Episode 501: Say My Name

“Barnabas, Barnabas, please don’t go. Barnabas!”

Well, what’s the point of even having a Frankenstein monster, if he’s not going to go on a rampage every once in a while? You can’t keep him locked up in the basement forever. He’s a metaphor for the limits of human power, the unintended consequences of mankind’s sins made flesh and set loose upon the world. Now get out of the way, and let him do his goddamn job.

501 dark shadows adam barnabas strangle

So things are pretty much right on schedule. Barnabas and Julia have had a pet Frankenstein for two weeks, and now he’s running wild.

First, he’s going to choke the life out of Barnabas, and then he’s going to throw a little girl into the river. After that, he’ll say, “Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot, so my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts.” No, hang on, that’s Batman.

Adam runs out of the house, and Julia yells, “Barnabas!” and then she basically doesn’t do anything else for the rest of the episode. Julia says Barnabas’ name thirty times today, setting a record that should be pretty tough to beat.

So, because I know that you care about the details as much as I do: here are the other twenty-nine times.

501 dark shadows julia barnabas rug

Julia:  Barnabas!

501 dark shadows julia barnabas two

Barnabas:  We must get him!

Julia:  No, he’ll be killed out there. He doesn’t know anything about cars, or anything like that. He’ll be killed, and that’ll be the end of it. Oh, Barnabas, I know that sounds callous, but… Barnabas? Aren’t you — aren’t you listening to me?

501 dark shadows julia barnabas postgame

Julia:  Barnabas, Barnabas — perhaps something else went wrong when we did the experiment. And perhaps that magnificent brain that Dr. Lang boasted of, perhaps it was injured. Barnabas, why do you have to find him?

501 dark shadows julia talk

Barnabas:  In the condition that he’s in, he may attack the first person he sees. He may be captured.

Julia:  That’s what you’re afraid of, really, isn’t it? Don’t be afraid of that, Barnabas; he can’t talk!

501 dark shadows barnabas julia name

Barnabas:  He can say my name.

Julia:  Well, how much does that incriminate you?

Barnabas:  Enough!

Julia:  Barnabas, you’ve lied yourself out of worse situations than that. Barnabas, don’t go!

501 dark shadows julia go

Julia:  Barnabas, Barnabas, please don’t go! Barnabas!

501 dark shadows adam name

Adam:  No! Barnabas, no!

501 dark shadows julia woods

Julia:  Barnabas?

501 dark shadows julia barnabas stop

Barnabas:  You won’t stop me, Julia!

Julia:  Barnabas, Barnabas, you’re not thinking.

Barnabas:  No, you’re right! I’m not, for a change.

Julia:  Well, you’ve got to begin to. Barnabas, why do you have to find him? When you get him back, will you make the chains stronger? Will you get somebody to help Willie take care of him? Oh, Barnabas! Let him disappear! Barnabas!

501 dark shadows adam lost

Julia:  I lost you for a moment, Barnabas!

Barnabas:  He must be near; he couldn’t have got very far.

501 dark shadows barnabas julia direction

Julia:  Barnabas, you don’t know he came in this direction. He could have gone off toward the gate.

Barnabas:  No, there were footprints in the lawn, leading to the woods.

Julia:  Barnabas…

Barnabas:  Julia… You’ll have to stop talking, or go back to the house. He’ll hear us, and I’ll never find him!

501 dark shadows adam both

Adam:  Barnabas… If both live… If Adam die…

501 dark shadows julia hurry

Julia:  Barnabas! Hurry!

501 dark shadows barnabas down

Barnabas:  Put her down! If you don’t, I’ll kill you!

Julia:  Barnabas, no! You’ll hit her!

501 dark shadows julia liz catch

Julia:  Oh, Mrs. Stoddard, you can’t do anything. Barnabas will catch them.

501 dark shadows liz julia phone

Julia:  A prowler broke into the house, and has taken Carolyn Stoddard as a hostage. Well, just now. Barnabas Collins is out hunting them; they can’t be far.

