Episode 472: Lethal Weapon

“I was just noticing your harpoon collection.”

“I’m sorry, Sheriff,” Julia says, in a spot of unhurried telephone acting, “but Mrs. Stoddard is resting. I’ll be glad to give her a message.” Then her face darkens. “I see. Yes, I’ll tell her — and, please, call the minute you hear something else.”

Then Barnabas just walks into the room. Nobody let him in, which means that Julia must have given him a key, and therefore they’re dating and they’re totally in love with each other.

472 dark shadows collinwood julia barnabas

So here’s one of the tricky secrets of television. In the scene, Barnabas and Julia are both terribly worried about Roger, who snuck out of the house on Friday in the company of a sinister oil painting. (Don’t ask. It’s a whole thing.) Roger’s sister Elizabeth is also terribly worried, which just adds one more item to the list of things that Barnabas and Julia are terribly worried about.

But this storyline isn’t about Roger, or Liz. If it was, then they’d be on screen right now. This is actually a story about Barnabas and Julia, and how exciting and satisfying it is to see them both be terribly worried about something.

472 dark shadows love julia barnabas

There’s been a long series of milestones where I’ve said, okay, this is where Dark Shadows really begins. But this, right here — just a day away from the one-year anniversary of Barnabas popping out of the mystery box — this is where Dark Shadows really begins.

I mean, it’s only been a couple weeks in story time since these two were literally trying to kill each other. And now here they are, for the very first time, having a conversation about someone who isn’t named Barnabas or Julia.

Because these two have always been a little bit on the self-centered side, by which I mean that they are twenty-four hour psychopaths who think of everyone else in the world as either a prop or an obstacle. They have literally never spoken to each other about any subject other than the status of their own incendiary relationship.

But look at them now! All wrought up about Roger, of all people — the witty, sarcastic comic relief character who’s remained blissfully unaffected by the spooky nightmares that these two have been unleashing on the family. He’s troubled right now, and they’re worried about him, for no other reason than that they like him, and that means that it’s finally okay for the audience to like them.

We’ve been talking a lot recently about how to get the audience to like a character, in three easy steps: Make a joke, make a friend, and make a plot point happen. The “make a friend” step is more important than you might think; the audience is always looking to the cast for guidance about who we’re supposed to like. If everybody on a show is nasty to each other, then there’s no reason for the rest of us to care about them — and there are a depressing number of failed shows with that criticism carved on the tombstone. People like to watch people who like each other; it gives the characters dignity and value.

472 dark shadows secrets barnabas julia

And look at what they do, as soon as this door has opened: They start telling each other secrets.

Julia:  Vicki knows who the girl from the painting is… so you must know too.

Barnabas:  Yes. Angelique Collins.

Julia:  Who was Angelique Collins, you must tell me.

She really says it like that, all in one breath: Who-was-Angelique-Collins-you-must-tell-me. It’s not a question.

472 dark shadows shattering barnabas julia

Barnabas:  I was once married to her, Julia.

Julia:  Married!

And she takes a step forward, all sympathy and concern, and all of a sudden there are so many feels. This is a secret that he hasn’t shared with anybody else, and it just pours out in a rush.

Barnabas:  Yes. She’s the one responsible for putting that curse on me.

Julia:  Then, she was — a witch?

Barnabas:  Yes.

They say this as if it’s totally common knowledge that that’s how you become a vampire; first you marry a witch, and then it just proceeds from there.

By the way, three of Barnabas’ last four lines have begun with the word Yes. I’m just saying.

472 dark shadows spirit barnabas julia

Julia looks off into the distance, as if she’s consulting with the spirit of Nancy Drew.

Julia:  Why would Vicki feel impelled to buy the painting? And why should it have such a strange effect on Roger?

Look at what they’re doing; they’re being Junior Detectives, investigating The Case of the Purloined Portrait.

It turns out this is one of those stories about two detectives who start working on a case and then secretly fall in love with each other, like Bones and Moonlighting and Castle and Lethal Weapon 2.

