Episode 326: A Time Like This

“He isn’t dead all of the time. Just some of the time!”

We open the new week with a reprise of David’s dream from Friday’s episode. I’m not usually a big fan of repeating a dream sequence, but in this case it’s entirely justified.

For one thing, this dream delivers some long-overdue plot development — David finally realizes that his friend Sarah is a ghost, and his cousin Barnabas is a vampire. Plus, Friday’s episode was a black-and-white kinescope copy, and today we get to see the dream in full color. Well, in two colors anyway, namely: yellow and purple.

326 dark shadows david dream barnabas

Isn’t it fantastic? I had no idea. When we saw this in black-and-white yesterday, it looked like a moody, German Expressionist art-house auteur piece. In color, it looks like exactly nothing that has ever existed on film. I’m groping for a reference point.

326 dark shadows guardian of forever

It actually looks a bit like the planet from “The City on the Edge of Forever”, the first season Star Trek episode about a bitchy, sentient doorway through space and time that tells people that they have to kill Joan Collins, or else the Nazis will win World War 2. The rerun of “City on the Edge” actually aired in August 1967, just a couple weeks before they taped this episode, so for all I know the Dark Shadows lighting director was an early Trekkie.

I know, that’s a bit of a stretch. I’m just saying that it doesn’t look a lot like General Hospital anymore.

326 dark shadows vicki david color

David wakes up screaming, and Vicki rushes to his side. She’s wearing a lavender dress and he’s got butter-colored pillowcases, so maybe everything looked like this in late summer 1967.

David looks Vicki straight in the eyes, and like the doomed prophet crying in the wilderness, he tells her every true thing that she’ll never believe.

David:  Vicki, he’s in a room somewhere with a coffin in it. He’s dead!

Vicki:  Who’s dead?

David:  Cousin Barnabas.

Vicki:  David! You know as well as I do that Barnabas isn’t dead.

David:  But he isn’t dead all of the time. Just some of the time.

326 dark shadows vicki david don't go

It’s a heartbreaking scene, actually. He’s the one person on the show who can see things clearly.

Vicki:  David, I think maybe you’re coming down with a fever.

David:  Why don’t you listen to me!

Vicki:  I will, as soon as I get you some milk.

David:  Where are you going? Don’t leave me alone in here!

And, bless him, David Henesy is nailing this moment. If there’s one thing that a kid can connect to, it’s the feeling that the grown-ups aren’t paying attention.

David:  Haven’t you been listening to anything that I told you? Sarah’s dead.

It’s hard with these goldfish people to get a new idea to stick in their heads. I had this exact conversation so many times when I was a kid.

326 dark shadows barnabas julia book

Over at the Old House, Barnabas comes home to find Julia chilling in the drawing room. He’s not thrilled.

Barnabas:  You have nothing better to do than to sit around reading books at a time like this?

It’s a bit brusque, but he’s got a point. These two don’t have a particularly relaxing lifestyle these days. Willie was shot in the back the other day outside Maggie Evans’ bedroom window, and now everybody thinks that Willie’s the kidnapper they’ve been looking for. This is a convenient turn of events for Barnabas, but only if Willie stays quiet.

326 dark shadows barnabas julia depressing

Barnabas and Julia settle into one of the most cold-blooded conversations of all time.

Barnabas:  I had an eventful and thoroughly depressing evening. First a revealing talk with David, and then a trip to the hospital.

Julia:  Hospital? Why did you go there?

Barnabas:  Hopefully to get the news that friend Willie has passed away.

Julia:  Well, has he?

Barnabas:  No, he clings to life with a leech-like persistence.

It’s unreal. These are the main characters of a television show. Who talks like this?

326 dark shadows julia barnabas blood-curdling

Barnabas is just flustered and unhappy.

Barnabas:  Why isn’t he dead?

Julia:  I don’t know.

Barnabas:  Well, you’re a doctor, aren’t you?

Julia:  Barnabas, he is going to die.

Barnabas:  Yes, yes! I keep hearing that. But when? He’s certainly taking his time about it.

I love it. This is a Gordon Russell script today, and I think it’s the best he’s done so far. Russell joined the writing staff a month and a half ago, and he was thrown in the deep end; he and Ron Sproat are each writing a week at a time right now. Imagine that — writing a complete half-hour television script every day for five days, taking a few days off, and then doing it again. That’s not a thing that humans do.

326 dark shadows julia barnabas nick

And yet here’s Barnabas and Julia, doing witty, sarcastic daytime television Nick-and-Nora dialogue about how much they want their only friend to die.

Julia:  He is in a coma. He hasn’t exactly got control over the situation.

Barnabas:  Perhaps it’s time that I should take control of the situation.

Julia:  What are you talking about?

Barnabas:  I’m talking about getting rid of him before someone brings us the news that he has miraculously recovered and is writing his memoirs.

