Episode 988: The Staggering Weirdness of Bruno

“Your world is the one that’s small and narrow, Bruno, because there’s no one in it, except you.”

Operator, could you get me the number of a travel agency in New York? Almost anyone will do — anyone that would have information about ships docking in New York from Genoa in the past week. That’s right, from Genoa.


Is that why you came here so early this morning, to check out my curiosity level?


Are you really this cool, or don’t you care?


You think ruthlessness is a blood factor, huh?


I see. Thank you very much for your trouble. Gack — no! NO!


I know you’re doing this to me! You and your spells!


You know I called the shipping office! Please, stop the pain!


Why did you lie? Why did you have to lie?


I don’t think you’re going to do that. It just might reopen a lot of the past.


I’m gonna go MAD if I don’t find out about Angelique tonight!


Why are you doing this to me, pretending that you’re not really who you are?


I love you, more than I’ve ever loved you.


Well, I couldn’t think of a better way of proving the truth.

Tomorrow: Scientific Progress Goes Boink.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

When Quentin grabs Bruno’s hammer in the crypt, Alexis flinches.

When Cyrus falls to the floor in the last shot, there’s yellow marking tape next to him.

Tomorrow: Scientific Progress Goes Boink.


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— Danny Horn

27 thoughts on “Episode 988: The Staggering Weirdness of Bruno

    1. Daaaance Fever – Coming to you LIVE from the Blue Whale!
      So if Bruno is Deney Terrio, does that mean Quentin is John Travolta?

          1. You’re right, of course! Alexis is More Than A Woman, and if Quentin can’t have her, he don’t want nobody, baby…I must have a touch of Saturday Night Fever. 😀

            1. That’s right – once the disco ball went up at the Blue Whale, everybody had to put on their their their their their Boogie Shoes!
              They already had Night Fever – especially Barnabas.

                1. John E – wouldn’t you just love to see Quentin do that Travolta dance to You Should Be Dancing? I know I would!

                  1. In that ‘white suit & black shirt’ combo? And with Laura the Phoenix as his partner, it’s a Disco Inferno!

  1. It seems to me they never made it clear what was going on with Angelique in PT. She wasn’t a witch, but she had dabbled in the black arts, mostly voodoo it seems. There’s also this Laura Collins aspect to her mixed with a little of the Adam syndrome.

  2. Bruno shows us that hipster is hipster in ANY universe!
    I MUST find that double-breasted purple jacket. Seriously groovy.

  3. Blooper: when Sabrina goes up to check the door, the staircase doesn’t go anywhere, so you can see Lisa Richards huddling out of the way when the camera pans around, waiting to come back and continue the scene when Sabrina walks back down the stairs.

    1. That might just be how one ‘checks a door’ in Parallel Time. But then, it has been seen happening in Regular Time, so I could be wrong… 🙂

    2. That is the scariest staircase ever. How nobody fell to their actual death on that thing…

  4. You got cheekbones like Bruno’s, you can do whatever the hell you want. You can dine out every night of the week are cheekbones like that.

  5. Does anyone else think Michael Stroka looks kinda like Bruno Mars in some of these stills? Maybe my mind is going there just because the character is a musician named Bruno, but I asked a couple of my roommates (who aren’t familiar with the show), and they could see it a little bit, too.

    1. No, but I do think Michael Stroka looked a lot like William F. Buckley, Junior. It would have been hilarious if the show had done something with that, and have him play a character who leans way back in his chair and uses polysyllabic words.

    2. That’s hilarious because my brother came in while I was watching and he said, “That guy looks like Bruno Mars.” He thought it hilarious that the character is named Bruno.

  6. God, could Bruno’s hair be any bigger?! It almost looks to be the same style that Julia had when she first arrived.

    I really thought he was going to hit Alexis with that hammer on accident. No wonder she flinched.

    Alexis looks so similar to Elizabeth Montgomery it’s spooky.

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