Episode 1195: The Trask Parts

“If you give me any trouble, there won’t be any need for an execution!”

A bloodthirsty creature of the supernatural! A child who has been touched by a witch! A ring fit for Satan himself! A small, frail body possessed by a giant, evil force! A warlock named Quentin Collins! A well-known signature of the Devil!

After we have attended to him, we can see that you are punished as well! All those innocent victims who died by your hand! An insidious evil has crept its way into that house! And then I will exorcise the evil spirits from her body! And together they will try to destroy us!

Are these your tarot cards, Countess? Are you afraid to let me go back there? Are you already a member of Quentin’s coven? Are you sure you are not asking because you wish to help the girl?

Barnabas and Quentin are involved in the ways of witchcraft, together! Because you have the mark of the Devil upon you, and as you grow, it will grow! Burn, witch, burn!

But not until it has been destroyed at the source! But the hand of God will intervene! But there are others, Mr. Collins, who will derive great satisfaction from seeing justice done this night!

Can you describe this act of black magic, Mr. Collins? Cast thyself back into Hell, from whence thee came! Come forth to this threshold! Cross from darkness into light, before the burning fires of goodness drive you forth, in terror and in fear! Curiosity is the Devil’s money!

Depart from her, ye cursed demons, into the everlasting fire which burns all evil, and leaves only the ashes of what good she once possessed!

Do not deny it! Do not interfere! Do you always go walking alone in the woods? Do you believe for one minute he’s meant what he told you? Do you believe in the Almighty? Do you want to be saved? Do you want to grow up to be the disappointment to your father that you’re going to be?

Don’t play dumb with me! Don’t think I haven’t noticed how interested you’ve been in matters of the occult! Don’t touch me! Don’t try to escape, because I will shoot you! Don’t you forget it! Don’t you realize the path down which Quentin will lead you? Don’t you understand, girl?

Doubt is a seed from which evil trees grow! Down, witch, down on your knees!

Enemy of virtue! Even if you are not the Devil, you are surely in league with him! Every day that Quentin Collins’ trial continues, fear mounts in the village! Every living soul is in mortal danger! Everyone knows that he will soon grow desperate, and they’re afraid of the consequences!

Evil has many faces, Mr. Collins!

Faith can be as bread to the starving! Fascinating is hardly the word for such an evil being! First, I will prove beyond all doubt that she is a witch! From the doorway, my power touches the utmost reaches of this house!

Get down on your knees, and pray to the heavens for your salvation! Get out of my sight! Give me that envelope! Give me the power to step upon the serpents and scorpions which inhabit her! Give this poor fallen lamb the strength to purge himself!

Go out, thou seducer! Go out, thou transgressor, full of deceit and wile! God, and only God, determines what the future holds for each of us!

He held some strange power over her! He saw you yesterday in your coffin! He used his sorcery to free you! He was going to help me put a stop to this witchcraft forever! He was in a coffin with a stake through his heart! He will not succeed! He will smite you for the sins you have committed! He’s on the loose somewhere, probably in search of another victim!

Hear me, and go hence from her! Hear not her blasphemous cries! Her clothes are gone, there is no sign of her! Her powers go on and on! Her presence will still be felt, if she remains here! Her spirit is free!

His death will be revenged! His powers as a warlock are great, and he will soon be forced to use them! His presence here is a danger to all of us!

How can you ever hope to be close to God? How dare you give credence to this foul and libellous attack on your own father? How did you recover from this affliction? How long have you been in league with the Devil?

I adjure thee, thou serpent, by the Judge of the quick and the dead, by thy Maker and the Maker of the world, by Him who hath power to put thee into Hell, that thou depart in haste from the flesh of this woman!

I am certain of it! I am confident now, Countess, that there shall be an early trial, a swift conviction, and the punishment shall be death by hanging! I am convinced that he had something to do with the disappearance of my late father! I am exorcising the evil spirits from her body! I am grateful that in His providence, He used me! I am most interested in the original Barnabas Collins!

I am no fool, Quentin! I am not afraid! I am not alone, do you hear, I am not alone! I am not satisfied with your answers! I am prepared to convene a jury of the dead in this room!

I am saying that whoever helped her escape is also in league with the Devil, and that can mean only one thing!

