was the most evil woman the 18th century produced.

She’s got doom and disaster written all over her face!

Show Ra your powers are greater than his! Let her burn for your glory!

Since sleep is the twin of death, and death is the twin of life, sleep in this mirror until you’re awakened, twin of Barnabas Collins!

So I’m not a man who gets what I want, am I? I’m getting what I want! And I want you dead!

So much happens in this house! So much what you can’t understand!

Somehow, the absence of them is more frightening than the disturbances themselves.

Somehow, we must discover the secret of this room.

Something exists, and I must understand it! And I will understand it, no matter what happens!

Something that is happening there, this very minute. She’s not able to see, or to do anything about it.

Soon — very, very soon — you will die, when you least expect it.

Spirit who once lived and loved here, I beg you, break the barrier of the time and silence!

The spirits don’t care. They don’t care, they just want a sacrifice!

The spirits have a helper — an unwilling one, perhaps, but they do have a helper.

The structure of your blood is beginning to change.

Surely, Angelique told you that her existence depends on the life force of another.

Surely, even you know that that cat is a sign that the Devil is laughing at us.

The tarot cards give us access to knowledge of the occult which cannot be transmitted either orally or in writing.

That doesn’t mean much to you, I realize, but to me, he was an object of hate.

That is the only way I can make you stop seeing this phantom that doesn’t exist.

That knife doesn’t need to hurt you. You’re already dead.

That man disintegrated into thin air. You know why it happened that way? Because he had no mortality.

That night must go nothing wrong.

That witch is still in your heart, and mine. You’ve destroyed all our lives, and yet you have no regrets.

That’s right, I’m a werewolf, and that’s why you’re gonna start painting right now.

That’s what happened to me, isn’t it? I was in that coffin because I was dead.

Then the combat would take place in the deepest recesses of the deepest darkness!

Then the fact that so very little has been written about them would indicate that something unusual happened to them.

There ain’t no doors in my mind, honey!

There are many crosses that have been gotten rid of.

There are two schools of thought about werewolves.

There are two things you’ve got to know. One is that I think he’s slightly mad.

There is a spirit here that means to harm your wife!

There is a world — an evil world — which exists for some men.

There is no such thing as a mystery in science!

There may be only one way of preventing tonight from happening.

There must have been something about this bracelet that kept the animal from killing me.

There will be a knock on the door, a man will enter, and before he leaves this room, I will know where my body is.

There would only be a link if I caused that person to exist.

There’s no help for you! No help is possible! You must rest. Rest!

There’s only one flaw in your logic: it makes too much sense.

There’s some emotional disturbance that you’ve been having that’s been very detrimental to our experiments.

These clothes, where did they come from? And my hair!

They become just as helpless as this pencil.

They can bring you here because they have control over life, and they can send you away again because they have control over death.

They made another room incredibly evil!

They talked of him with terror, and they had reason to, because — well, because he was a zombie.

They will never know the vile and pitiful thing that Barnabas became.

They’re dead people! They’re ghosts! And we look exactly like them!

They’re pretty sure that these periods of madness come only when he feels the need to kill.

Things are getting deeper and deeper, and people are saying and doing things for no reason at all!

Think about an existence of total darkness and loneliness. Does that appeal to you?

This has the terrible sound of a family disintegrating.

This house is covered by a veil — a veil pierced by lightning!

This is a house of lies. The only way to bring these people back to the truth is to smile and lie, just as they do.

This is my house, and I decide what is legal from now on.

This is the only family I’ll ever need, this knife!

This is the portrait I am afraid of!

This isn’t champagne! It’s blood!

This man is dead. We know he’s dead, don’t we?

This place is cursed. Anyone who enters it will anger the dead. The dead take terrible revenge.

This room could play an important and perhaps tragic part in your life, if you let it.

This time, I can’t help feeling that the dead have nothing to do with what has been happening to me.

To think that on this night, this strange night, you might have come back to us in that dreadful condition.

The two don’t have any relationship to the other, actually, but yet, at the same time, they have a direct relationship. Don’t you find that interesting?

Victoria Winters, your name is now known to fire!

