Episode 1095: The Hallie Parts

“You cannot deny that the cold exists in this room!”

A pirate’s flag! About Rose Cottage? Admit it! All right. All right. All right. Am I? And David wanted to take me for a walk, to show me the stars. And no, we didn’t hear any music.

And she couldn’t speak, or walk, or anything! And there’s really nothing to be upset about! And what are you going to do? And you are, right now, aren’t you? And you mustn’t! Answer it. Are you sure?

Barnabas didn’t have a chance to come.

But, David, I don’t want to be alone in this room! But, David, we’ve got to! But how are we going to explain it? But how did we get in there, sitting at that table? But I can’t let you go there by yourself. But I think we should start thinking about other things. But I wanted to know how you were feeling. But something’s happened to her! But sometimes I do things I shouldn’t! But they won’t, ever, because we won’t tell them! But we almost did, and if we had… But we didn’t run away! But we haven’t left the room! But we should be grateful that nothing has happened for the past two days! But we will know, soon. But what if I did something wrong, and someone was hurt by it? But what makes the light go on? But you were the one that wanted to stay! But you were the one who said this morning that we wouldn’t be alone there. But you’ve got to promise me one thing!

Come, David. Come on, David. Come on, you have to draw a face on this. Could it be possible that the spirits are put to rest? Cut along the lines, after I’m finished.


David! David! David! David, are you sure Gerard will let her tell us? David, Barnabas and Dr. Hoffman are still reading those books! David, come away from there! David, do you realize what would’ve happened? David, do you remember how once we wanted to tell someone, anyone? David, do you think maybe we really are free? David, do you want to live there alone? David, don’t! David, Gerard wants it to be done. David, I don’t want to be punished again! David, I know what we can do! David, I wish you’d stop thinking about it! David, it’s dangerous! David, let me come with you!

David, look! David, look! David, look! David, look! David, look! David, look! David, now, don’t you think we’ve had enough for one day? David, please! David, please! David, please! David, please, let’s get out of here! David, wait till you hear this! David wanted to read my history notes! David, we did the right thing. David, we’ll take the dollhouse away! David, where did you get that? David, why not? David, you scare me sometimes!

Do you think Barnabas will be able to help us then? Do you think she knows? Do you think that’s it? Do you want to live in Rose Cottage all by yourself? Don’t go near it! Don’t look in there again! Don’t say that, David! Don’t you want Carolyn to live with us in Rose Cottage? Dr. Hoffman, I couldn’t sleep. Dr. Hoffman said I could only stay a few minutes.

Eighty-six, Carolyn said.

Far away from this place, where they can’t find us, where they can’t follow us! From Carolyn? From us?

Gerard, are you here? Gerard did this to her, to punish her! Gerard didn’t want Barnabas to come here. Gerard has stopped her! Gerard is angry with us. Gerard or Daphne, or Tad and Carrie? Gerard sees to it that no one ever tells, when they go into that room. Go on!

He doesn’t want him to know. He just locked the door, that’s all! Help you? Here it is! How? How? How? How different? I bet you if you go to your room, yours is gone. I can smell the lilacs! I can’t!

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know, and I don’t want to know! I don’t know, and I don’t want to know!

I don’t know, it could be us. I don’t know what you’re talking about, Dr. Hoffman. I don’t think we should. I don’t understand a word of it! I don’t want him to punish me again! I don’t want to find out what’s going to happen — ever! I don’t want to think about it!

I feel different, and I know what we must do tomorrow. I felt a cold, cold air pass by me! I guess we know what we want to know now. I heard her say this morning to Mrs. Stoddard that she was attacked in the woods, but… I heard someone come in. I honestly don’t. I hope he has! I just do, that’s all. I just want to get this over with, and go home!

I know! I know! I know! I know it wasn’t! I know you would never do anything to hurt me. I still feel it!

I think you should go to your room, and go to bed! I was being silly. I was hungry! I was in the kitchen! I was playing the game too. I wonder if she knows something about us, about the playroom, and Daphne!