I believe that an evil spirit in some form has invaded this house! I believe that Mrs. Collins has been touched by the power of darkness! I can see evil, whereas your eyes see only the world! I can see through your deviousness, your arrogance! I can see you know nothing of the powers of witchcraft! I cannot let you commit this sin!

I command thee, whoever thou art, thou unclean spirits which possess her body, to remove yourselves from her presence, and leave her free to become a servant of the true Lord!

I demand that you remove it at once! I demand to see for myself that Miss Winters is in her cell! I did not come here to discuss the dead, but rather — the living! I did not imagine Carl Collins’ dead body! I didn’t even know this woman! I didn’t know she was here when I came in this room!

I discovered him kneeling beside the body! I do know that such an experiment is contrary to the laws of nature! I do not wish to “visit” with her! I don’t think this should be discussed in front of the boy! I drew a circle upon the ground, and within it, inscribed the initials of the witch, Victoria Winters!

I find that a curious charge coming from you, so soon after your dear sister’s untimely death! I find that most interesting! I find your concern for the defense of this girl most curious, Mr. Collins! I follow the Devil to capture him, Mrs. Collins!

I give warning to the powers of darkness that the powers of light are at hand!

I hardly think the circumstances warrant going into seclusion! I have a feeling the boy was called to these woods! I have been asked to come here by Miss Abigail Collins to exorcise a witch, and that is what I intend to do! I have considerably more experience in these matters than you have! I have come back to write that wrong! I have my ways!

I have reason to believe that she has practiced her witchcraft on you! I have no room for doubt! I have seen too many others like you! I have seen what effect he has on women! I have spoken with my father from beyond the grave! I have subjected the girl to a foolproof test! I have the knowledge! I have the legion of believers! I have the witch! I have the word!

I intend to deal with you, right after I attend to him! I intend to get proof, here and now! I knew you would try something like this! I know Satan’s work when I see it! I know who would claim this child, if he were to die tonight! I know you are the source of evil in this house!

I know you are vulnerable in the daytime, and I will destroy you!

I may not have time now before the moon rises! I must caution you, Mr. Collins, not to interfere with God’s fight with the Devil! I must cleanse your body, so the evil spirits can never bewitch you again!

I must perform a rite of exorcism! I must protect her from the powers of darkness! I must take her out of this house! I notice you can’t even afford some wench to come in and do the cleaning and mending!

I proclaim the power of goodness, and I announce its presence to this entire house! I say that Lucifer is trying to undo the good that I have done in this house, and that you and all the others are acting as his accomplices!

I see through you, Quentin Collins! I shall return to my grave only after you have been destroyed! I should like to give the defendant one last opportunity to denounce her master, and relinquish voluntarily the powers which link her to the Prince of Darkness!

I summon from their watery graves, the spirits of Ruby Tate and Maude Browning! I summon the spirit of Suki Forbes, whose life ended in this very house! I think it fitting that you should die the same way he did, sealed up behind a brick wall!

I think you had better watch your step, Flora! I told them that as long as they have a witch in their jail, and she remains alive, they will continue to be plagued by her evil ways!

I want you to tell me how and where you got them! I warn you, those who doubt the word of truth are only a shade less guilty than those who defile it! I was about to ask you the very same question! I was certain last night of what the result would be, but my duty required me to leave the final judgment to the Almighty!

I was not aware that there had been an attempted murder here! I waved the burning, forked branch before the threshold, and the witch came forth from the house!

I will fight you! I will find out who brought it here, and I will make them pay for it! I will give you one last chance to confess! I will not be tempted! I will not be the subject of vicious gossip! I will not listen to you! I will rescue her from your evil! I would not put pencil to paper to trace the Devil’s handiwork!

I’m saying that whoever helped her escape is also in league with the Devil! I’m taking you back to the jail, Quentin, and I suggest you come along quietly!

I’ve always been convinced that a Collins was responsible for his death! I’ve always noticed how deviously clever you Collinses can be! I’ve learned that whoever fights with the Devil has a multitude of warriors fighting with him!

