Episode 941: When Something Happens

“You lie as well as you kill!”

Barnabas:  Where is she?

Jeb:  Carolyn? Don’t you know?

Barnabas:  I’m talking about Maggie Evans. Where is she?

Jeb:  I guess you’ve heard about Carolyn by now. Hidden her away yet?

Barnabas:  Maggie?

Jeb:  No, Carolyn.

Barnabas:  Her mother has taken her away!

Jeb:  Maggie’s mother?

Barnabas:  No, Carolyn’s mother!

Jeb:  Why did Carolyn’s mother take Maggie away?

Barnabas:  She didn’t! Carolyn’s mother took Carolyn away!

Jeb:  Well, you knew what I wanted, and you could have stopped her!

Barnabas:  Carolyn’s mother?

Jeb:  Yes!

Barnabas:  Why did you want Carolyn’s mother?

Jeb:  I wanted Carolyn! And you could’ve stopped Carolyn’s mother!

Barnabas:  I believe the book! And I believe that this is not the time to bring Carolyn here. Now, where is Maggie? I know that something has happened to her.

Jeb:  To Carolyn?

Barnabas:  To Maggie! And I’ve learned from experience that when something happens, you are involved.

Jeb:  Okay, Mr. Collins, I’ll tell you. I don’t know where Maggie is. And I don’t know where Carolyn is. And Carolyn doesn’t know where Maggie is.

Barnabas:  You lie as well as you kill! Have you killed her?

Jeb:  Which one?

Barnabas:  Maggie!

Jeb:  Why should I?

Barnabas:  I believe the book!

Jeb:  Boy, you don’t like me, do you? You and your friend, Quentin. He is a friend of yours, isn’t he?

Barnabas:  I would hardly call him that. When he came to Collinsport, he was interested in Carolyn, and I kept him away from the scene so she’d be available to you.

Jeb:  Who would?

Barnabas:  Carolyn!

Jeb:  But he brought her back to the house. Back to you.

Barnabas:  I happened to be there, yes. She and I were both there, with Quentin. It was me, her, her mother and him.

Jeb:  Which one?

Barnabas:  All of them! Carolyn was here, and then Quentin came here, and brought her back to Collinwood.

Jeb:  Why did he take her away?

Barnabas:  Her mother took her away. That’s why she’s gone.

Jeb:  No, Quentin took Carolyn away from here. Wait.

Barnabas:  Where is she? Where is Maggie Evans?

Jeb:  No, wait. Stop. I had this.

Barnabas:  Had what?

Jeb:  Hold on.

Barnabas:  I believe the book!

Jeb:  Shut up for a second. Carolyn was here, with me. And Quentin took her away. He is a friend of yours, isn’t he?

Barnabas:  I would hardly call him that. When he came to Collinsport, he was interested in Carolyn.

Jeb:  And then Quentin took Carolyn away.

Barnabas:  From Collinsport?

Jeb:  From here! And then her mother took her away.

Barnabas:  From here?

Jeb:  From Collinwood!

Barnabas:  Back to here?

Jeb:  And then Maggie —

Barnabas:  Where is Maggie?

Jeb:  She’s here.

Barnabas:  Is she?

Jeb:  She must be. There’s Carolyn, and Carolyn’s mother, and Quentin. And then there’s Maggie. So if Carolyn isn’t here, and Maggie isn’t at Collinwood — is she at Collinwood?

Barnabas:  Her mother has taken her away.

Jeb:  Then she’s either with Quentin — he’s a friend of yours, isn’t he?

Barnabas:  I would hardly call him that.

Jeb:  Then she must be here. Hang on, I’ll get a piece of paper.

Tomorrow: A Vast White Ring Conspiracy.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

The direction in this episode is noticeably worse than usual. There isn’t a specific problem I could point to; it’s just that everything feels rushed and ill-prepared. The blocking is weird, the cameras aren’t sure what to look at. It’s visually confusing, and actually kind of difficult to watch. Also, nobody knows their lines. There’s a lot of deep sighs and sidelong glances at the teleprompter.

In the teaser, when Jeb tells Carolyn to drink, they cut to a camera as it’s still moving in for a close-up on Jeb.

When Jeb picks Carolyn up, they knock something over.

Liz asks if the Leviathans consider Carolyn an enemy, and Barnabas says, “No, they do — don’t consider her an enemy.”

Jeb’s holding Maggie in the woods, staring at her. After a moment, she says, “But I must.” Then he says, “Don’t go.”

Barnabas scolds, “Carolyn, you must forget about your father, and take care of your health! Now, you must do this! You and I are going to be firm!”

I know you’re not going to believe it at this point, but during Barnabas and Jeb’s argument, Jeb does actually say “But he brought her back here. Back to the house. Back to you.” There’s also a moment when Barnabas says, “Now, Meg — Jeb.” And then he starts reading off the teleprompter.

Tomorrow: A Vast White Ring Conspiracy.


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— Danny Horn

14 thoughts on “Episode 941: When Something Happens

  1. Oh no! hehe, I’ll have to go watch this episode again. Is that really the conversation they have? It looks truly hilarious in writing here. @_@ Reads like an Abbott and Costello routine o’ sorts.