The water shall nourish each grain of sand wedged between ancient sacred stones, and guide us to the threshold of a time to be and restore our flesh and bones.

We are looking for an urn. We do not know what it looks like, or what it contains, or even why we are looking.

We have both faltered, Edward, and a mad child has finally done our work for us.

We have no time for your gypsy feelings!

We know nothing about this hand, what it can do or what it cannot do.

We must have tangible evidence of an act of sorcery.

We tried to kill as many as we could, but there was always one left, and it was always howling!

We’re a family born to tragedy. We seem somehow to invite it, and then thrive on it.

We’re clearly in the presence of two distinctly different bodies.

We’re innocent, yet terribly guilty!

We’re not robbing a grave, Willie. We’re dealing with an enemy.

We’re only going to die so we can live again!

We’re part of the time we live. It’s the only time that exists for us.

We’ve been looking for everything, and we’ve found nothing!

We’ve both lived before, only you’ve come back looking the same, and I’ve come back looking different!

Well, I’m sorry, Maggie, it happens to be my favorite scarf, but if my touching it bothers you, I’ll stop.

Well, if you don’t think you’re making fools of yourselves, then go on out and look for your terrible shadows in the night.

Well, it’s obvious you’ve forgotten that you attacked me in this graveyard, the night before last.

Well, my disappointment in contradicting you is matched by my pleasure in telling you that he survived.

Well, of course you have a hand. There it is, see?

Well, that’s great. Oh, that is great. I’ll definitely think in terms of success.

Well, why didn’t you kill Maggie first, and then look for her?

Well, you know how he gets when he possesses someone.

Well, your grandmother, certainly, from what I’ve heard, was not the sort of woman who said, when she was going to do something, that she didn’t do it.

The werewolf does not choose his victims.

What are we going to tell them, that they’re going to die, and they’re going to come back as some sort of mysterious ghost?

What are you doing here? Why have you suddenly materialized now, in front of me?

What are you gonna do this time? Lock me up in my room? Arrange for another funeral?

What can that portrait have to do with time?

What difference does it make who catches the vampire?

What do you think I am, Mr. Collins, some sort of travel agent for time?

What happened last night? Did I kill somebody again?

What happened to you in the future was the result of what’s happened here.

What have I to look forward to, if the sight of me fills anyone that I love with terror?

What is this place? Whose coffin is this? Is it mine?

What makes you think that you can describe a man from my dream?

What would her spirit be doing wearing a glove?

What would you do if that woman upstairs is your dead wife?

What you saw consumed in flames was an exact replica of me.

Whatever they know, I’m afraid it’s a great deal more than we care to imagine.

When I came into your room that night to kill you, I should have gone through with it.

When I examined the body, I discovered the hatpin that you’d lodged in the base of her skull while the lights were out.

When I first returned, I frequently heard voices from the past — faint voices that frightened me, for I didn’t know whether they inhabited the same rooms as I, or merely the dark and tormented corridors of my mind.

When I have proof of your perfidy, I will make your life miserable.

When I saw myself rising from the dead — with those fangs!

When Nicholas finds out that Eve is dead, he’ll think that Jeff Clark killed her, which is exactly what I want him to think, because it will fit in so well with my plans.

When she dances for you, it’s the dance of death!

When the cairn blew up and the room burned, that should have been the end of you, too.

When the time comes, you will know what must be destroyed, and you will destroy it.

When there was only essence and intelligence, and nothing more. None of these shapes that human beings wear today.

When was the last time I became myself?

When you arrive, if he’s already left, I want to make sure that you know, and you tell me everything. If he leaves, I want you to find out who he’s talked to. And if he’s arrived before you get there, you know what to do.

When you introduce yourself to him, he will know you. He will be afraid not to do anything else.

When you see his neck, Julia, you will know at once whether or not I am right.

Where is this uncle he thinks he is?

Where were you when I was turned into something my own father loathed?

Where would you go, with all that power in your suitcase?

Whoever you are, you’re trying to keep me here! Why?

Why? Is there a law against opening your own coffin?

Why can’t I speak? Why can’t I move? They’re going to bury me alive!

Why come to this sewer when I know a lot of treetops we could swing on?