If Barnabas Collins is a vampire, he would live forever, and never change! If I can best serve our Maker by testifying against Quentin Collins, then I must do so! If indeed you are guilty of witchcraft, the tree will be dead by morning! If you are innocent, you should have nothing to fear, should you? If you are ready, I shall summon the jury from their graves! If you had relied on the Almighty, Charity, then you would have known that this so-called confession is nothing more than the rantings of some foul and evil person!

If you give me any trouble, there won’t be any need for an execution! If you refuse to accept that, then you have been tainted too! If you survive the dawn, then and only then will I believe you are innocent! If you will not bring yourself to God, then I will bring God to you!

In my whole life, my one great ambition was to avenge my father’s death! In the meantime, I must find the one who brought the spirit of evil into this house! In the name of the Lord, I command thee to cast thyself back into the darkness from whence thee came, and where thy everlasting destruction awaits thee!

Inflammatory, is it! Is it possible he’s already dead? Is it true you were wearing these when you arrived here? Is your client above the law because he is in league with the Devil?

It cannot be done with tarot cards, or any other of the Devil’s playthings! It contains an effort by Quentin Collins to contact his dead mistress! It goes against God’s will! It grieves me very much, but you have lied to me! It is a direct encounter with evil itself!

It is not you we must punish! It is Satan, for he has reached out and taken wanton possession of your body!

It is the fear of God that you feel, the fear of being exposed as the witch you are! It is the handiwork of the Devil! It is their further judgment that the crimes of which you are guilty shall be punishable by death! It makes my revenge so much more complete, so much more fulfilling!

Last night, it was a vital, living thing! Let the devils within him return to the body they belong! Let the witch come forth!

Look to yourself before you have ill feelings about others!

May I remind you, Minerva, that lying is a sin! May I suggest, Mrs. Collins, that what really upsets you is the fact that you chose the losing side in this battle between the Almighty and the forces of evil! May the poor child rest in peace now — and may we discover the heretic that caused her to be that way!

Miss Winters must be brought to trial without warning! My father’s death must be avenged, Mr. Collins, and you are the one who must pay! My work is far from finished! My works were guided by the hand of the Almighty, himself!

Nightly, a new attack, a new murder! No matter how inhuman a man may be, he can not escape his own judgment day! No morally-minded woman would allow herself to be exposed in clothing as indecent as this! No need to act surprised, Mr. Collins, and no need to deny it, for I know the truth about you now!

No one can hear your pitiful wailing, just as no one could hear mine! No one is too young for the Devil to use! No one said they did — no one but you! No one’s daughter is immune from evil! None of this work would have been necessary, if that wretched gypsy would have been willing to help us!

Not until I have destroyed you, the only way you could be destroyed — by fire!

Oh, indeed! Once again, Charity, you have been unable to resist doing the Devil’s bidding! One who summoned up all the powers endowed upon her by Satan himself! Only then can you be free from the evil spirit that possesses you now! Open your eyes! Out of the way, gypsy!

Painful as it is, Samantha, you must protect your son from his own father! Perhaps there is someone you go there to see, someone like the Devil himself! Perhaps we shall make a believer out of you! Persecutor of innocence! Please get me something to tie her hands! Ponder the sad direction that your life has taken!

Poor, wretched creatures, their bodies alive with an evil spirit that is beyond their control! Pray, Charity, pray for the deliverance of your soul! Pray that I may find the strength to defeat the forces that threaten us!

Quentin will enmesh you in his evil!

Renounce the warlock, and his evil ways! Repudiate the Devil now, and the Almighty will bring you salvation!

Satan possesses and commands, and poor earthly flesh obeys! Seances, books on vampires, trafficking with the dead — all you Collinses seem to take that sort of thing in your stride!

She had the devil’s mark on her forehead! She has been the victim of an evil force, that has caused her to act against her own will! She has escaped, but her guilt has been proved! She is a handmaiden of the Devil! She is either a complete charlatan, or she is indeed having a spiritual revelation!

She is possessed by a will much stronger than her own! She knew the only chance she had was to make you doubt! She must hang! She must stay where I have placed her throughout this night! She was murdered! She was tied to that tree! Shrink in fear at the dark night you must shortly see! Show yourself!

Sign the paper, Judith!

