DS Every Day on “Tune In Tomorrow” podcast

Dark Shadows Every Day is being featured on tonight’s episode of the soap podcast “Tune in Tomorrow”! The show is hosted by my awesome new friend Richard Simms, executive editor of Soaps In Depth magazine. It’s a whole hour of Dark Shadows talk, including the Dream Curse, humane recap techniques, the casual non-science of Parallel Time, and why every soap opera has elves.

The show airs tonight starting at 7pm Eastern, and then archived for eternity. And check out the other episodes — it’s a really fun and thoughtful discussion of soap operas, and the strange culture that we’ve built around these everlasting stories.


2 thoughts on “DS Every Day on “Tune In Tomorrow” podcast

  1. I enjoyed your interview. What I like most about the site is that you approach the series as both a fan of soap operas and a fan of the genres DARK SHADOWS used in its “mash-ups.” My experience has been that I’ll encounter one or the other but not both.

    The first post of yours I read was from the aging of Barnabas arc and I appreciate that you recognized how revolutionary that was. Too often focus is on the bloopers without taking into account that this series with a daytime soap budget attempted effects (live on tape) that were similar to what you’d see on a primetime series. It wasn’t always successful technically but the attempt itself was admirable.

    Putting DS in its proper historical context requires looking at it as both a soap opera and a sci-fi/fantasy series. Yes, countless sixties genre shows (THE AVENGERS, STAR TREK, BEWITCHED) have spawned movies, remakes, or spin-offs but no soap opera has done this. And yes, DARK SHADOWS is short-lived by soap opera standards but it had abandoned most of the narrative conventions of soap (especially regards to pacing) by 1968. So, you’re really looking at more than 1,000 episodes of a sci-fi/fantasy series, which beats out DOCTOR WHO (despite what GUINNESS says!). It’s an unmatched creative effort.

    The remakes have struggled because it has ignored the “mash-up” and the balance between soap and sci-fi series. The 1991 series tried to commit too fully to a “gothic romance,” which as you pointed out, was never really what DARK SHADOWS did well. In fact, DARK SHADOWS approach to romance was more like a sci-fi/fantasy series or Marvel Comic (no real sustained relationships, but constant longing).

    Part of the problem, I think, is that much of what survives of DARK SHADOWS for the casual viewer these days are the early Barnabas episodes. I wish Netflix or HULU would make the 1897 run available for streaming (it’s actually a pretty good intro to the series once Barnabas goes back in time). The series is at its peak in regard to mash-ups of genres and the setting is perfect for gypsies, witches, and werewolves.

    1. Thanks, I’m really glad that you’re reading and commenting. I do love that genre mash-up — and there’s even some farce/comedy structure in the mix, along with soaps and sci-fi/fantasy. I’m always happy to see you helping to make some of those connections. 🙂

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