472 dark shadows intimate barnabas julia

And then oh my God just look at what happens next.

Julia:  Why would Roger want to take something that belongs to Dr. Lang?

Barnabas:  Why do you ask?

Julia:  Well, come.

And she rests her hand on his arm, just for a tiny fraction of a second, as she turns and walks to the desk. It’s a tiny little gesture, just at the right time, and there is such an intimacy in that moment. If you showed this scene to someone who’d never seen Dark Shadows before, and you asked how well these two characters knew each other, they would say that Barnabas and Julia have been married for years. That would be the answer 100% of the time.

472 dark shadows doctor barnabas julia

Julia shows Barnabas the mirror that Roger stole from Dr. Lang, and then used as a voodoo fetish last week, to give Lang splitting headaches. Mrs. Johnson found it in Roger’s room, and Julia can’t imagine why he had it.

I’m going to quote the rest of the dialogue in this scene, and you can just imagine me saying oh my god after pretty much everything that they say, because it’s so unbelievably cute.

Barnabas:  Why didn’t you show this to me before?

Julia:  Well, I didn’t think it was that important. Why are you so upset?

Barnabas:  So, this is how she did it… I couldn’t imagine what she could have used.

Julia:  What are you talking about?

Barnabas:  Get your coat, Julia. We’re leaving.

472 dark shadows coat julia barnabas

Julia:  Where are we going?

Barnabas:  To Dr. Lang’s house.

Julia:  What for?

Barnabas:  His life is in danger!

472 dark shadows squee julia barnabas

Julia:  Oh, who would want to hurt Eric Lang.

And oh my god she rests her hand on his arm. It’s simply astonishing that they’ve never done this before. It’s kind of the best thing ever.

472 dark shadows moment barnabas julia

As he hurries her out the door — two Junior Detectives, on their very first case — he reaches up and holds her arm.

And this, right here, this very second — this is where Dark Shadows really begins.

472 dark shadows resist lang roger

Now, ordinarily, I would have ended today’s post right there, but the next sequence includes a harpoon attack, and I’m only human. There isn’t nearly enough domestic harpooning on network daytime television, and I can’t let this one go by without a word of appreciation.

472 dark shadows harpoon roger lang

Roger, acting under Angelique’s mysterious influence, comes to Dr. Lang’s home, and asks for an emergency checkup — he believes that he’s in terrible danger of having a stroke.

Then Roger gets sidetracked, and says, “I was just noticing your harpoon collection,” which is one of the greatest conversation starters of all time. It has been my dream for many years that someday I will have the opportunity to work that into a conversation. I was just noticing your harpoon collection. Someday, perhaps. A man can dream.

472 dark shadows sudden roger lang

And then — because this is Dark Shadows, and love is in the air — we get a sequence where a man tries to kill his doctor, wielding one of the doctor’s own harpoons.

472 dark shadows harpoon roger

I’m pretty sure that this scene is utterly unique in the history of American theatre, unless there’s been some kind of off-off-Broadway black-box production of Moby Dick performed entirely by actors who have been smoking pot since sunrise.

472 dark shadows limit julia roger

He doesn’t go through with it, because apparently there is still a limit on what you can get away with on afternoon television. Barnabas and Julia arrive, and Roger just goes limp; for now, at least, the spell is broken.

Julia leads Roger out of the room and out to the car, leaving Barnabas to talk to Dr. Lang about the close shave he just had. Barnabas and Julia don’t confer with each other before they split off; they’re in perfect synch with each other, and they don’t need to discuss the details. They act like they’ve done this dozens of times, just cleaning up after harpooning incidents.

472 dark shadows drink julia barnabas

After it all blows over, Julia and Barnabas return to Collinwood, and Julia says, “I could use a drink. How about you?” And it hits you again, right in the feels.

One year ago, Willie Loomia broke into the chained coffin, unleashing a vicious ghoul on the unsuspecting citizens of Collinsport. Look how far we’ve come.