Silence! Sit down, girl! Slow, agonizing death is the worst kind, you know! Someone must have untied those ropes for her! Soon, everyone shall know what I know!

Stay away! Stay here, and be quiet! Stay where you are! Stubbornness can be a sin, you know! Surrender the witch to me! Surrender yourself to the powers of light!

Take care, or you will have the vision, and see the ring for yourself! Tell me what it is that you see! Tell me what you know of the sorcery that has afflicted the people in this house! Tell me where it is, or I’ll kill you, here and now! Tell us where he keeps his coffin!

That hand, alone — floating in the air! That is because you are possessed by the Devil! That is my concern, not yours! That is my test! That may have been the Devil’s disguise! That portrait was brought here to discredit me! That’s a pity for you — but a triumph for me!

The Devil assumes many disguises! The Devil attempts to destroy purity and goodness wherever he finds them! The Devil does not always appear to us in the face of evil, Mr. Collins! The Devil has been in these rooms, and he has inhabited the bodies of these two, and looked with favor upon them!

The Devil has marked you as one he wishes to entice into his ways! The Devil has told you to say these things! The Devil himself is leading that child somewhere, for some purpose!

The Devil is against you, Samantha, and I say that with great sorrow! The Devil is at work here, and he has deceived you, as he has so many others! The Devil is never satisfied! The Devil must be exorcised from your body, and his handmaiden must be captured!

The Devil must be vanquished, and driven from them, before he can be driven from this house!

The dust now knows your name, and the Earth shall proclaim it to the sky! The eternal battle shall be waged again here, in this house!

The girl has escaped! The girl is possessed, and by morning, I will prove it to all of you! The girl is tied to a tree! The girl must have extraordinary powers!

The hand of God will cleanse your body of the seeds of evil Satan has planted there! The horror of it, that he should have died like this! The jailer’s wife is dead, and Quentin Collins is responsible!

The judges refused to hold you, but I am not afraid of you! The jury will not be swayed by the accused! The Lord has let me return! The manacles, if you please!

The next mortal to cross this threshold shall be known to hold the power of evil! The official cause of death is strangulation! The powers of light have come to do battle with the powers of darkness! The prosecution has proved beyond doubt that the accused is guilty!

The rite of exorcism is a terrible and painful act!  The sight of a cross disturbs you, doesn’t it, Mr. Collins? The sooner this witch is disposed of, the sooner this senseless terrorism will stop!

The sun has risen! The test has been completed! The ways of a witch are not necessarily determined by reason and understanding! The witch has done too much! The witch wanted to stop my questions! The world will soon know it!

Then I will put her to the ultimate test! Then I will seek divine guidance against the evil spirit that is plaguing her and possessing this house! Then you leave me no choice! Then you must have hated her enough to kill her! Then you must prove it!

There is an evil spirit in this house! There is more than one agent of Satan at work here! There is panic in the town! There is possession here, the signs are unmistakable! They are confident that retribution and justice shall be theirs!

This is a battle — Armageddon itself! This is insolence! This is the work of the Devil, and he has called upon you to help him! This is where your evil has lured you! This is witchcraft, Mr. Collins!

Through his infinite wisdom, I have determined what your fate shall be! Through my hands, and my touch, you shall feel the power of goodness, and the ability to ward off evil spirits! Together they do the work of their master, Lucifer! Together, we must help this poor, afflicted woman, possessed by an evil spirit of darkness!

Victoria Winters, your name is now known to fire!

We are dealing with a coven of witches! We are going to the police, Mr. Collins — you and I, together! We are going to search the places we didn’t know about earlier today! We heard my father’s voice, warning us of the evil around us! We must guard his left flank, while he charges onward! We must have tangible evidence of an act of sorcery! We will see who is stronger — your master, or mine!

What a curiously ineffective word you use to describe an act of cold blooded murder!

What are you going to tell your aunt? What are you talking about, girl? What caused it to go away? What else does the book say? What have you done with her? What is her name? What is that you have in your hand? What is there about the woods that makes you want to be there alone? What took you so long to open the door? What was your reaction to that? What’s the meaning of this?

When I have proof of your perfidy, I will make your life miserable! When I think of the heinous practices that have gone on in this house! When the brand of the Devil is upon you, how do you feel? When you are bewitched by the Devil, you no longer have a will of your own! When you wake alone, and discover yourself chained here, that will be the beginning of your agony — but only the beginning!

