Episode 610: Inexplicable You

“We’ve both lived before, only you’ve came back looking the same, and I’ve come back looking different!”

Now, if I were to say to you that today’s episode of Dark Shadows involves a French Revolution-era psychopath named Danielle Roget, who’s recently been reincarnated as a Bride of Frankenstein monster so that a demonic magician can breed her to an inhuman creature that’s sharing a life force with an ex-vampire and create a new race of beings dedicated to serving Satan, and that she looks out the window and sees the guy who’s waiting for the Collins family’s governess to get ready for their date, and she realizes that he’s actually the unwitting reincarnation of a lawyer that the governess fell in love with when she traveled back in time and was on trial for witchcraft, then how would you react?

Yeah, I thought so. I’m sorry. I just don’t know what else I can say.

610 dark shadows eve forget

Now, if you’ve ever read this blog before, then you know how much I love the lunatic plot contrivances, so this is a big day for me. Today, Dark Shadows unleashes the single most preposterous plot twist that they’ve come up with so far.

If you haven’t read this blog before, and you don’t happen to be familiar with about fifteen different converging Dark Shadows storylines, then none of this is going to make any sense to you at all. I mean, I’ve been writing about Dark Shadows every day for the last year and a half, and I’m still having trouble wrapping my brain around the inexplicable brilliance of this moment.

610 dark shadows jeff forget

So let’s play a little game. Imagine that you’ve never watched Dark Shadows before, and you don’t know anything about it.

Clear your mind of everything that you know about the show. It’s the mid-1980s, the show’s been off the air for fifteen years, and you’re a teenager who just happened to switch on your local PBS station, which is showing a rerun of some old TV show you’ve never heard of.

We’re going to go through this two-minute scene of actual broadcast television. Whenever you see a picture, ask yourself: Based on what you’ve seen and heard so far, what do you think this show is about?

610 dark shadows jeff eve same

All right? Clear your mind; here we go.

Man:  What did you call me?

Woman:  Peter Bradford.

Man:  Who are you?

Woman:  It doesn’t matter.

Man:  But that isn’t my name. Peter Bradford, it —

Woman:  Yes. Yes, it is! I know you, even though you’re dressed so strangely. Everything else about you is the same.

Man:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Woman:  Oh, I thought we’d never see each other again, because — because you were dead! I watched you die!

 610 dark shadows jeff eve pretending

Man:  I don’t know who you are.

Woman:  You should.

Man:  No, I don’t… I’ve never seen you before in my life!

Woman:  You can’t pretend you don’t know me!

Man:  I’m not pretending.

Woman:  You must be!

610 dark shadows eve jeff name

Man:  This is a joke, isn’t it? Ha. It’s a joke.

Woman:  No, Peter.

Man:  Look, don’t call me that.

Woman:  But it’s your name!

Man:  No, it’s not my name. My name’s Jeff Clark — Jeff Clark, do you understand?

Woman:  Oh — of course! You don’t recognize me, because I don’t look the same now as I did then.

Man:  When?

Woman:  Whenever it was we knew each other.

610 dark shadows eve jeff different

Woman:  You see, we’ve both lived before, only you’ve come back looking the same, and I’ve come back looking different.

Man:  What are you doing in Collinwood? Why are you here?

Woman:  I don’t know, I — I can’t remember anything, except you!

Man:  Get outta here. Get outta here, and don’t come back!

Woman:  I can’t do that, Peter, now that I’ve found you again!

610 dark shadows jeff eve found you

Man:  No… Stop it! Stop it!

Woman:  If you don’t believe me, why are you getting so upset?

Man:  I’m not.

Woman:  Yes, you are. You’re upset, and you’re frightened. You have nothing to be afraid of, Peter.

Man:  Look — will you please get it through your head — you just made a mistake, you got the wrong name. You made a mistake.

Woman:  Perhaps there could be two people in the world who look exactly the same.

610 dark shadows jeff eve won't rest

Woman:  No. You won’t convince me that I’m wrong! I don’t know how I know who you are, I don’t know why we’ve been brought together again — my memory’s so dim, and it was so long ago — but I haven’t made a mistake. You are Peter Bradford! My Peter Bradford! And I won’t rest until we’re together again!

610 dark shadows jeff away

And then she just runs offscreen. That’s the end of the scene.

Monday: The Love Object.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Jeff asks Eve, “What are you doing in Collinwood, why are you here?” He either means “in Collinsport” or “at Collinwood”.