  2. They probably spent all day choreographing the fight scene between Quentin and Jeb. I’ll bet that’s why everything else was off.

    1. That was one of the riskiest things they ever filmed! Two giant, rangy guys on the most crowded set ever!

  3. Hulu suddenly deleted the season i was watching so i left DS for about a month, mostly due to everyday life but checking in every now and then to see if my episodes were back online. Pay attention to Danny’s warning in the sidebar. Watch the free episodes as fast as you can. They don’t last long.
    I finally caught up on the last three episodes on Amazon (commercial free! worth every penny).
    This ep is considered a finale.
    Please forgive me if i ramble.
    Can i mention the kerchief? And the leg-up? Selby totally pulls it off. Although the baggy suit was ill-fitting, not his fault, blame it on wardrobe. he is so stinkin tall and gorgeous with that wavy brown hair and sparkling eyes. And i loved the comment about “Victorian clothing with mod bits…I see NOTHING wrong with that”.
    As Danny mentioned, the triangular blocking with Barnabas-Julia-Quentin looked so deliberate. In the Old House foyer scene you could see Q waiting for his cue before stepping onto his marker.
    Viewing DS after a month hiatus made it seem very soap opera-y; dramatic stings with faraway looks, mostly from Caroline. Thank goodness for the dreary soundtrack and gothic sets.
    btw – loved the wind-blowing-stormy-night scene with zombie sheriff on the terrace. I don’t remember them using wind effects before. The tree branches were blowing around like crazy, as was sheriff’s wig. Someone said sheriff actually looked cuter as a zombie, i have to agree, those high-waisted uniform pants were horrid.
    Speaking of hair and wardrobe, I wonder how they made Caroline’s long thick blonde hair so straight but with those curls on the end?
    Anyway…why would this supposedly grieving and defiant young woman, suddenly turn giddy over a brute like Jeb, a stranger with preposterous claims? I was so turned off when Caroline dropped the antique figurine on the floor at his bidding.
    And wait, so now Barnabas is in love with Maggie? oy ve
    That whole build up was obvious, reinforced by Jeb’s maniacal laughter “He’s in Love with her HA HA HA “. Will Barnabas at least say at some point “she reminds me of Josette?” Is this the Vicky replacement, meant to be the governess from the beginning, reincarnation of Josette? Or is it some twisted plot conveyance, with an awkward closeup of an old man’s forefinger sliding over a young girl’s hand while still grappling his cane? so cringe worthy and i actually find B attractive, with his gaunt features and European suits and elegant manners and haunted eyes, but this? No….
    And yes, Maggie’s skirts are too short. There was one moment she was turning off the overhead light in the drawing room and I thought her bum was going to show. KLS cannot wear junior sizes.
    Back to Quentin, why in the world would he leave the estate that night with ever present danger? He just kicked Leviathan ass but now so cavalierly has to be on his way while everyone is on red alert? With B begging, “don’t go!” yet Q just saunters away with a clueless grin on his face? Then walks right past Jebez standing behind a tree? How could the writers demote this captivating character to such lowly stature?
    btw – for a minute i thought Q was going to turn into a werewolf when he confronted Jeb at the antique shop. I just couldn’t imagine it was going to be straight on fisticuffs. That whole scene was awesome.
    I also wanted Quentin to acknowledge his astonishment and amusement at his sister Judith continuing her eternal role as the befuddled mistress of the mansion, now known as Elizabeth Stoddard. The flirting with Caroline was equally amusing, and nostalgic, a knowing look in Quentin’s eye like he remembered the flamboyant Pansy Faye’s infatuation with him and wondered what Caroline would think of her past life.
    This pretty much covers all the thoughts rambling around in my head today after a 3-episode catch-up binge last night with handy blog cliff notes. It has been a while. Now ready to delve into Season 17.

  4. “Maggie’s skirts are too short. There was one moment she was turning off the overhead light in the drawing room and I thought her bum was going to show. KLS cannot wear junior sizes.” As Rachel Drummond, she was forever moving her left arm to keep her skirts from clinging to her buttocks. Once in a while she would have to do something with her hands and the camera would catch a shot where you could really see their shape.

    1. My husband would totally agree with you! He had a huge crush on KLS when he was still in elementary school! Definitely a leg man!

      My brother in law got into watching DS because it was in just before Where The Action Is, which he watched because of all of the cute girls in minis. KLS and NB also wore minis a lot, so that got him interested in DS. Also a leg man!

    1. Boy, I’ll say! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Frid quite so “off.” Of course, it didn’t help that Selby went up on his line at one point and then tossed a line to Frid that he (Selby) seemed to make up on the spot and that seemed to knock Frid off his game for the rest of the show. Not that he was ever solidly on his game.

  5. Jeb has a lumbering walk. He reminds me of a half back, even though he’s really trim. I love his curly thick blonde hair, the quintessential 70s man. For some reason I don’t like his Jerez portrayal, I liked Cyrus Longworth and Gabriel much better.

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