Episode 1213: Violent Femmes

“Do you know that I’m shortly going to be a martyr to our blessed family name?”

Life was fun
Life was great
‘Til I made my big mistake
Oh no, it’ll never happen to me

Life was short
And life was sweet
I was thinking as I hit the street
I could hardly believe
I could scarcely concieve

That I had gone out the window
I had gone out the window
I had gone… out the window

Oh, she was fine
She looked great
And so we made our big mistake
I swear, I swear
It’d never, never happen to her

But the pavement knocked her head around
When she hit the solid concrete ground
From thirty flights above, and she was
Thirty something, loving nothing

Gone out the window
She had gone out the window
She had gone… out the window

Oh, catch me if I’m falling
Catch me if I’m calling

He was smart, he was wise
He’d profoundly philosophize
Empathy for all humanity

One day by an open window
There’s a note that read
I’ve gone out the window โ€” I’m dead

He said yes to life for all his life
But then one day he said:
No โ€” I gotta go

Out the window
Yeah, I go out the window
Yeah, I go… out the window

Oh, catch me if I’m falling
Catch me if I’m calling

Catch me, I am falling
Catch me, I am calling

Go out the window
We all go out the window

We all go out the window
We all… go out the window

Go out the window
We all go out the window

We all go out the window
We all… go out the window

Catch me, we are falling
Catch me, we are calling

Catch me, we are falling
Catch me, we are calling

Tomorrow: Begun Again.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Jonathan Frid has a crazy amount of makeup on, in a way that I don’t think we’ve ever seen on the show. The first shot where it’s really noticeable is when Bramwell asks Daphne, “Are you saying that she loves him?” There’s some bold lipstick, and as the camera zooms in on his face, you notice how heavy the rouge is, and he starts to look like somebody’s aunt.

At the beginning of act 3, Julia shuts the door behind her, but it swings open again.

Morgan says, “Gabriel, nothing you ever does surprises me.”

When Gabriel enters Collinwood, he greets Catherine and Daphne: “Ah! It’s my dear sister-in-law, Catherine… and my dear brother-in-law’s… brother’s… sister-in-law, Daphne.” It’s possible this was intentional, because Gabriel’s supposed to be drunk, but the worried look that Daphne gives Gabriel when he gets lost in that sentence looks legitimate to me.

The spooky doors open in to enter the room, rather than out, as they would in human architecture.

Behind the Scenes:

The colorful afghan makes its final appearance on the show today, on Bramwell’s bed. We last saw it in October, on Daphne’s bed in episode 1129. Alas, we shall never see it again, except in our dreams.

Tomorrow: Begun Again.

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

19 thoughts on “Episode 1213: Violent Femmes

  1. Yes, good old โ€œAuntโ€ Bramwell. Sometimes, when switching out of drag, she forgets to swap out the makeup, as well. No worries, as she still has the best appointed closet this side of Logansport!

    1. Very Charlie’s Aunt. That lippy was super distracting for me. You’re supposed to be be going oh nooo…Bramwell’s gonna mess with Daphne’s innocent heart just to hurt Catherine!, but instead you’re going is that Desert Rose?

    1. The afghan did find work again shortly after Dark Shadows. In this 1972 movie scene it appears with Sally Kellerman and Alan Arkin:

  2. Jonathan Frid always looks like someone’s aunt. He looks like he should be wrapped up in that afghan having cocoa. Actually, that sounds delightful – even more delightful than watching Keith Prentice yelling at the camera.

    1. Yes, he should be wrapped up in the afghan having cocoa. Perhaps as one of the maiden sisters in a production of “Arsenic and Old Lace.”

  3. I often thought they overdid Frid’s “Barnabas-as-vampire” makeup in the 1795 sequence in a nonsensical effort to make him look more frightening. But they don’t have any such excuse with Bramwell.

  4. Nope nope I wouldn’t say so
    I would not call it a curse
    But what worries me then
    Is when I wake up It might be worse

    Today’s opening is a close up of the lottery slips next to the jar – – but in yesterday’s show, Julia threw the slips into the fire before she went up to speak with Catherine, and Flora put the jar on top of the drinks cabinet.

