Episode 531: The Interpretation of Dreams

“I’m beginning to feel that there’s no answer, except to submit to the dream.”

Okay, stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

531 dark shadows vicki sleeps

“I saw a girl with long, dark hair. She was about 19, and she was on a train that stopped in a dark, isolated town.”

531 dark shadows vicki air

The air is heavy. The girl from the dream is dreaming again.

531 dark shadows vicki knock

“She got off the train, and started walking and walking.”

531 dark shadows vicki knocks

My journey is beginning

531 dark shadows vicki face

“Finally, she came to a huge, forbidding house.”

531 dark shadows vicki rise

I knew Matth3w m0rgan for thr3e days before his face changed == Matth3w m0rgan is dead

531 dark shadows vicki bed

She rises. There is work to do this night.

236 dark shadows burke old house

things to do

[ 4 ]  the lamp in the study. I’ve seen it in other places. Maggie says it was in the coffee shop. I’ve got to find out what it wants

531 dark shadows vicki pink

“At the door, she lifted a huge brass knocker and gently tapped it three times.”

531 dark shadows vicki open

A journey that I hope will OPEN THE DOORS of life to me and link my past with my future

531 dark shadows barnabas please go away

It wears the face of a man that she thinks she knows.

531 dark shadows barnabas donn't know

They — (who are they) — they said that the plane was Lost

531 dark shadows barnabas beckon

There are consequences to time travel, Vicki. In fact, you usually get the consequences first; that’s the whole idea.

531 dark shadows barnabas cape

I knew saM 3vans for 7even days before his face changed == saM 3vans is dead

531 dark shadows vicki feeling

She does not want to follow. What she wants is not important.

293 dark shadows burke petulant

things to do while I’m

[ 8 ]  Microphones! I see them out of the corner of my eye, ALL THE TIME. I think I’m the only one who’s noticed them.

531 dark shadows barnabas vicki open

The man — if it is a man — remains silent.

531 dark shadows barnabas vicki hard

A world I’ve never known, with people I’ve never met

531 dark shadows vicki slide

They — (who are THEY) — they said there would be a search party. They said that everything that could be done was being done. They said there was no need for me to be there. They said there was no trace of him. They said they’d never heard of him.

531 dark shadows vicki sealed

The key turns. The gateway is sealed.

531 dark shadows vicki face.jpg (4x4 Dither)

I knew doct0r w00d4rd for twenty-9ine days before his face changed == doct0r w00d4rd is dead

531 dark shadows vicki turn

There are 1,245 steps to complete the ritual. One of the steps is missing. The ritual has only been completed once.

531 dark shadows vicki room

The room — if it is a room — fills with smoke.

229 dark shadows burke teleprompter

things to do while I’m waiting

[ 15 ] you know how sometimes it feels like you’re saying exactly the same things that you said yesterday? Keep a journal.

531 dark shadows vicki noise

Right now, kids are running home from school, to watch the show. We make children run.

531 dark shadows vicki air.jpg (4x4 Dither)

people who tonight are still only shadows in my mind

531 dark shadows vicki portal one

She opens the first portal.

531 dark shadows audience

watching they’re always watching, are there more of them, greedy eyes, snatching pieces of our souls, when we move to four there will be more, when we move to four there will be more

531 dark shadows vicki move

I knew Burk3 d3vlin for one hundred and 7even days before his face changed == Burk3 d3vlin is missing presumed recast

294 dark shadows burke horrible

things to do while I’m waiting for

[ 16 ] It’s five miles to the cemetery. How did Sarah walk all the way there in her bedclothes? Does the cemetery move? Who built the secret hatch in the mausoleum?

531 dark shadows vicki portal two

She opens the second portal.

531 dark shadows vicki hanged

Vicki, this happened ages ago. (No, it’s happening right now, at this very minute, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it!)

531 dark shadows vicki interior

The plane crashed, They said — flight 815, to Brazil. What do you get when you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic?

531 dark shadows vicki portal three

She opens the third portal.

531 dark shadows vicki brazil

I knew willie Lo0mis for 4our days before his face changed ==/== willie Lo0mis is alive —> why is he different? what does he kn0w?

531 dark shadows skeleton bride

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned.

531 dark shadows vicki ages

but who will soon fill the days and nights of my tomorrows

531 dark shadows vicki opposite

B. Hanscomb. What is it about that name on this old ledger that could be so important to me?

245 dark shadows dance vicki burke

things to do while I’m waiting for my life

[ 23 ] Ask Barnabas about Fort Wayne. Terrible things — eleven women, and the shrubbery — something happened in Fort Wayne —

531 dark shadows vicki return

Have you ever heard of any of these names, B. Hanscomb or any of the others?

