Episode 890: The Curious Belief

“I will know to trust them, to lead them through the mysteries that will make them respond.”

And Julia Hoffman seeks to find the secret to his behavior in a mysterious box, which he somehow brought from the past.

890 dark shadows julia barnabas curious

You will give up your curious belief that you have a right to know everything about me!

890 dark shadows barnabas julia understanding

Well, I’m tired of understanding!

890 dark shadows julia barnabas box

But this box… it frightens me.

890 dark shadows barnabas nothing

Nothing must happen to you. I must make quite sure that nothing ever does.

890 dark shadows megan philip moon

Here we are, living in the twentieth century, the most exciting century the world has ever known. I mean, we’re sending men to the moon!

890 dark shadows megan philip sarcasm

I hate sarcastic women!

890 dark shadows carolyn barnabas silly

Barnabas, I don’t know if I’m being silly or not.

890 dark shadows carolyn barnabas harm

You’re far too important a person to have anything happen to you.

890 dark shadows julia barnabas do we

You’re giving far too much importance to that telegram.

890 dark shadows barnabas oberon when

Tell me so that I will make no mistake, in this most important moment in time.

890 dark shadows oberon knocking

They will be strangers, but you will know them.

890 dark shadows naga

The sign of the Naga. The sudden knocking at the door.

Monday: She’s Me.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Barnabas tells Carolyn, “You must do — well, you — nothing must happen to you.”

Megan goes to get the telegram to show it to Julia, but it’s not in the place where she expects it to be. Then she spies it off-camera, and says, “Oh! It’s — um. Let me get it.” She dashes out of frame to grab it.

While Carolyn is talking to Barnabas in the Collinwood drawing room, there’s a moment when something goes wrong with the sound, giving one of Carolyn’s lines a breathy echo.

Julia reminds Barnabas, “Barnabas, we know the significance of the Tate portin — portrait of Quentin.”

Trying to get rid of Julia, Barnabas walks over to the coat rack. He picks up his own cape, then puts it back and grabs Julia’s coat.

In Barnabas’ dream, when he asks Oberon, “Where will I find them?” you can see the boom mic hovering above Oberon, in the top left of the screen.

Monday: She’s Me.

890 dark shadows leviathan splotch

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

2 thoughts on “Episode 890: The Curious Belief

  1. That expression of Julia’s in the screen capture at the very top, I don’t think I’ve seen that one before. Is it her “pouty little girl who isn’t getting what she wants” look? Blink once, and you miss at least half a dozen Julia looks.

    And that Barnabas look, fourth frame down with the caption “Nothing must happen to you”: Finally, Frid’s Barnabas has achieved a look that he didn’t even have as a bloodthirsty creature of the night — bloodless.

  2. I wonder what was going on with Christopher Bernau when they were doing this episode. There were times when I thought Louis Edmonds’ Roger was a little too queeny for his part, but in this one Bernau takes a set of stereotypically gay inflections and mannerisms and dials them up to the max. I wonder of the script called for Megan to keep grabbing him and rubbing herself on him, or if Marie Wallace improvised that on the spot as an attempt to make it credible to the audience that they are a married couple. Sort of stop, drop, and roll for a figurative sort of flaming.

    I like Bernau a lot, and on GUIDING LIGHT he would use a toned-down version of those same inflections and mannerisms as an integral part of a performance that created a character who is endlessly mysterious, not only in regard to his sexuality. But in this one he’s not only supposed to be happily married to Marie Wallace’s character, he’s also supposed to be an endearingly conventional guy from the late 60s. The scene where Philip talks about his mistaken idea that new mothers would fall over each other to buy an antique crib while Megan smiles at his naïveté, coupled with his introduction as someone whose role in the shop is largely about fixing damaged clocks, presents him as someone who is comfortable in traditionally masculine settings, but who, once he reaches beyond the manly realm of mechanical repair, has to rely on wild speculation. If he were a different sort of guy, we could read him as bisexual, or as someone who always thought of himself as gay until he met Megan and things just happened, or as some kind of transperson, or whatever. Life is complicated! But Philip isn’t complicated, not as written, and so for him to sound like a more obviously gay version of Charles Nelson Reilly is quite distracting.

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