Tomorrow: The Twin Dilemma.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Dr. Lang tells Roger, “Well, I’m certain that you’re convinced that you’ve heard your voice, but, uh — heard this voice, but what puzzles me is why — why didn’t you consult your family doctor?” At that moment, someone in the studio coughs. There are more muffled coughs sporadically over the duration of the scene.

When Roger offers Professor Stokes the portrait of Angelique, Stokes says, “I don’t understand, Miss Collins. Mr. Collins. I thought Miss Winters was determined to keep it.”

Behind the Scenes:

Professor’ Stokes house is a redressed version of the caretaker’s cottage that Matthew Morgan lived in, back in 1966. Thayer David played both Matthew and Stokes, so that’s a nice little correspondence.

Oddly, this is another set where a visitor rings the bell, Stokes gets up and answers the door — and Roger is standing in a hallway. It’s apparently an interior door.

Also, there’s a Ralston-Purina lamp in Stokes’ house. I am informed by expert prop-spotter Prisoner of the Night that it’s not the same lamp as the one we see in the Collinwood study in tomorrow’s episode — it’s got a different base. I thought there was only one Ralston-Purina lamp, but PotN sees all. You can also see the barometer that was originally in Roger’s office, and has been seen lately in the Collinwood study.

Tomorrow: The Twin Dilemma.

472 dark shadows look barnabas julia

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— Danny Horn

59 thoughts on “Episode 472: Lethal Weapon

  1. Danny, you make a good point – if someone just told me their wife made them into a vampire I would immediately assume that the wife herself WAS already a vampire and that this was done on a consensual basis. Julia assuming it as a witches curse is unusual. Same thing with the 1897 story where the gypsy Magda places a werewolf ‘curse’ on Quentin instead of him being attacked by another existing wolf. It feels kind of off balance for me to see Julia in this nee role of ‘partner’ with someone else. She always seemed so independent and trusted no one (except the goldfish in her office in Windcliff) and now she comes across as more of a schoolgirl having her first real crush. I don’t know if it’s also not being used to her new haircut but she seems to come across as more vulnerable than she was when she came ‘like gangbusters’ into Collinwood trampling over anything or anyone that came into her path. However I’m still not ready to give these two a pass on Dr Woodard (Robert Gerringer version only) at this point.

    1. Joanne, do not give them a pass. Write a fanfic to have it come bite them in the ass (at the worst possible mo ment,in true soap opera fashion, where a secret can be held under wraps until a truly interesting storyline for it comes along). So come up with true no holds barred storyline for these two where they can come with very painful consequences for their past sins (or, to make it funny, really annoying consequences – like Barnabas being haunted by Carl Collins who unleashes a barrage of practical jokes on him 24/7).

      1. You are so right – while my first choice would have been two one way tickets direct to the 9th Circle of Hell, I actually am trying to put pen to paper to come up with an alternate storyline which would start right when Vicki comes back through the lookin glss back to 1968 – first off I would eliminate the Adam/Eve story right off the bat, which would automatically eliminate Lang and Jeff/Peter from the get-go- I would keep the Dream Curse and then further explore the mysterious ‘death’ of Burke Devlin in South America. That plane crash ending was just too dicey and convenient to be plausible for me. I would have Vicki snap out of her daze and do some ‘chromakey’ investigating in the Rain Forest…

        1. I would applaud the elimination of Lang/Jeff Clark as a distinct improvement, except that I am doing my own reboot, and I found a very good use for Lang. In my reboot Lang is the real head of Wyncliffe where he conducts his experiments (highly unethical) on his patients, and blackmails Julia into helping him. Julia manipulates Barnabas into getting rid of Lang. The good part is that after Lang is gone, Julia and Barnabas find out all about his expeirments, and of course, a new homeless experiment will regularly come back and they have to deal with it. With this kind of set-up Lang is the gift that keeps on giving. Stuck for a plot? Have another of Lang’s creations show up. Still, I am curious to see you reboot.