501 dark shadows liz julia right

Julia:  I know how worried you are, Mrs. Stoddard, but they’ll be all right. Barnabas will find them.

Liz:  That man is so strong.

Julia:  Well, don’t forget that Barnabas has a gun.

501 dark shadows liz gun

Liz:  Why has Barnabas a gun? You were hunting him, weren’t you?

Julia:  No.

Liz:  You know who he is, don’t you?

Julia:  No!

Liz:  Then why has Barnabas got a gun?

501 dark shadows julia noise

Julia:  We, uh… we were in the Old House, and we heard a noise. And… I heard something from the window, and Barnabas went to the door, and whoever it was ran into the shrubbery. But then he came back out again, and made a noise, and Barnabas got his gun.

501 dark shadows julia smile

Then Julia runs out of opportunities to say “Barnabas,” and after a while the episode is over.

Tomorrow: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

At the end of the teaser, Barnabas is choked unconscious, and we see his head resting on the bare floor. After the titles, Barnabas has taken the opportunity to reposition himself, and is now fully on the Oriental rug.

Julia says, “Perhaps that magnificent brain that Dr. Lang boasted of, perhaps it was injured.” If Lang did boast about that, he must have done it off-camera; I can’t remember him ever mentioning it.

At the end of Act 1, Adam has a piece of wood that he’s supposed to break as he yells, “Kill! KILL!” The sound effect of the wood breaking plays before he’s actually broken it.

When Barnabas confronts Adam with his gun, he yells, “Put her down, do you understand?” Then, mixing “put her down” and “let her go,” he screams, “Let her down!”

Julia tells Liz that they should call the police. As Liz shuts the front door, Julia walks through the foyer, and looks down at the phone receiver that’s lying on the floor. Julia walks into the drawing room, then stands with her hand on the phone until Liz walks through the foyer and steps into the drawing room before making the call. She shouldn’t be able to get a dial tone anyway, with the foyer phone off the hook.

Behind the Scenes:

When Carolyn and Liz try to distract Adam with music, the song playing on the radio is “Theme from A Man and a Woman“, from the 1966 film. The song was composed by Francis Lai, and was nominated for a Golden Globe award for “Best Original Song in a Motion Picture”. It was previously heard at the Blue Whale in an August 1967 episode. It is terrible.

Tomorrow: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

501 dark shadows julia opportunity

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

21 thoughts on “Episode 501: Say My Name

  1. About six months ago Julia was a tortured doctor being tormented by a vampire and agonizing over her forced involvement in the murder of her friend and colleague Dr Dave Woodard. Now she carelessly tosses aside such remarks as ‘you’ve lied your way out of worse situations Barnabas’ and ‘just let Adam go Barnabas’ (not HER problem anymore). And to think poor Dr Woodard was the one who recommended her as a consulting physician on Maggie’s case. Barnabas is actually the voice of reason now – and Adam is the one we’re supposed to fear??

    1. Yeah, the Adam story isn’t doing Julia and Barnabas any favours. As I mentioned in another post, an integral part of the story is the creator disowning the creation (which paints the creator in a very unsympathetic light and leads to situations down the road he/she needs to atone for). So any possible redemption on the part of Barnabas and Julia will have to wait.

  2. Danny mentions that Julia uses Barnabas name 30 times – I watched some other episodes from this storyline and noticed she does this ‘Barnabas Barnabas’ routine on other occasions as well. It tends to make her seem ‘clingy’ in some respect – not at all the impression she have off when we first saw her feeding the goldfish at WIndcliff.

  3. I had to chuckle when Barnabas admitted he wasn’t thinking “for a change”. Since when did Barnabas think before he acts? In a parallel universe, maybe.

    1. Be fair!
      Barnabas thinks, sometimes mulls, even ponders.
      He consistently reaches the wrong conclusions, that’s all.

