Episode 942: A Vast White Ring Conspiracy

“You caused something to happen to me! Why?”

You didn’t come to this place by accident, did you?


Oh, you don’t trust me, despite my ring?


Because the book says not to kill? Well, I don’t buy that.


I understand. I didn’t like being in the grave. I wanted to come out, too.


You can’t let him walk out of here like that, he’s not a living man!


Who are you? Are you dead, too?


Dead men are cold — ICY cold when they touch you! Death is very cold!


How beautiful would you be, with your throat cut?


When I came in before, I had no reason to kill you. But now, I have EVERY reason in the world!


Maybe you’d better get used to the icy coldness that he carries around with him!


Well, as far as I’m concerned, she’s missing!


I’ll take away her feeling for him.

Tomorrow: From Within.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Once again, they try to frame a shot around somebody noticing somebody else’s Naga ring, but they can’t quite frame it right, and you really can’t see it very clearly. They did the same thing with Stokes and Philip a couple weeks ago.

When Jeb tells Bruno, “You know exactly what I want from Maggie Evans,” he talks over Bruno’s response.

Bruno tells Jeb, “Look, she’ll be susp– after I’m through with her, she’ll know that you’re suspicious of Barnabas!”

When Jeb enters the crypt, Davenport starts moving before Jeb says, “Get out!”

Behind the Scenes:

Today’s episode has the credit: “Miss Scott’s clothes by Junior Sophisticates”. I don’t pay enough attention to the credits to know whethere this is new or not, but that is a thing that happens today.

Tomorrow: From Within.


Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

38 thoughts on “Episode 942: A Vast White Ring Conspiracy

  1. You could watch that scene with the sound off, and just listen to the screaming match between Jeb’s horrible sweater and Bruno’s awful coat.

  2. Whether it’s awful or not, I always like trendy clothing on Dark Shadows, partly because you can always count on it to be in the minority. (By that I mean trendy 1966-71 clothing – obviously during the other periods you get a lot more clothing that’s thought of as going with the time period.) Plus, I’m just about never embarrassed (the way you’re often expected to be) by late ‘ 60s- early ‘ 70s stuff, so that’s another reason.

  3. That would be “Silver Sophisticates”, usually involving leopard prints, and worn by people like Mrs Robinson, when having affairs with the pool boy, or young Ben Braddock, because what could be more sophisticated than to lecher after someone half your age?

      1. Not just anyone can spin plates to the Khachaturian Sabre Dance, while wearing a leopard print towel and harlequin glasses, live, on stage, at the Mellonville Baths!

  4. Remember when Maggie was a snarky badass who came this close to killing Barnabas? I really miss that version of her right now.

  5. Because I would rather look up stuff on the internet than empty the dishwasher, I googled “Junior Sophisticates” and learned that “Junior” referred to the size range. Junior sizes are made for women who are shorter and/or less curvy than the average, and the company marketed styles for smaller women, and teenagers who wanted to look more grown up. Although Kathryn Leigh Scott’s IMDb page lists her height as 5’7″, which is not what I could call ‘small’ — whatever. That’s probably more than you cared to know — you are welcome! Anyway, watching the show in the late 60s, I thought that Kathryn’s Junior Sophisticates wardrobe was dull and boring, the sort of clothes that my mother and her friends would wear, and personally I would rather have worn Carolyn’s crazy clown skirt myself.

    1. KLS is fairly tall, but quite slim – and apparently happy wearing skirts designed for someone who is 5’0. LOL at you looking this up! And I agree about these particular clothes seeming really boring; kind of corporate-looking.

  6. Maybe Ron Sproat left a notebook (possibly in a grandfather clock) that the current writers are getting ideas from? Oh, let’s have Maggie get kidnapped and locked up AGAIN. She really needs to take that self-defense course down at the community college! (Though, in fairness, KLS does make a wonderful ‘Pretty Girl In Peril’. (Bet she’s getting a bit tired of it.))

    Apparently I was wrong about Z-Dave preferring his quiet afterlife (guess he disliked the shallowness of his grave and no casket and being covered with peatmoss). He likes to keep busy, even if it means working for the guy that killed him in the first place (maybe he just prefers not wearing that uniform with the high waisted pants – the new job is ‘business casual’; er, ‘necropolis chic’?). And I like his new hairstyle, plus that greeny grey pallor really highlights his bone structure.

    Even with a close-up of Bruno’s hand, I would be hard pressed to recognise his ring as having a snake on it. Just looks like a stringy blob. I’m guessing it was from the Leviathan jewelry outlet store (on clearance).