Where are you? Where are you going? Where did you get them? Where is Abigail? Where is Amanda? Where is everyone? Where is that confession? Where is this uncle he thinks he is? Where, when you were reading this scurrilous document, was your reliance on the Almighty?

Will this hallucination be visible only to Judith? Will you join me in seeing that he gets the punishment he deserves? Will you tell the court how you died? Will you testify as to the exorcism of the Old House at Collinwood?

Witchcraft, in the citadel of justice! With your help, we shall drive the demon back into Hell from whence it came!

Would it interest you to know that there is no record of the present Barnabas Collins owning a house in Cadogan Square? Would it not be worse for him to grow up in this atmosphere of evil?

You aligned yourself with the Devil himself! You and he have always been in league with one another! You and your hysterical charges are a constant embarrassment to me, Minerva, and I warn you — I will see an end to them!

You are a disciple of the Devil! You are a foul and evil creature!  You are an evil child, Nora! You are concerned about her well-being, after all the harm she has inflicted on your own family? You are in the clutches of someone far stronger than yourself! You are incapable of loving anyone! You are the Devil himself, come to tempt me! You are summoned by the forces of everlasting light! You are the witch I have been seeking!

You be quiet, and listen carefully! You brought the vampire back! You cannot hide your evil ways from me! You cannot resist the will of God for long, girl! You caused the disappearance of the master of this house through an act of black magic!

You don’t know what you’re saying! You don’t know where she came from! You give me no valid reason!

You have carried out the Devil’s instructions since the day you arrived here! You have crossed the river of indecision, and joined those on the other side who would be saved! You have hurt me, but I will not be guilty of trying to repay in kind! You have lost your free will! You have no power over me! You have Satan’s words, but I have something stronger!

You have tried, and you have succeeded! You have used your spells, and potions, and incantations to inflict bodily harm and cause mental aberrations! You have used your trickery to sow the seeds of deception and hatred among the members of the Collins family, a God-fearing people who would never willingly do the Devil’s bidding!

You know as well as I do that it’s a creature of the black arts! You know nothing of her background! You know something about this, Quentin! You lie so easily, Nora! You make your own salvation very difficult! You may scream the Devil’s words all you wish, but there will be none to hear you!

You must be destroyed! You must be destroyed as the warlock you are! You must be saved! You must control yourself! You must face the fact that Quentin is incapable of compassion! You must go back to the house! You must let me out! You must never speak to him again! You must pray to the heavens for salvation!

You will be consumed! You will pay for it! You will remain tied to this tree, one of God’s living creatures! You will see the evidence for yourself! You will tell me, before I am through with you!

Your answers are not at all satisfactory! Your destruction is at hand! Your eyes are veiled, Roxanne, and full of secrets!

Monday: The Dark Creatures of Nature.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Gerard tells Quentin, “It doesn’t matter what I’ve done or what I did do.”

Gerard tells Quentin, “I’d planned to go to the fishing village and have the police arrest you there.”

When Quentin tells Daphne, “You’d better go upstairs,” Trask walks in front of the camera.

Gerard tells Daphne, “Now Quentin will go back to jail, and Trask? He will start the process for starting the immediate execution.”

When Daphne tells Gerard, “There’s nothing left of him anymore!”, there’s a cough from the studio.

Barnabas sees Catherine and Daphne in the Parallel Time room, talking about how tragic it would be if Catherine came to live at Collinwood. Neither of them live there, so why are they alone in that room together?

PT Quentin tells Daphne that he’s been in jail for seven years. A few moments later, he tells Daphne that she’s grown up a lot in the last five years.

Gerard tells Angelique, “We haven’t had your pleasure of your company around here for quite a while.”

Gerard tells Angelique, “I will wait with you, um, and I will wait for Barnabas, and then I will tell you the news.” She asks what news, and he tells her about Quentin, so I guess he’s not going to wait after all.

At the beginning of act 4, there’s a fault in the camera that focuses on Gerard, causing red and green stripes to appear across the screen.

Barnabas says that he demands to know where Daphne is, and Gerard cries, “I demand nothing from you!”