          1. I guess it’s always good to have an extra lunatic running around and I really wouldn’t mind Lang as a character in his own right, it’s just the terrible story and it’s immediate associated characters that he’s currently stuck with especially Adam himself.

            1. Lang should have a whole line of crazy experiments to bring to the table. Of course, for that he needs his own institution. It is hard to have many experiments when you only have the local hospital and your own basement…

              Potentailly he would be a wonderful character, but he needs scope.

              As for Adam, I have him be an experiment on DNA replacement and tissue rejection. Having all disparate parts from different bodies can bring about a. lot of immune responses, unless Lang is trying to suppress them. His solution? Replace the DNA of the new part with that of the host. Only for his Adam experiment he replaces ALL the DNA with his own. (He’s crazy, right?).

    2. Julia doesn’t assume Barnabas became a vampire because of a curse; he tells her that’s what happened, and she assumes Angelique was a witch because she goes around cursing people:

      BC: She’s the one responsible for putting that curse on me.
      JH: Then, she was… a witch?

      (If he’d said “she’s the one responsible for cursing me with this condition”, I suppose you could argue that most people would assume he’s using the term ‘curse’ metaphorically – the way one might talk of being cursed with bad eyesight, double German on a Monday morning, or an unquenchable thirst for the blood of the living – but to state that a curse has been put on you definitely sounds more like literal curse-application.)

    3. JoAnn I think both are glad that they are finally getting along. Just a few weeks ago, they almost succeeded in killing each other. The hate was thick. However, despite all that, it is not mattering now with both seeming to compromise, seeming to resign to the fact that stupid shit doesn’t matter anymore. He needs her and she is making sure he does.

  2. Whoa. There’s so much Barnabas-Julia shipping here, I’m starting to think maybe Roger isn’t the only one under a spell.

    Barnabas just ain’t into her. Sorry.

    1. Barnabas is totally into Julia, he just doesn’t know it. This is the being of Barnabas and Julia save the world, time and time again. Since Julia loves Barnabas, there is no romantic tension, or anything to get in their way, like ALL of Quentins true loves. So I guess that makes them less soap opera romance worthy? I need Danny or Stephen here to confirm what I am trying to say. The chemistry between Jonathon and Grayson is off the charts. They are best friends and although Barnabas will declare his love for 3 other woman, he really loves Julia.

      1. Well, yes, Barnabas and Julia are the true “super couple” of DARK SHADOWS. Many hold the opinion that it’s Barnabas and Angelique, but there is only tension there. Neither ever truly lets down their guard around the other. Barnabas and Julia are closer to a “Roman and Marlena/Luke and Laura” relationship while Barnabas and Angelique remind me more of “best enemies” like Victor Newman and Jack Abbott or Stephanie Forrester and Brooke Logan.

        I’d argue there is romantic tension — the obstacle to the typical “happy ending” is Barnabas’s refusal to “declare his love for her.” This is also what gives the relationship narrative power within the structure of a soap opera. It’s difficult to write a happily married couple because that tends to diffuse any storytelling possibilities. Whenever you do see one, they are the benign elderly couple who sit around drinking tea and knitting and helping the main cast with recaps. As Danny points out, from this moment on, whenever you see Barnabas and Julia, you’d assume they’d been married for years. DS essentially depicts a “happily married couple” but by not having them “technically” married, you can have Barnabas pursue other women (or Julia, as well, if you were playing fair) without disrupting their own relationship. And those other women are never “in the know.”

        Barnabas and Angelique, I suppose, are like many other “super couples” (Ridge and Brooke, Nick and Phyllis) in that they’re not that interesting when they are together and happy (though we only see that twice — and there’s tension because we know that Barnabas isn’t aware of what Angelique is and later, she dies in his arms shortly after redeeming herself).