    1. Definitely cuter as a zombie. Is that weird? I think it must be the mod hairdo.

      I can’t make that ring out either.

      I’m definitely getting tired of Maggie being locked up and/or harassed. How many more times is it?

      1. Looking back to episode 934, seems like the sheriff had MUCH shorter hair; maybe he just had it all pinned up under his cap? Or he’s got hold of some ‘Rogaine for Zombies’.

      2. What irritates me is that she’s always hypnotized/mind wiped about the last six thousand times she was kidnapped/imprisoned, so she has to start all over again with the hysterics and weeping. She keeps rebooting and crashing!

  7. And the award for best makeup job in this episode goes to: the lighting department. The ghoulish glow provided by those green floor lamps are really big on atmosfear. Definitely the most creative lighting department on daytime television.

    The credit for Junior Sophisticates has appeared before. When Michael gets Maggie trapped in the secret passageways of Collinwood you see it in the end credits for those episodes. No doubt it was part of the makeover for Maggie’s transition from restaurant waitress to Collinwood governess.

  8. Love Bruno’s fur coat, it’s totally “rock star” for that era. I remember that trend.

    I love it when Bruno says “I’ll do ANYTHING!”. It sounds so kinky. What’s he gonna do, make porno movies? Wouldn’t it be weird, if the Leviathans turned out to be secret pornographers, and were trying to take over the world, through porno? This is what happens when you watch Kids In The Hall.

    1. Yeah – I had a similar fur coat in 1972 – and a matching fur handbag!
      Man, I wish I’d kept that stuff.
      Having lived and worn clothes in that era, I remember the junior sizes as being for very slim girls – I just can’t imagine KLS – who filled out a Playboy Bunny suit – could have fit into junior sizes.

      1. KLS was very skinny in the day. You could really see it in the 1897 Kitty episodes where she has short sleeves. Her elbows are wider than her upper and lower arms. The camera also adds about 10 lbs to one’s appearance. She couldn’t have been more than about 105 lbs at the time. I can judge this because I was extremely skinny for years myself. Even at 5’7” (a bit taller than me), she was definitely teeny enough to wear junior sizes. She was probably a size 7 (in today’s sizing that would be a 4). Until I gained about 20 lbs recently (I’m 62), I could wear junior sizes, and some parts of me that aren’t my tummy are still junior sized. KLS admitted in The Bunny Years to stuffing her Bunny suit, and she said that most of the Bunnies did, so she was not ample in the bosom department.

        My sewing patterns show that I was a 6 back in the day.

        There’s a picture of KLS that you can see in the FB groups where she’s wearing a bikini and leaning off of a pillar. I have a similar bikini shot of myself at that age. She has a bit more up top (an A), but the rest of her was just as bony as I was.

        Nancy is too short for junior sizes and would need to wear petite miss sizes. There were youthful minis and stuff in petites back then, not just in junior sizes. Petites are cut for shorter arms and legs and 5’ to 5’4” in height), and juniors are cut for more lanky girls who are about 5’4” to about 5’8”.

    2. Obviously Aristide was also brought through time by the Leviathans and needs a new sugar daddy now Petofi has gone.

  9. I noticed that “Miss Scott”‘s wardrobe from Junior Sophisticates was noted in the credits since the return from 1897, so it’s not new in this episode. Why just Miss Scott and not Miss Barrett? Is Carolyn just a lump of chopped liver?

  10. So where exactly is Maggie being held? That’s not the Collins mausoleum although there seem to be crypts in the wall (either that or pizza ovens).

    1. I wondered about that, too. The intro says she’s being held in a crypt in a “lonely cemetery not far from Colingwood.” It seems like this part of Maine is one long stretch of crypts and graveyards connected by tiny patches of woods for getting lost and attacked in.

  11. While I knew the day was coming when we’d have to deal with Aristeedy (sic) again, I continued to hope that that day would never come. Well, hopes dashed. I really think he tops Dr. Nash as the worse actor on Dark Shadows ever Certainly among the most annoying.

  12. For some reason I find Bruno sexy, maybe it’s his ethnic looks. I dont think he’s a bad actor, although his maniacal laugh can be a little over the top. He was interviewed for the DVDs, and he really matured into a sexy fortyish man.

  13. For some reason, when Maggie meets Bruno and says “Who are you? Are you dead, too?”, I find that line funny.
    When he strikes a certain pose, I get a Byrds-era David Crosby vibe from Jeb.
    When Maggie climbs the cemetery stairs, it sounds like wooden planks, rather than the stone steps they appear to be.

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