    That is a lovely shade of lipstick that Bramwell is sporting; Daphne may have been getting mischievous while he was asleep… ๐Ÿ’‹ or perhaps the men in Parallel 1840 wear a lot of makeup when they’re laid up with a gunshot wound.

    I did want to mention (before I forget again) how much I love the shades of blue that are in the costumes! The jackets, the dresses, and especially the tarpaulin Catherine has, which goes blue and green as she moves. Not so fond of the design, since it doesn’t seem to match any other clothing the ladies have, but a good fabric is a good fabric.

    Julia didn’t mention the plague at Collinwood to Bramwell and Daphne, did she? Or did I miss it? And now Gabriel and Morgan have brought it into Collinsport. I rather like the idea of the supernatural element of the plague as a spur to force them to have the lottery (but I kinda miss werewolves and vampires and zombies (oh, my!).)

    Grayson Hall’s delivery of the line explaining why Daphne is with Bramwell is a bit of a mess. She gets the meaning out, but I’m sure that wasn’t the line that she had.

    And Catherine gets another Easter egg pastel purple (lilac? Violet Femme?) gown! Sumptuous. The PT1840 boosters are right, there are some things to like about this story.

    I was hoping for a peek inside the dread “THAT room” – – not today. May I hope that the audience will be given access? Or is this another Leviathan Creature type thing where they never show it onscreen? (Y’know, maybe the demons (or ghosts, whatev’s) might be a little less truculent if someone DUSTED around there occasionally. I mean geez, look at those cobwebs! Cop a Swiffer!)

    And Gabriel went inside (dressed to the left). Can it be that this plot will move forward? Tune in tomorrow…

    1. “I was hoping for a peek inside the dread โ€œTHAT roomโ€ โ€“ โ€“ not today. May I hope that the audience will be given access? Or is this another Leviathan Creature type thing where they never show it onscreen?”

      You will see what’s in the room. I think it would have been much scarier if it contained Kathy Cody constantly reciting, “I’m frightened! Are you?” That would explain the deaths and/or madness that followed.

      1. I shall prepare by rereading the DSED entry for episode 1084, which also concerns what’s behind a door.

  5. Perhaps the makeup person was using a photo of Michael Stroka as Aristide for reference while working on Jonathan Frid for this episode.

  6. One of the joys of watching the show is seeing Christopher Pennock’s growth as an actor. He gets better with every part. Parallel Gabriel is always fun, and he’s legitimately excellent in this one. He’s adorable in his drunk scenes, and stirring when he is saying his farewell to Morgan and Julia.

    Indeed, there’s a lot of good stuff here. Bramwell and Daphne’s conversation is intelligent and heartfelt; Jonathan Frid is twenty years too old for the scene to read as the opening of a romance with Kate Jackson’s character, but it does feel like a meaningful exchange between people who are sorting through intense emotions in the midst of complicated events. I also like Bramwell’s voice in that scene- he doesn’t sound like any version of Barnabas.

    Amazingly enough, even Keith Prentice has a few watchable moments. He isn’t interesting, exactly, but he neither is he as stiff as he was up to this point. In the first weeks of the segment, he just seemed scared to death of the part. But episodes 1211-1215 are the week when he un-petrifies and starts acting. My wife, Mrs Acilius, speculates that Prentice knew that by playing the part he did in THE BOYS IN THE BAND he had effectively come out to the whole world. The idea of making daily appearances on national television in 1971 would be enough to terrify anyone who had done that- who knows what you’re going to read about yourself in the newspaper? Anyway, in this episodes Prentice has put that fear far enough to one side to turn in a passable performance.

    1. While it’s certainly possible that Prentice feared that his role in “The Boys in the Band” had served as a public “coming out” (since he was indeed gay), that might have been an unreasonable fear on his part. After all, as I understand it, roughly half of the original cast of the play were actually heterosexual. But, again, since Prentice was one of the gay members of the cast, any such fear on his part would probably have been reasonable.

      1. Another goof: In yesterday’s episode at the end where Julia and Morgan enter “the room” to find Gabriel gone, there is a bedspread on the bed. When they repeat the scene in this episode’s opening scene, the bed is completely bare.

  7. I’m finally catching up on the 1841PT eps…

    Ugh! I’m getting tired of Morgan yelling and his feud with Bramwell!
    Hokey smokes! What happened to Frid? Did he piss someone off?

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