Episode 865: Things People Say While They’re Waiting for Barnabas to Come Back from Vacation

“I’m just trying to point out the absurdity of it all!”

And on this night, a young woman with certain mental powers of her own will begin to sense the truth.

865 dark shadows quentin pansy question

It ain’t him! It looked like him, yes! But it wasn’t him! It’s something different! Something — evil!

865 dark shadows furniture

The inside walls are made of stone — and there’s furniture!

865 dark shadows quentin pansy madness

I refuse to answer her questions. I don’t need to be interrogated by some mad maniac!

865 dark shadows petofi aristede leave

He must be quite a good lawyer. I mean, any man who can talk himself out of being buried alive…

865 dark shadows aristede petofi blunder

I’m not talking about the Collinwood now. I mean the Collinwood of the future!

865 dark shadows petofi angelique believe

You should have been the first one I told, but — I was afraid you’d be the last one to believe me.

865 dark shadows quentin days

If you go on raving the way you have been, your days are numbered!

865 dark shadows petofi angelique truth

But before she could help me, she disappeared!

865 dark shadows angelique quentin hand

You have not felt the full power of this hand, my dear!

865 dark shadows angelique torch

But you are vunerable to fire. And while you are concentrating on that, it makes you impossible to resist — this.

Monday: The Briar Patch.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

In the teaser, Angelique says, “Quentin! Is your bidness — business finished so soon?”

Early in the first act, you can hear someone in the studio taking a couple of steps, and then a bang.

In the mill, Aristede starts to say, “I’m not –” and then Quentin steps on his line.

Petofi tells Angelique, “While Charity was bantering on tonight, I kept looking at you for a sign… but your face was nothing.”

When Angelique screams and falls at the end of the episode, you can see a couple pieces of yellow blocking tape on the floor.

Behind the Scenes:

The colorful afghan makes another appearance, this time on Pansy’s bed. We last saw it in August, covering Jamison on a couch when he was ill.

Monday: The Briar Patch.

865 dark shadows pansy scared

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— Danny Horn

4 thoughts on “Episode 865: Things People Say While They’re Waiting for Barnabas to Come Back from Vacation

  1. I can’t decide if “You have not felt the full power of this hand, my dear!” would be the worst pick-up line ever, or the best.

    Either way, that screen cap of Pansy/Charity’s closeup is my new favorite image.

  2. Pansy deserves her own show.

    Petofi uses her as an I Ching subject and she disappears.

    Showing up at the door to the PT room, giving fantastic reaction shots as she watches the all new PT cast. And passes over to PT, doing split screens with Carolyn Loomis, and befuddling everyone in the PT cast, and becoming Mistress of Collinwood, marries Quentin, and fights Angelique til she burns the joint down.

  3. I thought David Selby really sold the new evil persona his body is inhabited by in this one.

    It’s also easier to see how the haunting of Collinwood by the vengeful Quentin of 1969 would have been par for the course if the time jump had placed him in a spectral form. Thus “changing history” by preventing Beth’s pistol shot would only end in an equally angry but different Quentin plaguing David Collins in the present.

    On the other side of the ledger, Thayer David really put across a demoralized, fearful and pitiful Quentin. Some really good acting in this episode.

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