Oh, it’s lovely. This is actually the same conversation that Barnabas has been having with both Julia and Willie for weeks — he thinks that killing people will solve all of his problems, and they have to patiently explain that unsolved murders tend to put the authorities on edge.

But everything feels light and fresh today. You’d never guess that this is Russell’s fourth consecutive script. He’s good.

326 dark shadows julia medallion

Anyway, Julia has a plan, and once again it involves her hypnotic memory-erasing medallion. She goes back to Collinwood and finds Elizabeth and Vicki talking about David’s latest slice of crazy, and she offers to have a talk with the boy.

326 dark shadows julia david psychology

Now, they don’t know that Julia is a doctor, and she runs a sanitarium. They think that Julia is a weird historian who came to do some research about the Collins family and won’t go home. But they’re desperate, so they might as well try anything.

The conversation is surprisingly upbeat, considering David’s recent mental upheavals. Most of it is Julia urging David to relax. He’s actually pretty calm for a kid who’s saying that his cousin came out of a coffin.

326 dark shadows julia david medallion

She makes sure he’s sitting comfortably, and says, “Now I’m going to show you something that will make you feel even more comfortable.” She pulls the medallion out of her purse, and gets to work.

326 dark shadows david medallion

Spinning the medallion in front of his face, Julia says, “Concentrate on it. It’s very pretty, isn’t it? Now, just keeping looking at it. That’s right.”

325 dark shadows julia dream medallion

Suddenly, David remembers the faceless woman that he saw in his dream last night — she was holding the same medallion!

326 dark shadows julia david ordinary

David says, “You were in my dream! I couldn’t see your face, but… you were holding in your hand that same piece of jewelry!”

Delightfully, Julia’s response is “This is just an ordinary medallion,” which is not a sentence you hear people say very often.

326 dark shadows julia david yelling

But David’s not having it; he runs for the door, screaming for Vicki. And then the Nazis win World War 2. It’s chaos around here.

Tomorrow: David vs the Goldfish People.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Julia pauses to remember her next line, and Barnabas tries to fill the gap:

Julia:  If an attempt is made on his life, they’ll realize that he’s not the one. (She sighs.)

Barnabas:  Well —

Julia (simultaneously):  The investigation will continue.

Barnabas:  Doctor, what do you suppose that we should do?

Also: When Liz comes into David’s room, he pushes his chair back with a noisy scratch on the floor.

Tomorrow: David vs the Goldfish People.

326 dark shadows david's picture

Dark Shadows episode guide – 1967

— Danny Horn

12 thoughts on “Episode 326: A Time Like This

  1. Did anybody notice the change in Julia’s medallion? It’s now twice a thick, so it should have twice the hypnotic strength.

  2. Ha! I wrote my comment on the prior episode before reading your synopsis for 326. You’re spot on. It went from silent German expressionism to colorful 60’s pop-art. Just missing a black light and lava lamp.

  3. These last two episodes are so spooky! Exactly why I loved this show as a kid. And, the dream is way scarier in b&w, but the bizzaro color version also has its own sort of charm…

  4. This is the closest we see Julia getting called out in public since she arrived on the scene. Little David brings the heat on her and even Elizabeth is like, “WTF?”

    I think that David Henesy should have gotten more attention for his work on the show at this time. He really carries enough scene work and dialogue to merit consideration for a Supporting Daytime Emmy, Was he ever nominated?

  5. Totally agree on David’s performances here….the little nuances of grabbing Vicki’s arm in desperation had a genuine air about it (as opposed to a contrived, over the top reaction) that rare for DS. On the other hand, there’s Julia’s “I don’t know why I haven’t thought about it (hypnosis) before”….well, because it would have avoided several episodes of “David must die” dialogue and moved the plot forward too quickly.

  6. Too bad the Daytime Emmys hadn’t been invented yet in 1967. David Henesy could’ve been a contender.

    David Collins in his dreams knows about a lot of things awake David hasn’t seen: Barnabas having fangs; Barnabas sleeping in a coffin; Julia’s hypnosis medallion. Is Sarah planting these images in his brain? Or is David’s own precognitive ability pulling in these images?

    Yes, the medallion used to have just flat blue cardboard on one side. I don’t know when that side evolved into a second elaborate decorated side.

  7. I would have bet money that the title for this episode’s synopsis would have been “A Woman of Many Talents” or some such.

    Julia got busted! Her machinations didn’t machinate for once. As much as I admire Julia it was delicious to see her thwarted for a change, and by a kid no less.

  8. I don’t really want to be that person but here goes… Julia’s wig in this episode made me want to stab my eyes out with ice picks. I never liked the wig with a small section of her natural bangs combed over at the forehead, but now it appears to have developed into what might be considered future inspiration for Princess Leia’s donut ‘do. The day Grayson Hall walks on set with her natural magnificent short curly hairstyle was one of the happiest days of my life.

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