Why do I remember that sometimes the trees have no leaves at all, and at other times, the leaves are green?

Why do you think you’re the only one who hears dogs?

Why does the Devil always want to touch you?

Why was I in this coffin? What have you done to me?

Will I know their names? Will their ancestors follow me, as yours did?

The witch will look at your body, and think that you have escaped by death, when in reality you will have escaped by living!

Without blood, Ben. Without other people’s blood!

Would you want to see a sister of yours, if you’d been responsible for everything that had happened here?

The wrong name for the doll, but the right name for something else.

Yes, this body is not only alive in the year 1969, but it still looks as it does now.

You, and one handkerchief, are all I need to make him regret what he’s done to me.

You and I are not exactly amateurs when it comes to practicing the so-called black arts.

You are a woman again, a natural woman, and therefore you can cause a lot of trouble.

You are forbidden to enter this house! You no longer exist!

You are no longer playing a woman married to a human.

You are such a coward that the only way you can kill is with dolls!

You can’t burn murder, Trask, or drown it, or even poison it. You can’t kill murder.

You can’t just go on killing until you find the right hexagram!

You can’t let him walk out of here like that, he’s not a living man!

You cannot deny that the cold exists in this room!

You didn’t do the job well enough, Barnabas! I am not dead yet! And while I can still breathe, I will have my revenge!

You do not know that I am trapped in a world not mine own!

You don’t actually think, through some warp in the time band, that you have actually seen us, living other lives?

You don’t know what you’re saying! The horror of that hand!

You don’t want to know! The head! It was cut off to stop it!

You feel that you have no more use for me, and you’re planning to dispose of me. Is that correct?

You go walking in the gardens! I watch you! I watch you all the time! And sometimes you wear my green dress!

You had a host body here, to receive your essence. I did not.

You have brought me to the edge of disaster, and I must find a way back.

You have used your spells, and potions, and incantations, to inflict bodily harm and cause mental aberrations.

You keep your eye on that clock. You be aware of it, every minute and second.

You knocked on the door, and then you answered, and then you looked at me.

You know, I find it a lot easier to kill someone than to bury them.

You know, love can easily disappear when you find the true impossibility of it.

You know about leaves and everything. Well, I know who’s dead, and who isn’t.

You know that an ordinary bullet has no effect on me.

You lie as well as you kill!

You live in another body now, but your own body waits for you.

You may be interested to know that I’m as interested as you are in the natural order of things.

You must have always had so much hatred in you. No one could be filled with it so quickly.

You must let that someone re-enter your body.

You must try to expect nothing from me!

You mustn’t let yourself become part of it, until we know more about it.

You put me down in that basement to die. Perhaps I did die, and I have come back to haunt you for the rest of your days and nights!

You said that we could be together forever, now that I’m dead like you.

You see, I came to this time hoping desperately to escape what I am.

You should have been the first one I told, but I was afraid you’d be the last one to believe me.

You still feel the same way about other people’s suffering.

You swore that I would never be forced to rise again as the monster I’ve become!

You think he went upstairs, knowing a strange man was lurking there, and told him to frighten you?

You think ruthlessness is a blood factor, huh?

You turned me into something so grotesque that anyone who looks at me would fear me and loathe me.

You want to keep track of me? The amazing new phenomenon? The ghost who breathes?

You will be what you were — that loathsome bird of the night!

You will go to the doors. You will look behind them. You can not escape.

You will live, as I live — as one of the damned!

You will never rest, Barnabas, and you will never be able to love anyone, for whoever loves you will die! That is my curse, and you will live with it through all eternity!

You’re acting like some man whose secretary is missing, and I know that’s how you don’t feel.

You’re far too important a person to have anything happen to you.

You’re in charge of finding my mystery.

You’re not going to leave until you tell me exactly what you were thinking when you came across that room with that knife!

You’ve remembered coldness, you’ve remembered a melody, a fragrance. All these things are very important.

Your involvement with this man-beast has placed you completely at my mercy!

Tomorrow: Empire of the Loud.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Bramwell and Catherine step on each other’s lines:

Catherine:  Bramwell, I don’t understand how this happened.