        Barnabas and Julia have a perfectly sustainable relationship and one that is a happier “marriage” than most that we see — they are completely upfront with each other and share everything from this moment on. Angelique in 1840 immediately sees it for what it is — even when they are posing as “brother and sister.”

        THE X-FILES would later capitalize on this arrangement: The couple that’s not a couple. There, the “obstacle” to the “happy ending” is that, well, they work together and, more critically, Mulder is too obsessed with his work to ever have a “normal” relationship.

        It might be difficult these days to depict the Barnabas and Julia relationship. As I mentioned, Julia has no “romantic” life aside from Barnabas, while he does. You could probably change that today, but I fear the instinct of a modern adaptation of DARK SHADOWS would be to “glam up” Julia — make her younger and/or more attractive. There is a sense of “spinster celibacy” about 1960s Julia that allows them to simply ignore that plot area entirely.

      2. I think this is the point where Barnabas starts finally realizing he has a thing for Julia. Julia is realizing that Barnabas is starting to change about her. It was rough at first, both of them not hesitating to one up each other on the insults and Barnabas constant urges to strangle her with his self absorbed self…lol.

      3. Julia and Barnabas are the couple now. Barnabas loves Julia and it became apparent when she showed up in her new hair do and his jaw dropped at her real beauty. The wig wasn’t doing her any justice. Now that nobody really wants him, and she already conveyed her feelings, she doesn’t have to do that anymore. Barnabas aint going nowhere. Believe that. And he is all but telling her his new affection for her. She doesn’t have to say it either.

  3. It’s annoyed many Barnabas and Julia shippers for years that there was no transition scene into their friendship. The last time they were in a scene together they were threatening to destroy each other, and now they are bonded, completely in tune with one another and acting like an long married couple. But I think the point is that these two needed no transition scene. They are simply a natural couple and the chemistry is very apparent. They have grown into this new relationship. And for some that is much more romantic and unique than Barney Boy’s usual love at first sight absurdities.

    Btw, just love the embarrassed look Barnabas throws to Julia when he finally confesses how he was cursed. Jonathan Frid really knew how to work the facial expressions. As did Grayson Hall. Both could speak volumes without saying a word.

    1. Actually, Barnabas had chemsity with both Angelique and Josette. Maybe, his real loves were in the past since he is 18th century.

      1. Cynthia, with respect, I don’t think I agree about Angelique. A lustful fling sometimes isn’t about chemistry as it is about animal magnetism. A flash in the pan. A terrible mistake he’s still paying the consequences for.

        As for Josette, possibly as a young mortal man in the prime of his life he had chemistry with her. An innocent love from another time, long gone.

        But, he’s also getting wiser in his “old age,” and seeing true love, sacrificial love, for the first time in Julia.

    2. Agreed. I’d like to think that Barnabas turning human helped him come to terms with Julia, and made him realize that she genuinely cared for him, which in turn made him realize that he cared for her as well. The foundation for the friendship had been laid before, such as him genuinely being touched by her offer to be his victim, or his offer of friendship post-1795. So while there is no actual “look! they’re friends now!” transition scene, it’s not difficult to connect the dots. I will miss the Barnabas throttling Julia scenes though.

    3. Soap operas, in a way, function without the “transitions” you might see in other media. Therein lies the possibility for constant re-establishing of relationships. We see it with Roger/David or Roger/Liz. This is the “re-establishment” episode of the Barnabas and Julia relationship, and much of what comes afterward only makes sense with that in mind. When Julia talks about “not imagining” life without Barnabas, it’s impossible to reconcile that with the downright cruel villain of pre-1795. If you try to apply “real time” (which I don’t advise) to DARK SHADOWS, then Barnabas was actively trying to kill Julia and/or drive her out of her mind just a few weeks ago. She shouldn’t feel comfortable around him at all. In fact, she should have still believed her life was at risk when she learned that Barnabas had been in a car accident. Then, by mere inaction, she could have waited for him to die.