I’ll be back. I’ll go. I’ll go then! I’ll go upstairs and see, and maybe she’ll see you. I’m just a visitor. I’m not. I’m not a bit calm! I’m not very good at history anyway.

If Gerard knows that we put the doll in Rose Cottage… In our dream, when we were in the dolls’ house, we were the same size as the dolls! Is that why you want to do it? Is there anything you’d like me to do? It draws on cloth. It even looks like her, a little! It has to be done, David!

It is! It is, David! It scares me! It was awful! It was before. It was my fault as much as his! It won’t be for long! It won’t make me feel any better! It’s all beginning, just like I knew it would, David! It’s almost twelve! It’s locked from the outside! It’s Mrs. Stoddard’s horoscope for today.

Just promise me that.

Let’s go. Like… like… like Leticia! Like what? Lock the door after I leave, so no one can catch you. Look, David! Loved ones will finally reach their home.

Maybe I don’t! Maybe it’s because we haven’t gone to the playroom! Maybe they’ll find out something without us telling them!

Neither do I! No! No! No! No, David. No, David! No, David! No, David! No, David, I don’t think we should do anything! No, David, I don’t think you should! No, David, we can’t! No, David, we mustn’t, we mustn’t! No, it wasn’t! No, of course not! No one! No, they wouldn’t! No, we can’t!

No, you do what I told you to do, and I’ll be back in a little while.

Not if we were far away from the playroom, and the stairway, from the rooms in this house! Nothing! Now, you try and get better real soon. Now, you’ll have to cut this, after I draw the outline.

Of course not. Oh, David! Oh, David! Oh, David! Oh, David! Oh, David, don’t! Oh, David, don’t! Oh, David, I don’t want to stay here anymore! Oh, David, please! Oh, David, please, we’ve got to! Oh, David, what are we going to do? Oh, I wish we knew that it was Gerard!

Please! Please, be careful! Please, don’t go! Please, don’t go! Please, I know! Please, Mrs. Stoddard! Please, there isn’t! Put it in the house!

She hasn’t done anything wrong! She isn’t acting like Carolyn at all! She’s someone else! Something very important, and very special. Sometimes I wish we had. Sometimes you’re just as frightened as I am! Soon, David. Strangers?

That area over there, the one that’s fenced in, what is it? That’s right, Mrs. Stoddard.

The doll is going to be someone — someone who’s going to live with us in Rose Cottage.  The dolls, they’re gone! The ghost of Miss Daphne, or Carrie, or Tad? The same thing has happened to the ship! Then there’s nothing we can do!

There isn’t! There’s no one here, David! There’s nothing else left! There’s someone in the room!

They can’t tell. They don’t intend to tell us anything! They just want us to come into this room! They mustn’t ever find out! They’ll come to us, and they’ll tell us what to do, and we’ll do it. This isn’t my home. To question him directly. Tomorrow, David. Tomorrow, you will know soon enough.

Very soon.

We can run away! We can’t do anything! We couldn’t! We couldn’t sleep. We know it is! We must! We mustn’t! We will, I promise! We’ll bury it, or take it apart! We’ll destroy it! Well, he won’t be able to! Well, I don’t want to! Well, I was in the pantry once. Well, if Gerard wants us to know, then he’ll be mad at me if I don’t go. Well, then let’s not go! Well, you don’t act as if you do!

We’re lost! We’re lost! We’ve got to be careful! We’ve got to go to the playroom now. We’ve got to stay far away from him! We’ve got to try! We’ve got to try and tell someone!

What? What are we going to do? What are you doing? What do you mean? What does it all mean? What does it say? What does she mean? What kind of a game are they playing? What makes the light, David? What will he be able to do against Gerard? What sort of legends?

Whatever happens, we’re in this together. What’s happened to Maggie? What’s wrong?

When I see Carrie, she looks so much like me! When it said loved ones will meet a stranger, we met Gerard! Who are we going to say locked the door? Who will be with us?

Why? Why? Why, David, why? Why did this have to happen to her? Why don’t they come to us?  Will Barnabas find the room? Will it work? Will you stay here?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes, from Collinwood, from Collinsport! Yes, I do, David. Yes, I know! Yes, it was David! Yes, Mrs. Stoddard! Yes, we can!

