Episode 829: Things That Happen When Count Petofi Isn’t Around

“Well! Signs of life at last.”

I’m not who I thought I was. I’m someone else! Someone far away!

829 dark shadows angelique jamison someone

You must let that someone re-enter your body.

829 dark shadows angelique master

Master of darkness, I entreat thee to look with favor upon me!

829 dark shadows edward taunt

I’m sure he told you all about me, before he sent you up here to taunt me!

829 dark shadows quentin edward angelique

I was beginning to think that everybody had died.

829 dark shadows quentin edward kiss

It happens to be the 28th of August!

829 dark shadows edward jamison knowing

But just knowing that it happened is frightening enough.

829 dark shadows quentin angelique reluctant

I entered into this agreement reluctantly, and I shall fulfill it no less reluctantly.

829 dark shadows edward stake

I’m going to find him, Quentin, and I’m going to drive a stake through his heart!

829 dark shadows charity quentin knife

How much more of this madness must we endure?

829 dark shadows charity future

I must have complete silence, in order to concentrate on the future.

829 dark shadows charity vision blood

The 10th of September next. Yes! The 10th of September!

829 dark shadows charity quentin death

It’s his DEATH I see! It’s Quentin’s DEATH!

Tomorrow: The Book I Wrote.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

When Jamison tells Angelique the last thing that he remembers, he can’t remember Victor Fenn-Gibbon’s name. “He certainly is a strange old man,” Jamison mutters. But when that scene took place, more than a month ago, they acted like Jamison and “Fenn-Gibbon” were great friends who spent a lot of time together.

To prove that Edward’s been out of action for a month, Quentin asks him what the date is. Edward says that it’s July 23rd, and Quentin informs him that it’s actually the 28th of August. As always, soap opera dates match up to the broadcasting dates — there’s no “in-universe” timekeeping that actually counts the number of mornings and evenings. Edward did fall under Count Petofi’s spell on July 23rd. But this episode aired on August 27th, so they missed it by a day.

When Angelique closes the drawing room doors, someone in the studio coughs.

Tomorrow: The Book I Wrote.

829 dark shadows charity eavesdrop

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— Danny Horn

12 thoughts on “Episode 829: Things That Happen When Count Petofi Isn’t Around

  1. But Charity Faye makes my day, every time.

    I run to the TV whenever Nancy comes on.

    She’s the only cast member who has that effect on me, since four years ago.

    1. I love Charity/Pansy. Next to Carolyn she’s my favorite Nancy Barrett character. Wasn’t too fond of Charity before she was possessed, Millicent (really annoying), or Melanie though.

  2. I love that this episode presents us with Charity’s attempted murder of Quentin and then in the same breath has her terrified of his prophasised demise.
    Also- there is a terrific “blink and you’ll miss it” blooper in this episode. If you watch Selby’s face after the knife attack he almost looses it completely- he regains composure lighting quick but you can see him break- and after rewinding afew times I realized that Edmunds comes into shot post attack- getting up off the ground and picking up the knife. I think when Nancy Barrett got pried away both knife and Louis edmunds went flying across the set.

    1. Millicent and Nathan was almost as good.

      Fact is, Nancy can do no wrong.

      Maybe….she blew a line once every six months.

  3. Probably the ONLY show ever made where someone prays to Satan to heal a child! Between that and the way Trask invokes God when he’s about to do something particularly evil and insidious, well, it’s no wonder that Dark Shadows became Satan’s favorite TV show!

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