      But 1795 allowed for a “reboot” of the series. The “re-establishment” of relationships would have been sudden and abrupt even for a soap opera without the months spent in 1795. We also got to see Barnabas behaving like a non-psychopath (and even when killing people, he was presented humanely and pitiably). Thus, scenes like this feel almost normal.

    4. I totally agree. He had to come clean about it hoping Julia would not burst out laughing at him. He would have died with embarassment because at this juncture he was starting to really like her.

  4. I would disagree that Barnabas and Julia are a “couple”, but are rather a “duo”. If anything, Julia comes to represent the role of a confidante to Barnabas, because she is the only one that he can trust with his secret. And because they each had their own agenda, this led to tension early on, but which now appears to have been resolved as they become a dynamic duo, fighters of supernatural crime and travelers through past and parallel time.

    But not as a couple. There is no romantic chemistry there, and there have been no scenes where they they are suddenly brought together in an impassioned embrace as Barnabas and Angelique were when her character was first introduced in 1795. That’s why Barnabas and Angelique are the show’s real super couple, because there is genuine romantic chemistry between the characters. There is tension and conflict, because of the fact that Angelique is a jealous and vengeful witch who causes Barnabas to hate her as a result of how she has lashed out toward others around him, but at least there was always a chemistry there smoldering underneath.

    Dan Curtis realized it, too, knowing that the chemistry between Barnabas and Angelique was good for the ratings, as he has pointed out that whenever the ratings would drop and they would be in trouble he would bring back Angelique and that would do the trick. And Angelique was there the last day of the 1840 parallel time story and the last day of the show itself.

    For Barnabas and Julia to be effectively engaging together onscreen, there needed to be something outside their association/friendship, a supernatural foe to do battle with, whereas all that was needed in the case of Barnabas and Angelique was the simple tormented love unspoken that existed between them, the long and passionate history that played itself out every time they looked into each other’s eyes. To be compelling, they needed only to be in the same room together.

    1. Agree – zero romantic chemistry between Julia and Barnabus. Duo is the right word.

      As for Angelique and Barnabus, there was only obsession on her part in the past, and since then, hate.

    2. Totally agree with you–Barnabas and Julia are a duo fighting gur coin causes against common enemies, not a couple. Personally, I’ve never sensed any romantic sparks between Barnabas and Julia. They began as uneasy allies, then became enemies, then uneasy allies again, and, to nelly, friends– but not lovers.

    1. I truly never saw any chemistry between Lara Parker and Jonathon Frid. Her redemption years after childish retribution and throwing herself at barnabas rang false. His chemistry with Maggie and Vicki was zero also. The only other person to come close to julia was Carolyn, albeit super creepy.

    2. I would not call it chemistry, rather, a coming to the middle general respect, which was not there at first. It was only what Julia could do for Barnabas and whether he felt he should kill her if she did not do what he wanted.

      1. I agree, Rennee: “Coming to the middle general respect” is the perfect description of their relationship.

  5. Is it too late for me to mention that I have a headcanon that both Julia and Lang attended Miskatonic University–and studied medicine under the late, great Professor Herbert West?

    (And Barnabas and Julia do so to have chemistry. It fairly blazed off the screen from their first antagonistic moments together. What kind of chemistry it is I’ll leave it to individual fans to decide…)

      1. Anyone who wants is welcome to share my headcanon! And please feel free to use it in any way you want! I’d love to see it turn up in a fanfic some day…

  6. “but what puzzles me is why — why didn’t you consult your family doctor?”

    Roger really should have responded with: “Because my family doctor was murdered in mysterious circumstances a few weeks ago! Now, about this harpoon collection…”

  7. We have come a long way, indeed. This post-1795 period is quite interesting. Danny — am I hearing new background music. Something with urgent trumpets?

    The pacing is definitely faster with attempts to shock several times in one episode.

  8. This was a marvelous post! And it helps me understand that “I need a drink moment”. After Barnabas closes the front door he stands behind Julia at the drawing room doorway. But he stands behind her like he wants to grab a subway seat before she does. But thinking about the intimate gestures between them earlier, then it makes sense. They are Nick and Nora, home for a sherry to discuss some clues.