You actually think if we put this doll in Rose Cottage, that Barnabas will find the room? You can stop us from doing anything! You don’t? You don’t believe that, I know. You don’t want them to!

You had a dream! You know that! You mean, we’re going to be trapped in there? You mean, you’re not sick because of something I might have done? You started to, and you wanted me to go, too. You were happy!

You were right about the music. You won’t try to contact Gerard? You’ll have to do it, David, because my wrist still hurts. You’re going to punish us! You’re here, aren’t you? You’ve got to tell me what happened!

Monday: Rose Cottage Was the Sled.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Barnabas trips on a line: “Well, it’s difficult to believe that anyone with second sight, with a talent like that, could get it that diff– that quickly.”

Barnabas tells Carolyn that she saw “the playroom that Julia and I saw in 1998!”

Barnabas tells Liz, “I want your permission, Julia — uh, Elizabeth — to take the children here from now!”

After Julia tries to call Stokes, there’s a loud cough from the studio.

When David walks downstairs, some sound is bleeding through that sounds like music.

Behind the Scenes:

The United States map has reappeared in David’s room, after a long absence.

Monday: Rose Cottage Was the Sled.

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

58 thoughts on “Episode 1095: The Hallie Parts

  1. With this stunning collection of lines, you’ve basically unmade your case against poor Kathleen Cody. Vanessa Redgrave could have played Hallie Stokes and she’d have stunk.

    1. Streep couldn’t have done much past the fifteenth “David!”

      She’s the opposite of “Yes, And.” Hallie is nothing but “No, But.”

  2. The “Yes” paragraph should have been the last paragraph, so that Hallie ends by saying “yes”, just like Molly Bloom.

    1. Your comment, Tom, is Joycean in its economy of meaning. (And thereby only accessible to someone who has read Joyce.)

  3. She would have looked so much better without those flip curls (bologna curls, I believe they were called when I had them.

    1. Writers block.

      Only three more weeks of this storyline, and at least there’s the mystery vampire storyline to distract.

  4. Why is Barnabas all excited about the song? He seems to think this is Gerard’s big mistake because he doesn’t know that Barnabas knew Pansy Faye. (It’s just another plot point that’s pointless, I just know it is.)

    Caroleticia has the second sight now, yesterday she told off Sebastian that he’s lying on Liz’s horoscope. Therefore she thinks (or knows) that something WILL happen, yet she’s insisting that J&B are crazy for saying something’s going to happen.

    This storyline is trying to drive me insane, isn’t it? (Well, too bad. I’m already nuts, so there.)

    1. It feels like the writers knew how they wanted to end the 1970 storyline, but didn’t work out how to get there with as much precision. The six clues are mainly to keep Barnabas and Julia occupied while Gerard haunts the children and Daphne latches herself into Quentin. It’s seat of the pants writing, and it shows.

      1. It reminds me in a way of when Star Trek Enterprise was axed; the producers had ideas they’d wanted to use (when they thought they had two more years) and crammed them into the last couple of episodes, trying to get all their story arcs told while wrapping up the current one. Very confusing.

        Actually, it might’ve been better if Dark Shadows had had too many story ideas they were trying to tell at the same time. Maybe they could have had Roger meet a suspiciously familiar young lady in Rome, a striking redhead named Angelica? Or they could throw Tony Peterson back in, mix Carolyn up still worse? Especially if Gerard gave him a hit of the hypnosis and gave him some Traskiness…

  5. Any chance of a word count? It might be that she uses something besides “David” most frequently – though I don’t think that words like “the”, “and” or “a” should count.

    1. Input the text into a “word cloud” and see what happens. I’m betting “David” would be at least 3x’s larger than any other word.

      1. “David” is indeed the largest word (by a wide lead) in the cloud, followed by “Don’t”, “Know”, “Want”, “Gerard”, and “Think”. “Yes” and “Going” get the silver. And bronze medals go to “Someone”, “Anything”, “Will”, and “Room”.

