Episode 739: Another Weird Afternoon

“Spend your time with girls down at the docks.”

Tonight, for the first time, he has met Laura Collins, and seen to his horror that beyond this past lies another past, containing even more terror than he has yet dreamed of.

739 dark shadows barnabas charity haunted

I saw her, I heard her voice, I touched her hand — but that woman has been dead for over a hundred years!

I have lived many lives, and seen many people, but I sense this woman is more than she seems — much more!

739 dark shadows angelique barnabas chair

She seems rather thick-witted, and I think you’d better leave her alone.

Intruding in a time that’s not your own can be very dangerous.

For your own sake, as well as what you’re trying to do here — spend your time with girls down at the docks. Girls who have no names, no homes, no hopes — and most of all, no fathers.

739 dark shadows trask charity dream

Yes, it must, when you’re marrying death.

No, my dear. You’re being buried! That’s how it is when you’re dead.

Yes! That’s it. I love Tim Shaw, and I’m not dead!

739 dark shadows trask angelique hand

To finally meet the famed Reverend Trask, and to hold in mine the hand that has shaped the destiny of so many.

There are many kinds of fires raging around us, and many ways for people to get badly burned. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

739 dark shadows judith trask money

All I’m offering is money. And when one has money, it isn’t difficult to offer it.

Looking at you, I see many things.

739 dark shadows charity barnabas extra

Because of this special thing that we have between us?

Something extraordinary might well happen! We could be on the brink of a discovery.

It is old, and many of its contents have crumbled with the years.

739 dark shadows charity laura portrait

She was like a flame. A flame, coming toward the house.

You frighten me! You all frighten me terribly!

She was beautiful! And now she’s dead!

739 dark shadows trask judith harsh

No one’s daughter is immune from evil!

But I see now, that may have been the devil’s disguise for what is lurking inside her.

Good Lord, she’s fainted!

Tomorrow: Local Parlor Tricks.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

There’s reverb on Joan Bennett’s first line in the opening narration. It abruptly switches off for the second line.

You can see yellow blocking tape on the carpet when Barnabas and Angelique sit down together in act 1.

When Barnabas and Angelique discuss the previous Trask, something falls over in the studio with a bang.

When Trask enters through the front doors of Collinwood, he bumps one of the doors with his shoulder.

When Charity tells Barnabas she never wants to leave him, someone coughs in the studio.

Tomorrow: Local Parlor Tricks.

739 dark shadows barnabas fangs

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— Danny Horn

13 thoughts on “Episode 739: Another Weird Afternoon

  1. So thus far, Barnabas has seen Carolyn/Melany/Charity, Tony Peterson/Trask/Trask, Julia/Natalie/Magda/, etc. but once he sees LAURA he suddenly decides it’s the same woman who married Jeremiah? Good Lord why? I’m not including Maggie/Josette/Rachel because he always thinks that anyone looking like Josette is a reincarnation. Frankly, he thinks any brunette of the right height and build can be made into a Josette reincarnation, but Laura? Why fixate on that look alike?

    1. It’s the same person/character, she’s supposed to look the same. Much of the time, it’s just the show using actors they like in different roles.
      I think they tried to tell us how things work when Carolyn met Ned Stuart, and thought he was Jeff Clark. The show made it clear that, yes, he does look just like Jeff Clark, but no, he’s a completely different person. Same thing when Carolyn thinks Sebastian Shaw is Jeb Hawkes.
      The show always lets us know when two people do look alike, characters will talk about it. If it’s never mentioned, it doesn’t exist.

      1. Yeah, I just assumed when Barnabas first sees Magda in 1897 and doesn’t say, “Julia – what are you doing here and why are you in that ridiculous get-up?” we’re just not going to deal with physical similarities like we did in 1795 (thankfully).

      1. If Violet Welles were to write the Dream Curse, she would write into the characters, so that the performance of each actor would NOT be the same…..running frightened from repetitive door to repetitive bad special effect door. Each actor would open a single door, with a high quality, tailor made playlet of personal fears, and end with a cliffhanging shocker to wake up to, every time. Each one, completely different.

        Of course, that changes Angelique’s soliloquy to sleepy Barnabas.

        1. Though you must admit that Dr. Lang’s dream in the Dream Curse, not surprisingly, was unique (and especially entertaining).

  2. My favorite moment is when Barnabas tells Charity (with that astonished look on his face) that Laura has been dead for over 100 years. Yeah well, so have you, buster.

  3. Very interesting idea, to have Laura connected with Barnabas in this way, to add another layer of yet another century into this time travel to the past storyline. It’s also a great means of getting Barnabas more involved in the events of 1897, because now there is more to it than just saving the future David Collins from destruction–now Barnabas must save himself from destruction, present past and future present.

  4. First post, though I’ve been reading (and loving) this blog for weeks! This is one of my favorite “low-impact” episodes. Nothing terribly important happens (well, Barnabas flips out over Laura, but that is pretty minor in the grand scheme), but it is just one great one-liner after another.

    I also love how Barnabas thanks Angelique, when she compliments his manner of removing the first Reverend Trask, just like two old friends comparing body counts.


  5. “Slow-th”? That’s how Trask pronounced “sloth.” LOL

    I was not a fan of Angelique’s dress. She’s usually spectacular in her fashions. But I love how evil her laugh is.

    It made me sick that Judith offered the old house to Trask for his school. She was yet again beautiful in this episode.

    It’s alway great when Nancy Barrett is on the screen.

    This same night ABC aired Bewitched episode #170: “Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City”, the Fifth Season finale. Endora makes it so Darrin becomes invisible any time he speaks Spanish which is quite inconvenient as he has a Mexican client with a product name in Spanish. This would be the last episode aired with Dick York.

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