Thirty Two Short Films About Episode 513

“Try not to panic, Mr. Peterson. The dreadful fact of the matter is that something has gone wrong.”

It isn’t a matter of what you want. It’s what I want. And need. And what I have the power to get.

513 dark shadows joe maggie coffee

The brick wall which burst open and released the spirit of the Reverend Trask has somehow been sealed up again.

513 dark shadows tony pouch

I tried to summon you earlier, but you resisted me.

513 dark shadows cassandra lips

Are you sure that you convinced her that you killed me earlier this evening?

513 dark shadows boom mic shadow

Sam is determined not to let his handicap get in the way of his social life.

513 dark shadows liz window

No, you don’t believe he tricked you. You wouldn’t be so upset about it!

513 dark shadows cassandra want

That’s where you and I differ. I do have the slightest idea.

513 dark shadows tony stokes warned

You spend much too much time thinking about the problems of other people.

513 dark shadows tony ears

There’s a chance your father may have the same dream, very soon.

513 dark shadows stokes blurry

By the way, Mr. Peterson, don’t be afraid. At worst, she can only use you.

513 dark shadows cassandra lean

We must think of a new plan to destroy the witch.

513 dark shadows stokes tony crooked

What shall I do with you? I could turn you into an animal.

513 dark shadows liz cassandra explain

Tell her I’ve discovered the original.

513 dark shadows maggie danger

If it fails, and you have to go to her, you must lot — let — let her know that I am alive. Is that understood?

513 dark shadows liz pearls

I shouldn’t be a bit surprised if I did.

513 dark shadows tony stokes alive

If that dream was as terrifying for him as it was for me…

513 dark shadows maggie joe fiancee

I’ve told you witches are dreadfully clever.

513 dark shadows tony grit

Death, in all its forms and manifestations.

513 dark shadows coffee table

What I’ve done with you before now has been mere child’s play.

513 dark shadows cassandra death

No one — not even the evil woman who hates him most — is aware of his plight.

513 dark shadows tony apartment

I came to see how your willpower had held out.

513 dark shadows stokes smile

Well, what about the dream? You said there was some danger.

513 dark shadows tony couch

Don’t un-overestimate my influence with him.

513 dark shadows liz cassandra aperture

All right, I knew he was alive.

513 dark shadows cassandra tobacco

And how is our favorite witch?

513 dark shadows cassandra pout

You have no concept of the power that I have.

513 dark shadows tony door

Either your law practice is not yet lucrative, or your taste in furniture is deplorable. I do hope it’s the former.

513 dark shadows cassandra door

No, all of those things would be quite unappropriate.

513 dark shadows stokes watching

I’m going to give you something to think about — something to fill your every waking moment.

513 dark shadows maggie neck

A pouch of pipe tobacco, which I promptly analyzed.

513 dark shadows stokes cassandra soon

What was all that about your father having the same dream you had?

Tomorrow: That Endless Summer.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Stokes instructs Tony, “You must use all your willpower to resist as long as you can. If it fails, and you have to go to her, you must lot — let — let her know that I am alive.”

Maggie asks Joe about Adam: “What was he doing here with Pop that night, when you came in?” She’s referring to yesterday’s episode, when Joe found Adam at the Evans cottage. That scene took place in the morning.

In act 2, Stokes and Maggie talk over each other:

Stokes:  There’s a chance your father may have the same dream —

Maggie:  You’ve got to be —

Stokes:  — very soon.

Maggie:  You’ve got to be mistaken!

When Cassandra tells Tony, “I tried to summon you earlier,” somebody coughs in the studio.

Behind the Scenes:

The green glass lamp appears in three places today; they must have had more than one. There’s a green lamp on the desk in Tony’s apartment, and another near the front door at the Evans cottage. Then the credits run over a shot of Tony’s apartment, and there’s a larger green lamp next to the couch. (Thanks to prop-spotter Prisoner of the Night.)

Tomorrow: That Endless Summer.

513 lamp credits tony

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

9 thoughts on “Thirty Two Short Films About Episode 513

  1. Tony is now living in Burke’s old rooms at the Collinsport Inn. I think this is the first time we see that set since pre-Barnabas. They should have had one more scene with Sam at the Blue Whale. Maggie and Joe seem to be at the end of their relationship. I bet Lara Parker will be glad to get out of that black wig and back to her natural hair style. Happy Halloween!

    1. Actually, in this episode, Maggie introduces Joe to Professor Stokes as her fiancee. Their engagement is kind of a major moment that seems to have slipped by while we were watching something else.

  2. You missed a BIG inside joke. Tony: “The woman in the window – it’s Mrs. Stoddard.” The Woman in the Window is the title of one of Joan Bennett’s film noir classics, directed by Fritz Lang.

  3. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Prof. Stokes managed to carry out a speedy chemical analysis of the powder Cassandra mixed in with pipe tobacco. Stokes proclaimed that the adulterant was something that would cause Sam to have the dream. This analysis is an impressive feat, especially given the necessarily supernatural qualities of the powder. Full disclosure: I’m a chemist. I could learn a great deal from Stokes!

  4. I loved Stokes’ face when Cassandra walked into the room! And hers too!! Plus their banter was bad ass!

    I find it odd that Cassandra told Tony that she doesn’t think Stokes is smart enough to trick even a 10-year old child. He’s the smartest person on the show. Maybe she was just furious at being outwitted.

    I wish Elizabeth would’ve smacked Cassandra when she was confronting her.

    1. I believe this is the scene that has one of my favorite lines from Dark Shadows, and it’s a really snarky one from Prof. Stokes directed at Cassandra. I don’t have the script in front of me, so I’ll have to paraphrase. But it’s something like this — Stokes says that he’s not interested in the painting of Angelique anymore because he realizes now that it’s a copy; he has seen the original. And he’s looking right at Cassandra when he says that. He and Cassandra then exchange slight smirks in that they both know the true meaning of his words but nobody else in the room does. It’s actually pretty funny, especially in light of their exchange of smirks.

  5. There was a scene in the Evans cottage. KLS was wearing a mini dress. Some people were talking but I don’t remember what they said. Now I know how Tony feels.

  6. How long can Barnabas stayed holed up inside the brick wall before he runs out of air?

    Why doesn’t Julia and Stokes feel the need to re-open the brick wall? Aren’t they curious about how it got bricked back up?

    David has had the tape recorder for a day. Has he recorded over Lang’s message yet?

    Where in the world is Willie? And Roger? And Vicki? And Mrs. Johnson? And Mrs. Johnson’s son?

    Cassandra better not hurt Liz.

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