Bramwell:  I received —

Catherine:  How was Morgan able to get you to come up here?

Bramwell:  I received a note from Morgan.

Bramwell tells Catherine, “When I came in here to look for him, I was hit from behind! He must have been hiding in here. I don’t know what he’s done, you must go downstairs and face him!”

Julia stops Morgan and Kendrick from fighting, and Morgan says, “You’re quite white, Julia.”

When Julia congratulates Catherine and Morgan about the child, there’s a stage wait of about seven seconds while everybody tries to remember who’s got the next line. Julia’s willing to start up again when Morgan jumps in with a line.

Julia tells Kendrick, “Morgan took me in there during the day, when it was stay, safe, but it was still a terrifying experience.”

After Julia’s warning and Bramwell goes through the secret door a second time, the camera’s pulled back a little too far, and we can see the candles flickering past the edge of the set.

Morgan tells Catherine, “I can never know — hope to describe to you how I felt.”


All of the lines in today’s post are from the television show, and they’re all quoted on the blog somewhere, so you can search for any lines that you feel curious about. In some cases, the sentence may be split up by clauses like Barnabas said, or mangled in a blooper, so if you can’t find one, try looking for a phrase rather than the whole quote.

Feel free to post your favorite out of context lines in the comments!

Tomorrow: Empire of the Loud.

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— Danny Horn

40 thoughts on “Episode 1243: The Dark Shadows Parts

  1. “Good evening, Barnabas Collins. I’ve been waiting for you a long time. A very long time.”
    “It is Oliver Bennett, I knew it. Greatest cabinetmaker Marion, Massachusetts ever produced. Pity he was drunk when he made this.”

    Also a Danny quote: “Why does everyone have the same lamp?” Episode 637
    Ralston Purina lamp 4ever!♥️

    1. I came here from 1970PT episodes to double-check on the Ralston-Purina lamp. There are 2 different lamps or 2 bases that share the same shade! One is wooden and one is glass and brass! I never noticed before!

  2. Danny, you refuse to glide out the easy way, don’t you? Bravo! This post is a labor of more than love, and one for the ages.

    But you did miss the unintentional valedictory remark I loved most: Count Petofi sends Beth psychically through the I Ching door, and, distressed, she reports that she saw “Shadows–nothing but shadows.” To which Petofi intones, as if to himself, “I am interested in the meaning of shadows.”

    So are we all, Count. It’s why Danny called us here.

  3. What a great way to revisit so many specific storylines and periods of DS. Thanks for the memories…
    “This house still reeks of the agony of the vanquished!”

  4. Was there ever a ‘trifecta’ episode, where we saw the Petofi Box, the Collinsport Afghan, and the Ralston Purina Lamp?

    And how long since the Collinsport Fly has put in an appearance?

  5. How could Stokes know Bennett was drunk when he made it? One leg shorter than the other? Every time I drive through Marion, I want to stop at the antique store and ask if they have any pieces made by Oliver Bennett.

    1. I may actually have an answer to this. I built a miniature Old House set during covid and I put in the Oliver Bennett table. I made it from a kit and when I set it up, it wobbled. Apparently 3 legged tables have to have their legs placed at precise angles to be stable. I hadn’t read the directions. Oops. I wasn’t drunk, but it could look like it.

  6. Some of my favorites:

    “I know you can’t be a witch. Witches don’t cry over men they love.” Jerimiah to Vicki

    “I don’t want your jealousy to become a factor in this situation.” Barnabas to Julia

    “You make my life miserable just by existing.” Quentin to Trask

    “You can get into trouble trailing strange guys.” Tony to Carolyn

    “I shall suppress my natural levity.” Barnabas before the time-travel seance.