    And you didn’t even get a chance to point out how crazed Roger against Dr. Lang is a deeply unfair fight. Louis Edmonds is doing an absolute rope-a-dope with Addison Powell.

  9. My brain just can’t cope with these interior/exterior doors… I’ve decided Stokes’s must be an apartment, or a suite at some sort of Great Northern-esque hotel.

    Lang’s, though… I mean, it’s clearly his office, not his living room – when he stands at the door, awkwardly chatting to Roger, you can see the name sign on the door, the one seen in an earlier episode at the hospital.

    But that’s still utterly ridiculous – what kind of hospital has offices like that?!

    Perhaps the whole place really is Dr Woodard’s house, and he’s running some sort of sinister game where disturbed ‘doctors’ get to act out their fantasies on unsuspecting ‘patients’.

    Some kind of hunting lodge for rich weirdos!

    1. When I was a little girl in the 1960s, my doctor’s office was in his house. I don’t know how common that arrangement was but it wasn’t unique. Maybe it occurred more in small towns.

  10. I had no idea you could just go to your doctor’s house and announce you’re having a stroke. I think that in the history of stroke presentations, by potential stroke victims, this incident stands on its own in medical annals. Assuming, of course, there are medical annals and this was documented.

    And speaking of anniversaries, I started reading this blog a year ago and though I’ve cheated from time to time, and even reread some entries more than once, I’m making progress. This is such good stuff. It’s hard to rush it.

  11. Calling that thing Dr. Lang straps around his head a “mirror” is logical, but it must have a technical name. Unless I missed it, I don’t think anyone on the show ever names it. Even Dr. Lang doesn’t know what his whatchamacallit is called.

    1. Evidently the technical name is ‘head mirror’. I was hopeful of some technical nomenclature, but there it is. Head mirror. 😶

  12. On a similar ‘harpoon’ note, my favorite scene from Law And Order:

    Medical Examiner Elizabeth Rodgers:
    I got another body coming in. Guy took a javelin to the chest.

    Det. Lennie Briscoe:
    Why are you still in this line of work?

    Medical Examiner Elizabeth Rodgers:
    Free javelins.

  13. I don’t get a love vibe between Julia and Barnabas. They feel more like Holmes and Watson to me.

    I’m also going to start collecting harpoons because, why not?

  14. Prof. Stokes’s room may well have been Matthew Morgan’s cottage (I haven’t seen those episodes) but it was also Angelique’s room at the Old House and the Rev. Trask’s quarters at the inn. In each case the door has been relocated, however.

    Roger declares that he’s going to have a stroke at dawn, then he and Lang immediately start talking about his heart. But a stroke isn’t necessarily related to heart problems.

  15. I have to voice a complaint, not about this blog ( lwhich I love!), but with the Decades airings of D S episodes. Last year around to his time, the channel stopped showing the rest of the series after this episode, and started over with the first Barnabas episode. Today is October 16, 2020, and the folks at Decades did the same thing again. I suppose that’s all the episodes the channel’s contract with Worldvision grants them.

    1. And again in February 2021. Back to episode 210. But this was also the last episode in early syndication back in 1975-76. When stations finished airing these episodes they had no more to show. Viewers had to wait for 1982-83 for the next 260 episodes to released (the second syndicated year). They still had a few years to wait for the third syndicated year (1985). The final year has never been seen in syndication. Viewers had to wait for the Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy) to show the first and last years in 1992-93.

    2. Oh my stars!!! Decades TV is doing it again!!!
      Here is it Feb 2022 & after this episode (April 16, 1968), the next is April 17, 1967–Willie Loomis finds a chained coffin!!!
      I guess I’ll have to continue on with the DVDs from the library!