  6. I’m just glad to see David with a more or less completely stereotyped 1970 look .And I don’t know about anyone else, but I mean that in a nice way.

    1. THAT sweater, I remember – I had that green one, and one in a dark red. That was the year my Dad made me get a crew cut, and my brother called me “Melonhead” for two months. Then I had to get glasses, which of course I had no say in the styling – hornrims. And that winter, I got hand-me-down ice skates from my older sister. White. Tried to cover that with black shoe polish, didn’t work. Year Of The Dork’s Dork.

        1. Dang, we shoulda swapped…
          Where was that blasted Staircase Into Time when your mom and I needed it?
          Idling away pretending to be a linen closet!

    1. I’m cataloguing Fridspeak to use for my audition piece.
      And basing my characterization on Addison Powell.

      1. John E–Do we, perhaps, need to review the exact valences of the concept of horror? You see, some horror is dramatically useful, whereas others . . .

        1. It is just as much fun to scare as it is to be scared.
          Vincent Price

          I know, it’s not quite appropriate; I just like the quote.

          1. Oh, I think it’s appropriate. For example, Jim Storm seems to be having the most fun of any actor on the show right now.

            1. Appearing in a popular show, no lines to remember, just stand and glower (and occasionally touch somebody’s forehead); and get paid. I’d be enjoying it, too!

              On that subject: I will assume non speaking roles paid less, what was James Storm earning for DS at this point?

    1. Just “shop talk”.
      Any actor has several audition pieces they can rattle off for general auditions, to show their versatility (generals usually ask for contrasting comic & dramatic, two minutes each). Standard is two minutes, the well-prepared ham will have something longer as well, and a song to do to show you can carry a tune. But most auditions are for a specific show, so usually you read from the script.

      1. I’ve got one from back in my auditioning days from Anne Sexton’s play Mercy Street that I can still whip out and DRAMA at a moment’s notice. I remember when I saw the movie Waiting for Guffman, Parker Posey’s audition bit rang sooooo many bells for me.

  7. “Neither do I! No! No! No! No, David. No, David! No, David! No, David! No, David, I don’t think we should do anything! No, David, I don’t think you should! No, David, we can’t! No, David, we mustn’t, we mustn’t! No, it wasn’t! No, of course not! No one! No, they wouldn’t! No, we can’t!”
    I’m sure of it now. This would play much better if they were discussing a sexual relationship, like normal teenagers.

  8. “David, look!” “David, look! ” “David, look!” “David, look!” “David, look!” “David, look!” Parts of this read like a VERY dull elementary reader!

  9. See. By accidentally skipping 1094 and 1095, I did not miss anything but the opportunity to commiserate with people who have already watched these episodes and moved on two years ago. Also, think about the plot involving Barnabas. It never comes up again, does it?

  10. “After Julia tries to call Stokes, there’s a loud cough from the studio.” Grayson Hall herself coughs here–it’s not from the studio. You can see her do it.

  11. I still don’t understand the widespread hatred for Hallie. I really don’t. She’s not the bad actor everyone makes her out to be. She’s not the dull character everyone makes her out to be. She’s got energy and presence, and she can carry a scene. Plus, she’s the prettiest actor on the show other than Kathryn and Lara. Why all the hate?

    1. Well, she was stupefyingly bad in #1071, the first time she had dialogue. After that, she quickly caught on to the Dark Shadows style of acting, and was OK, but first impressions do stick with people. Also, most fans seem to be unhappy with episodes 1071-1245 generally, so a lot of people have only negative associations with her time on the show, and have trouble separating her from that context.

    2. Because Hallie Shrills, Cries And Screams Every Single Word In Every Scene! That’s Why When She Speaks, All The Words Must Be Capitalized! And The Pitch Rises And Rises As Each Sentence Must End In An Exclamation Point!! Can’t You Just Hear Her Screeching These Words Right Now?!!!

  12. David’s present day wardrobe took a bizarre direction with this storyline. I like the longer hair though. How many times has David been possessed now? By Quentin, by Petofi, by Tad… At least three times. He’s a walking ghost magnet!

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