    “You think I’m not clever enough to take care of these idiots.” Barnabas to Willie

    “You made yourself an outcast when you and Justin broke the laws of God and man.” PT 1841 Julia to old Josette

    “You don’t own me.” Barnabas to Julia

    “Your equation of parapsychology with gypsy hocus-pocus shows a profound ignorance on your part.”
    Dr Guthrie to Roger

    “You married the one with the manners and look where it got you.” Burke to Laura

    “Do you believe as she did that critics are wretched creatures: deaf but not mute?” PT Bruno to Angelique

    “I think we ought to leave Barnabas here and let him hitch a ride back to Collinwood.” Burke to Vicki

    “How typically female! You overlook your own deception, but you’re furious about his! Ha Ha Ho!” Nicholas to Angelique

    “David’s weird, but I certainly don’t think he’d try to kill me.” Vicki to Frank Garner

    “She was young, she was beautiful, she was alive. Now she’s a vegetable” Chris to Julia about Sabrina

    “What would you do: kill me? Well, you go right ahead. At least I’ll die walking away from you.” Quentin to Angelique

    “No, no. I,I… I think it’s time you, you knew how revolting and disgusting you really are.” Jeff Clark to Adam

    “You’ll probably have to do without ice. I always forget to fill those… ice cube trays.” Tony to Carolyn

    “Even if he had five hours, he wouldn’t buy me anything.” David to Vicki about Roger

    “That’s us: all smiles, dimples and laughs.” Carolyn about herself and Vicki to Dr Guthrie

    “You ever see those coffee commercials that they have on TV, hm? ‘Straight from the bean to you.’ I wonder who writes that junk?” Mr. Wells

    “Maybe if I just sit down and don’t move… don’t blink… even my teeth hurt.” 1995 Quentin

    “I always thought there was something a little wrong about David, but I didn’t think he was an idiot.” Roger to Liz

    “Yes, I’ll tell her, but next time would you please send a get-well card? Idiot! IDIOT!” Sam Evans on the phone to Mr. Wells

    “It’s not a dog, you Stupid! It’s a wolf… a werewolf!” Jeb to Bruno

    “I don’t know whether I lack your trust or your absolute stupidity.” Eric Lang to Barnabas

    “Give me a few drinks and I do albatross imitations.” Jason

    “Angelique, with you I always have something to worry about!” Nicholas

  7. ‘“You make my life miserable just by existing.” Quentin to Trask’

    Oooh. I can use that one, immediately. Right out of the box.

  8. “L. Murdock Stockbridge died by fire!”

    “Yes, it’s brimming with femininity!”

    “And then I got very sick, and everyone came to see me, and they were very sad.”

    “You thrust, I parry- I thrust, you parry.”

    “Random chance and Mrs Stoddard are identical twins.”

    “Why Hoffman- do you have a medical degree?”

  9. I call upon the heart of fire that burns within the heart of ice, the fire that freezes and does not consume itself. I call it into this room of my own construction. Heart of fire, heart of ice, freezing in eye of coldest evil, burn! Come to me and burn! Burn! Burn! Burn!

  10. Starring. . . The Ralston purina lamp! And only Angelique has the nerve to touch it. My favorite from this list: ” Don’t you ever do that to me, or you’ll find yourself beyond the borderline of death!” I have so many uses for this.

  11. “Down, witch! Down, down, down to the dust!” – trask

    “All that drinking makes you feel is drunk” – Buzz Hacket (anti drinking, DARE commercial- anyone?)

    “I’m going to go all the way my boy. All the way!” – Jason McGuire

    “And what is the difference between forever and indefinitely?” – barnabas tourguide

    1. Wow, another Buzz fan! If only Carolyn had become Mrs. Hackett.

      Here are some of my favorite lines:

      On these stairs, a father and son hurled words at each other… words that would lead to the death of the son. The death… Ha ha ha… ha ha… muhaha. Excuse me. Nothing that ever happened here was… funny.

      Didn’t I raise you better than to spill good drink?

      He’s as much fun as a bag full of spiders.

      If that’s what’s going on, man, I’ve got it pretty good.

      If they both live… if they both live… Adam will drain Barnabas’ affliction from him, but will not suffer the disease himself… if he lives. If Adam dies, Barnabas will be as he was before.

      Hi. My name is Maggot. Followed by awkward silence (Blooper from pre-Barnabas episode, at the Collinsport Inn when Maggie meets Laura for the first time. I suggest you check it out.)