531 dark shadows vicki portal four

She opens the fourth portal.

531 dark shadows vicki light

This is the forty-ninth hexagram. The Ko hexagram. The hexagram of change.

531 dark shadows vicki sense

Once upon a time, there was a little lost princess…

531 dark shadows vicki conceptual

Betty Hanscomb! That’s it!

531 dark shadows vicki ahead

I know.

531 dark shadows vicki production

I was right! Her name is Betty Hanscomb.

531 dark shadows vicki ascends

I know it now.

262 dark shadows vicki beach

things to do while I’m waiting for my life to make sense

[ 42 ] sometimes when nobody’s in the room, there’s a list of names that scrolls by. It knows everyone — ask Stokes, he’s seen it! — everybody’s true name — don’t forget to ASK STOKES

531 dark shadows vicki appears

I know who I am.

531 dark shadows vicki bright

Beware the Great Unwinding

531 dark shadows vicki ouch

I am the little girl at the top of the stairs.

531 dark shadows vicki becomes

They say the plane burned as it fell, tumbling through the atmosphere. He was ashes, he was memory, he was a dream that never came true

531 dark shadows vicki two two

I am the girl from the dream.

531 dark shadows vicki amazing


531 dark shadows vicki everything

I am made of light.

531 dark shadows portal five

My name is Victoria Winters.

531 dark shadows vicki durkin

I am the fifth portal.

531 dark shadows vicki portal six

Victoria Winters is a Dan Curtis production.

Tomorrow: In Darkest Hour.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

As Barnabas repeats, “the point of return,” he misses one and says “the re-point of return.”

When Vicki finds Barnabas lying dead on the floor of the Old House, he’s clearly breathing.

The Dream Curse storyline doesn’t actually make any sense.

Tomorrow: In Darkest Hour.

531 dark shadows vicki agony

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

16 thoughts on “Episode 531: The Interpretation of Dreams

  1. “Look!…. There’s a freighter out there…. I wonder where it’s going…. I wonder how far we’ve walked…. Maybe we should start back…. The tide’s coming in…. Look at our footprints, they’re being washed away. Pretty soon no one will even be able to tell we’ve come this way…. The beach will be as smooth as…as though we’d never been here…as though we’d never existed….”

  2. In 98 episodes she will climb the stairs of Collinwood for the last time and become lost forever in it’s endless maze – where is Frank Garner? Only he can find out the truth about her past. She would rather haunt the halls of Collinwood forever than go back to Jeff Clark or whoever the hell he is.

    1. As much as I would like to try, I can’t take the other two actresses seriously as Victoria WInters. To me Vicki was gone the minute Alexandra Moltke exited stage left and she is still ‘wandering the halls’ of Collinwood to this day.

  3. HAPPY THANKSGIVING DANNY AND ALL OF MY FELLOW DARK SHADOWS FANS – Danny are you going to do another revival series review for the holiday pre-emption of the regular show?

    1. No, we’re in July 1968 right now… we’re not synched up with the present day. My posts haven’t been pre-empted this week; they’re just late. 🙂 And Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. Hard to tell if it’s this one, but close by, at least.

    It is the singular scene where Roger Davis acts like like an actor.

    Jeff and Vicki in the drawing room at Collinwood.

    It’s like someone finally said something about the overacting.

    And he said, “you think so?”

    And I LIKED HIM.

    For once.

  5. There’s the show I watch where I never know what’s going to happen, then there’s this guy who writes about it and I never know what he’s going to say, or how. Occasionally he even writes in 4-D. And it’s ALWAYS good.

    This whole project is so damn good. Thank you so much!

  6. This has more to do with the episode than Danny’s writing about it, but I thought it was hilarious that Willy wanted to argue about Maggie’s affection for him while Joe Haskell was unconscious on the carpet and in need of medical attention! Barnabas’ incredulity and frustration with Willy’s assertions made the scene even more amusing! From the man who kidnapped and attempted to brainwash Maggie Evans, to telling Willy to respect the fact that Haskell is Maggie’s finance’, he sure has lost his rationalization of cruelty! 😉

  7. “Oh! That’s interesting. I didn’t realize They went back this far.” -Claude, episode 1218
    I love the brilliant continuing Saga of They.

  8. I think I’m going to have to start a one-man Victoria Winters fan club because I’m with Dan Curtis on this one.

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