Daphne is seen reflected in a mirror at the start of a scene; the mirror has a flaw, which warps the image of Daphne, and makes her look like a monster.

When Gerard begins talking to Daphne in act 4, the music cue cuts out, and then starts again.

When Angelique sits in front of the fireplace, the boom mic dips into the frame.

Monday: The Dark Creatures of Nature.

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

26 thoughts on “Episode 1195: The Trask Parts

  1. I don’t know what I find more impressive: that you transcribed every single line of Trask’s, or that they all sound so remarkably alike. I think I’ll go with the former. Oof, what an undertaking (no pun intended)…!

    1. I just kept shaking my head in wonder. Man, you can really easily forget that Jerry showed up as a love interest for Carolyn! And then he played her dad!

  2. The camera problems are going to get worse. I think even the engineers were saying, “Oh, what the hell? This show’s a goner.”

  3. Like father, like son. It’s very difficult to tell who said what without knowing the proper context of each of the quotes. The conviction of each accusation always stressed vehemently the determination to scare the devil out of whoever his statements were directed at. May the Trasks of the world succeed in exorcising the devil’s evil possession from his legions of followers!

  4. btw Daphne’s mirror monster was one of the scariest things in the show! I thought she was going to make an unexpected transformation at that moment!

    1. They zoom in on that reflection and linger on it for a couple of seconds- I don’t think it was a blooper. They must have been trying to make a point of some kind by it. What that point may have been, none will ever know.

  5. The Trask dialogue that impressed me the most was Lamar’s pep talk to Roxanne to get her to marry him.

    Any speech that can convince a cute chick to marry a dull, creepy guy is one I need in my repertoire.

      1. Comparatively.
        1840s Trask wasn’t nearly as florid as 1890s Trask, who was a close second to his grandfather, 1790s Trask.
        I do hope there were other Trask siblings who were equally intense. And all looked like Jerry Lacy (even the girls).

        1. The Trasks ROCK! All of them – including their equally driven descendant Tony Peterson. I kept hoping that Collinwood butler Trask would bust loose and do something nutty but, he was sorely underused by the writers.

          1. I KNOW! There I was hoping the rather tightly wound PT Trask would end up as the murderer, but I guess “the butler did it” was too cliche for even the DS writers.

    1. It only worked for about thirty seconds, but still, it was the farthest any Trask seemed to get romance-wise. (I know he had to have married somebody to produce Schoolmaster Trask, but wow.)

  6. Few people today like to talk about the Great Exclamation Shortage of the late ’60s/early ’70s. It was such a painful moment in our nation’s history. The rationing by the federal government was so difficult, so wrenching to bear. Marketers, playwrights, school children, all suffered greatly. Even shows in syndication had to make adjustments. “I Love Lucy!” became “I Love Lucy?” You see the problems.

    And here were the many Trasks of “Dark Shadows,” brazenly shouting them to the rooftops. Of course, there was outrage, and protests, and congressional hearings, and an investigation into just how Dan Curtis managed to corner the black market on exclamations. And that, my friends, is the real reason why “Dark Shadows” was taken off the air.

    1. Peter, Jeff, Ned, Dirk, and Charles all did their best to maximize exclamation point usage also. They made sure none of those allocated to Dark Shadows went unused.

  7. Good Lord, how long’s this storyline been going on?

    checks and sees that Danny posted the entry for episode 1110 on December 9, 2017

    Three years? Yeah, with this story, that sounds about right.

  8. From above “I don’t know what I find more impressive: that you transcribed every single line of Trask’s, or that they all sound so remarkably alike. I think I’ll go with the former. Oof, what an undertaking (no pun intended)…!”

    I am most impressed that you alphabetized them!
    Well done!

  9. Help me out here. What episode featured dark-haired Angelique, tied to a tree in an unmistakably 60’s outfit being threatened by a Trask?

    1. More properly, it was “Cassandra” being menaced by the ghost of Reverend Trask at his “witch-tyin'” tree.
      Good times, good times. 🙂

  10. Speaking of reverends. I wonder if the Reverend Johnson in this episode is an ancestor of Mrs Johnson? (Well… Mrs Johnson’s husband anyway!)

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