Episode 1148: After This Afternoon

“You know, love can easily disappear when you find the true impossibility of it.”

Do you think it’s easy for me to stand here and accuse you like this, after this afternoon?

I held you in my arms. You knew who I was, even if I didn’t know who you were.

If this afternoon meant anything to you at all, you’ve got to tell me the truth.

You know, I kept hoping it wasn’t true, but I… I knew it was, but I…

And you’ve come here to drive me mad? Out of some ridiculous revenge?

You think I need someone else to punish me? I’ve done enough of it myself.

Love, yes! But a love we both wanted to end happily. And each of us knew it couldn’t.

You know how I had to fight that? Sitting in this house, feeling all of my emotions freezing?

All I had to do was go out and find her again. That’s all I had to do to live.

Are you so young you don’t know love?

You know, love can easily disappear when you find the true impossibility of it.

She wouldn’t have resorted to the kind of revenge that you are. I think that’s obvious.

I think it would be better if you would have killed me, instead of leaving Joanna’s letters around.

Don’t deny it, you’ve lied enough.

Since you’ve been in this house, every three days I found a letter in this room.

I don’t know, one said that we had a second chance, Joanna and I. Another said that I was to meet her at a great oak tree.

Well, now you know why I was acting the way I was, when I saw you.

Either someone else is doing it, or Joanna’s spirit cannot rest.

You know what we can do to people, just by existing?

Tomorrow: Wicked.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

At the end of yesterday’s episode, the clock was striking 11:30 when Quentin confronted Daphne, who was wearing a red dress with a green sash. In today’s reprise, it’s 11:55, the clock doesn’t strike, and Daphne is wearing a green dress.

Barnabas’ hair looks unlike it ever has before, including in tomorrow’s episode.

Gabriel cries, “Perhaps Quentin is a warlock! Perhaps Trask is right! And perhaps that’s why these odds goings ons are happening here!”

Barnabas grabs Laszlo and shouts, “Tell me where Julie is!” Then something clatters onto the floor.

Tomorrow: Wicked.

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

29 thoughts on “Episode 1148: After This Afternoon

    1. He must be – 1970 and 90s Quentin didn’t have them, and they take a while to grow in.

      Me, I’m loving Daphne’s green gown; continuity be damned!

  1. “You know, love can easily disappear when you find the true and possibility of it.”

    I heard “the true impossibility of it”…but maybe that was my brain auto-correcting a flub. If so, I wish it wouldn’t.

    1. Check the DS Wiki, they might have a pic – or go to Dailymotion to see the episode. It looks like the stylist didn’t use product in Frid’s hairstyle, his hair looks very dry.

      1. I was thinking (okay making up my own backstory) that they had a new kid doing the makeup that day and someone took a curling iron or maybe just a blow dryer to Frid’s hair to give it more lift/body. Maybe they had hopes of keeping his hair out of the high collars. …but they messed with the bangs, man! Oh no!

        front image. (Doesn’t show how much lifted the sides and back were compared to the normal look.)

            1. “I thought he was just having a bat hair day.”

              I wish I had said that.
              – Oscar Wilde

              You will, Oscar, you will.
              – James McNeill Whistler

        1. It looks like that is what they did for Bramwell. Fluffed his hair up which to me took away from his character, or maybe that is what the intent was. I didnt like it.

  2. RE: “I thought he was just having a bat hair day.” The author of Barnabas Collins in a Jugular Vain is kicking himself that he missed that one. Time for a second edition!

    1. Forgive me, a Jugular Vein. From which Danny did not quote a “joke” that still gives me nightmares. The question was why did Barnabas need a lozenge or words to that effect and the answer was, “Sour cough, I guess.” Then the author added a parentheses: “(Sarcophagus).” You know you’re in trouble when you need an explanatory parentheses.

  3. “Sour cough, I guess” / “Sarcophagus” sounds like a whole lot of the captioning on YouTube. And to some degree on DVD’s, and before that subtitled films and so on, but definitely YouTube. So much of the captioning on it looks like deliberate jokes.

    1. I’m pretty sure (especially with zillions of videos) that there aren’t actual people creating subtitles on YouTube as they do for DVDs, etc. I think it’s just voice recognition software, which explains the ridiculous things that pop up.

    2. I once saw a caption that read: “I’m not even going to try to describe these sounds. How are you all doing today?” Yep, really.

  4. Wouldn’t you think 2 actors as beautiful as David Selby and Kate Jackson could generate at least one hot scene together – despite the stupid dialogue. KJ has a lot more chemistry with Jim Storm.
    Maybe the problem is that Kate is almost as shouty as Selby. I constantly turn the volume down during their scenes. It’s hard to be romantic at the top of your lungs.

    1. Oh, good, I thought I might have sensitive ears.
      Only one not ‘turning it to eleven’ was Julia, but she’s comatose and anemic…
      This was an extra bellowing episode, but I figured with Selby, Stroka AND Pennock in the cast, Frid and Ms. Jackson had to put in more volume just to keep up…

      1. Wonder if any of them had the chance to watch the show like regular viewers. You’d think they’d tone some of that shoutiness down if they heard it for themselves on TV.

        1. Yeah, or maybe they had to shout to hear each other over the chatter coming out of the control room! Prisoner can fill us in on that.

    2. I think it’s partly because Quentin isn’t supposed to be some soppy romantic lead, dammit; he’s the bad boy who’ll break your heart and get you up the duff, but at least you banged your dead sister’s married boyfriend, and no one can take that away from you.

      But yeah, they’re loud. Maybe it’s because they’re both fighting their natural southern accents.

  5. The whole Daphne and Quentin thing is just idiotic. The dialogue is so uninspired it’s almost as if the actors are making it up as they go along. Maybe they are.

    1840 started out with a lot of promise but the writers just can’t keep it going. I wonder what the atmosphere on the set was at this time? They must’ve known the show was circling the drain. I imagine most of them were planning their next career move.

    1. That first meeting in her room was basically “Non Sequitur Theater.” No sentence connected to anything else being said.

  6. Julia seems to be resisting Roxanne more than most vampire victims do. She even tries to get Lazlo to give her the cross. I guess Roxanne hasn’t quite got the hang of controlling her victims yet.

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