      1. Oh, and there is magic in the pre-Barnabas episodes as well.

        Burke Devlin responds to Sam Evans…

        I wanna think about it… the DIFFERENT THINGS I might do to you. To Roger. To Roger Collins from Collinwood. And to you. Yes, I want to think about it. All the things I want to do to you, and to Roger Collins. My good… friend… Roger…

        (Does this sound a little 50 Shades of Gray?)

        You never keep secrets from Lil Willie

        Jason McGuire to Willie Loomis I

        You’re taking away what little self-respect I have left

        Elizabeth Stoddard to Jason McGuire

        1. My favorite Burke Devlin line was also pre-Barnabas. To Roger: “I used to think I wanted you to rot in prison. But I realize now that people like you rot wherever they are!”

  12. About this post: Yet another Danny Horn Tour De Force from an unparalleled talent to whom we all will be forever in his debt.

  13. Can someone remind me how Bramwell knew about the secret file room?
    Danny, I was dismayed you didn’t include the statements made by any one of Roger Davis’ characters that started with the word “look.” Oh wait….that would have filled up your entire blog post.

    So many great (and countless non-sensical) lines of dialogue. A truly brilliant list! It was hard to narrow it down to a few favorites, but here they are:

    You are a woman again, a natural woman, and therefore you can cause a lot of trouble.
    Well, you know how he gets when he possesses someone.
    We’re part of the time we live. It’s the only time that exists for us.
    We’re clearly in the presence of two distinctly different bodies.
    This is a house of lies. The only way to bring these people back to the truth is to smile and lie, just as they do.
    There’s only one flaw in your logic: it makes too much sense.
    The room must be dark, for darkness knows us, as we know darkness.
    The only possible explanation for David’s disappearance is that he vanished.
    If you marry me, it’ll be like marrying a corpse.

    Really awesome entry, Danny!

  14. So many to choose from but…

    “You know, Paul Stoddard and I were very much alike.”

    “Nothing on this Earth can stop you…except one little girl.”

    “If the devil has blinded me, then I find it quite curious that he has let you in on all his plans.”

    “Stop harping about that dream.”

    “You were a blind overzealous fanatic. A bigot and a fraud. Intolerant, cruel and unjust. A man after my own heart.”

    “I am much too talented to spend my time drugging drinks.”

    “You can be sure that death is no better than life so don’t look forward to it.”

    “Now, my name is Ezra, as my father was and his father before him. You find a name like Ezra and you don’t give it up.”

    “Just look at her. You can see for yourself that an important change has taken place. Notice how much more erect she carries herself and there is something curiously grand and inferior in the way she looks at us. Now I ask you Edward, if she were lying about the will, would she be standing there looking for all the world like Catherine of Russia?”

    “I knew he wouldn’t just die quietly. Our brother Quentin, he wouldn’t do anything that obliging.”

    “Killing is always easier but never as good as a curse.”

    “Dear Judith, my poor client. She waited so long to marry and when she did, she got you [Trask scowls] to take care of her.”

    “Oh, but it is Evan. It’s very simple. Just tell them that Judith Collins Trask wants that power of attorney by six o’clock or she’ll withdraw her money and open her own bank.”

  15. You mustn’t be afraid of me, my dear. I’m not going to hurt you. I’d never do anything to hurt my own … FLESH AND BLOOD! chomp

  16. “You had dark hair. They won’t recognize you.” Barnabas persuading Angelique to return to Collinwood in a new identity. And it worked! I had no trouble believing in vampires and witches and stairways through time, but that was too much.

  17. Valedictory question: “I’m interested in the meaning of shadows.” (Count Petofi, responding to Beth’s I Ching trip where she saw “Shadows . . . just . . . Shadows!”)

  18. Hi, Jason X here, unable to cross the barrier for some reason this night.

    I’m both alarmed by and proud of the amount of these I can ID.

    I’ll miss this blog. I was worried you wouldn’t make the end date, but here we are, approaching it steadily this week, and ready right on time. Well done, sir.

    Will the blog remain on the web for a while? I hope so, as I refer to it often. It enhances episodes I love and helps me endure episodes I don’t like.

  19. its almost like the Ralston Purina lamp represents the audience, silently taking in the actions of these crazy folk through the years.

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