  16. Actually, I shouldn’t have used the word “complaint.” That’s not Decades’ fault. It is to disappointing, though

  17. Lang just out and out SHOUTS at Barnabas during this episode, as if he is interrogating him. I felt let me saying, “Come on, Addison! Take it down an octave or two. You’re hurting my ears!’

  18. I think the reason I finally forgave Barnabas for what he did to Maggie when I was a kid was because Julia forgave him for what he did to her. Danny’s right about the importance of making a friend. Julia is Barnabas’s first true friend. She knows him and she accepts him. He confides in her.
    I guess I figured if Julia trusted him, maybe he wasn’t so bad anymore. Yes, I had seen his back-story but he kissed Angelique while engaged to Josette and shot his uncle in the face! He hadn’t been a vampire when he did those things so I didn’t see evidence he was a nice guy. Julia’s unrequited love for Barnabas was probably the most typical soap opera thing they did. It was also something that a teenage girl could relate to.
    I really do not understand why some people do not see the chemistry between these two.

  19. Most of 60s women’s fashions on the show have not worn well. I remember them, I may have even worn some of them, but I wouldn’t do it again! But what Julia is wearing in this episode is smashing. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

  20. I may not have the right episode, but I noticed one of the Smith Brothers portrait in Professor Stokes’s abode when Roger went to see him. Now, I’m sure that I and other fellow blog readers have noticed the portrait make appearances in several different abodes throughout the series, but I was really struck this time by how nonsensical these appearances are. I mean, I get that the Purina lamp, the Collinsport afghan and the Petofi box might end up in different locales, but aren’t the Smith Brothers supposed to be Collins ancestors? In which case, shouldn’t their portraits be confined to Collinwood?

    Apparently, such a consideration did not occur to the set decorator, or if it did, he or she couldn’t have cared less. In which case, I say–three cheers for the set decorator!

  21. Given him a key? In the DS I binged, everyone knocks politely on the door and if they don’t get an answer they walk right in. True, we didn’t hear BC knock but no one ever seems to lock their doors and they need to start! Or maybe he presaged “The Mummy” and came through the keyhole like sand.

  22. Ok, I’ve been kindly giving Dr. Lang a chance, politely ignoring what all of you DS veterans have to say about him, sizing him up in my own mind because I don’t want to take y’all’s word for it….I want to come to my own conclusions….

    I hate him.

    Let me get this straight…. a man who is obviously being set up as the local mad scientist, who pegs Barnabas for a vampire in like one episode, who has ALREADY BEEN ATTACKED BY THE WITCH, which Barnabas explained to him what that was….

    now he doesn’t believe that Roger could be under a witch’s curse and trying to kill him. Preposterous. Lang has already told us he’s a student of strange medicine and such…it’s not even a stretch to attribute strange attitudes and experiences to witchcraft. Give me a break.

    It makes him come across as arrogant, especially with Barnabas who he knows is a vampire. So, I know you’re a 200-year-old vampire under a witch’s curse, which i experienced by the way, but there is NO WAY, NO WAY I’M TELLING YOU, THAT ROGER COULD BE UNDER A WITCH’S SPELL IN ORDER TO KILL ME!!!!!

    He has selective belief. If it’s HIS idea, he’ll believe it. Anyone else’s idea, they’re just too stupid to really know what’s going on here.

    I get why you guys don’t like him. He a pompous arse!

    Ha!! I was just mentioning the Purina lamp yesterday!

    1. Lang — along with all the characters — have a bizarre tendency to believe random and selective things about the supernatural. David is the only one who is consistent — and right.

  23. I don’t get Dr Lang.
    At least in this episode.
    A man, who is not your patient, comes to you in the middle of night, says a voice told him to go there & see you & it’s dismissed, like it’s a referral from a friend?
    Then the deflection to the harpoon display?? That should be a HUGE red flag that something is not right or is about to happen!
    I mean, Dr Lang is just so casual about the whole event, as if it happened to him quite often! I can suspend a lot of belief with DS, but some things need to be grounded in real life.

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