  4. To me, my first time seeing this whole thing unfold for the first time, I think this Frankenstein story is really well done, and a sign of creative genius to somehow tie it in with a Barnabus-vampire-cure and to make him human. Now that Barnabus is human, it’d be nice to have just a little bit of dialogue about how now that he is human, how he’d like to pursue having a human girlfriend, instead of having to always be dealing with Adam and his issues. Julia could pipe up that she’d like to apply for the job of Barnabus’s GF, giving a hint of the romance. It’d be an interesting twist in the twisted plot…

    1. I have been pleasantly surprised how much I like the Adam storyline so far. In 1968, it’s the Dream Curse and Cassandra bringing the show down for me, not Adam.

      I liked the scene with Adam, Liz and Carolyn in the drawing room.

      Another odd point about Cassandra/Angelique: Even though she’s a witch with vast powers, all kinds of things are going right under her nose that she doesn’t know about. Like Adam.

  5. I think I found another small blooper: in the last scene, when Carolyn passes out in Adam’s arms, he lays her on the ground. However, he positions her so that Nancy Barrett’s head is hidden by the fake shrubbery. So he pulls her down about a foot, and then cradles her head right in the center of the shot.

    Let me also take time to note how on point Nancy Barrett has been in the last few episodes. I loved her film noir delivery with Tony and Cassandra yesterday and today she plays petulant with Elizabeth and is clearly having a good time of it too.

  6. I love that Adam carefully closes the front door before running off into the… night, is it? I lose track.

    Clearly he has learned much from His Highness Mr Barnabas’s Finishing School for Patchwork Monsters.

  7. So I was watching this on my lunch today and my brother showed up. He was only watching for a little bit and we hadn’t even got 1/2 way through the episode and he says, “Man, how many times is she going to say his name?” LOLOLOL I loved your presentation of how many times Julia DID say Barnabas’ name.

    I really like this Adam story line and I wish they’d focus more on it then the stupid dream curse. I really enjoy Elizabeth Stoddard and Carolyn. I thought it truly was frightening when he pulled her off into the woods. I feel so bad for him that through no fault of his own he’s been given life with a child’s innocence in a great big man’s body and people want to punish him.

  8. Well, the wheels really come off the wagon in this episode! Good golly, such running around in the woods, such despoiling of the Collinwood Mansion and picking up poor Carolyn like she’s nothing more than a Barbie Rag Doll. What are the writers thinking? There is a great sense of having jumped the shark here in the past month starting with the roll-out of the malignant Dr Lang and continuing on with this Salute to Early Monster Movies that they are so intent on doing.

    Danny–the count of “Barnabas” is simply too much for me to bear! You are constantly, refreshingly, comically brilliant. One day this blog will come into its own for what it is: one of the best kept corners of the Pop Culture Internet where you have put something together so lovingly and craftily that it will undoubtedly always Stand The Test Of Time (And Good Taste).

    Finally, I have to completely disagree with anyone thinking that “Theme From A Man and A Woman” was not a complete cultural phenom for it’s moment in time. Despite the heavily Muzaked sound and the Ferrante and Teicher tinny quality to the actual song from the movie, it has this really weird bossa nova redux kind of feel to it that is completely dead-on and spot-on 1966,.

  9. Can you imagine a character in a modern soap opera asking why someone had a gun? Yikes, how things change!

  10. How could Adam choke Barnabas without himself choking? There’s supposed to be this symbiotic connection, what affects one affects the other. Just like when Adam was suffocating because Barnabas had been buried. Oh well….

  11. I really enjoyed this episode! I am liking the Adam storyline more than I thought I would, and way more than the Dream Curse of Boredom. Poor Adam running through the lightning storm, confused and scared with no language, no communication skills. Finds his way over to Collinwood where he kidnaps Carolyn. She fights like a wildcat in his arms, and he hangs on so tight, she must have gotten hurt. She faints, and he picks her up like she weighs no more than a feather and stands there in the rain crying!!

    Julia needs to shut it. And good for you, Mrs. Stoddard for not taking Julia’s BS.

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