Vicki tells Liz that she and Jeff are going to be married. Liz says, “Then you’ve resolved all your difficult — differences. And difficulties.”

When Vicki comes out onto the terrace at the beginning of act 2, the camera starts to follow Jeff — and bumps into the fountain.

After Eve runs off, the camera lingers on Liz as she watches the mysterious woman go. It lingers too long, until Liz finally turns to peek and see if the camera is still on her.

Monday: The Love Object.

610 dark shadows jeff crazy

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

20 thoughts on “Episode 610: Inexplicable You

      1. That is a great theory. Maybe they did have a poltergeist, knocking cameras in to shots, etc. What was in that studio before? Do-Do-Do-Do

  1. Eve looks the same in the flashback not different like she told Jeff, did the original Danielle roget get another acting job? I think that is the impossible dream!

  2. Was Danielle Roget supposed to have the appearance of Erika Fitz (the actress who played Leona Eltridge??) – this was always a confusing part of the story – suddenly Adam appeared at the Old House door with a woman – was this woman just another body inhabited by Danielle in some way or was she the actual Danielle (physical attributes and all) come back to life somehow??

      1. Sorry about that – in my professional life I had to write up contracts for the defense department and had to explain every word put on paper to the nth degree and follow infinite numbers of regulations, policies and procedures. This habit has carried over into every day activities such as watching iconic 60’s soap operas. I guess that’s why I can relate better to the early DS episodes where every plot point was examined in such minute detail. I think once they get past this crazy storyline things begin to fall back into some type of orderly sequence of events with 1897.

    1. I would say so. When Nicholas conjured her up, originally, she was wearing her 18th century clothes, so that was most likely her 18th century face and voice, as well. She said she could maintain like that for a few hours, just long enough to pretend to be Leona Eltridge.

      1. Yeah, I think the in-universe explanation is that the flashback pictured at the top of this post is Eve’s hypnosis-assisted memory of the event, so she’s picturing herself as she is now.

        The real-world explanation is that Marie Wallace is playing Eve/Danielle now, and exactly nobody wants Erica Fitz to come back and appear in the flashback.

    2. Nicholas told her, when she was ghosting, to appear “as you did in life”. so yes, Leona Eltridge is how Danielle must have looked.

  3. It would be nice if they’d brought back the original actress, but it isn’t much a sticking point. What always bugs me is if it’s truly the the character remembering it should be showing from that person’s point of view. They almost never do that unless they are trying to set you up for something like maybe someone killed someone and they don’t want you to know what exactly is going on. You don’t remember what the scene looked like across the room. I understand it’s a convention and that it’s to save having to reshoot, but if we’re going to quibble over flashbacks, that’s mine. 😉

  4. I loved the bit when Liz accused Eve of being an ‘angel of death’. The look on Eve’s face was saying “Good grief, I thought I was supposed to be the crazy one in this scene!”

  5. “‘You are Peter Bradford! My Peter Bradford! And I won’t rest until we’re together again!’

    And then she just runs offscreen. That’s the end of the scene.”

    In fact, she runs right back to Nicholas’s place, where she announces she going to bed. So… That whole “not resting” thing didn’t last long.

  6. Marie Wallace wins her first DS Merit Badge for racing between sets and changing costumes in record time. Looks like they didn’t have time to brush her hair after removing the wig and headpiece, though.

  7. It shocked me when Nicholas smacked Eve, but also thrilled me because she was being such a brat. I was surprised she didn’t smack him back or at least stab him with a letter opener.

    It’s interesting that she and Peter Bradford has a past but I suppose in true DS fashion this will all lead to nothing. But, like has been said before, we’re just here to enjoy this insane ride.

    1. It shocked me when he slapped her, but more importantly it disappointed me. Not because of the blooper (you can see about three inches of air between his hand and her face,) but because it’s too low-tech for someone who’s supposed to be an evil wizard. Why not have him hold his hand at some weird angle and have her react by shrieking or gasping or cringing or something?

  8. Because slapping women is what we do here on Dark Shadows. And recognizing that nothing makes sense, I still have to ask: how in tarnarion did the most evil woman in the world fall in love with anybody, much less Peter Bradford?

  9. Did anyone notice in Peter/Jeff’s final monologue that he played it all whispered and quietly threatening? He must’ve have finally gotten an acting coach who said, “You can never raise your voice onscreen again because it is the most grating, annoying and hilarious thing ever!”

  10. Another blooper – after Liz meets Eve, the camera begins to fade to the next scene; Joan Bennett looks at the camera and pouts (perhaps seeing if the scene is finished).

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