Episode 480: One More Life

“I want you to come over immediately, and bring your medallion.”

Well, it’s another day in the Land of Shouty Men, where nothing changes, including the volume level.

Yesterday, Dr. Lang was planning to kill his lab assistant Jeff, so he could use Jeff’s head for the monster he’s been stitching together. But then Barnabas — who Dr. Lang is planning to suck the life force out of, to bring the Jeff-headed monster to life — says that he doesn’t even want Jeff’s head, and they have to let him go.

But Lang says that they can’t let Jeff go or he’ll tell everyone about the monster, so now Lang is going to kill Jeff anyway. And if Barnabas gets in the way of Lang killing Jeff, then Lang will kill Barnabas, and then Jeff, and then hopefully you and me, because honestly I don’t think I can explain this all again on Monday. It’s just not going to happen.

480 dark shadows stop barnabas lang

So Barnabas has a swell idea — he’ll call his friend Julia, who’s got a medallion that she uses to hypnotize people and make them forget things. But Lang objects; apparently he doesn’t want to let a girl into his secret murder lab.

Barnabas:  But Julia will make him forget! And she will keep your secret, I swear!

Lang:  I said NO!

Barnabas:  I’m going to call her, no matter what you say.

Lang:  Put down that phone!

Barnabas:  There’s nothing you can do to stop me.

Lang:  Oh, isn’t there?

Barnabas:  No.

And you have to admit, that’s a pretty good answer under most circumstances.

480 dark shadows gun barnabas lang

But you can’t take that kind of tone at Lang’s house. You’re standing in the man’s secret murder lab.

So obviously Lang just reaches over to the nearest drawer, pulls out a loaded gun, and says, “Hang up that phone!” And you’re lucky he happened to be standing next to the gun drawer. A couple yards to the left, and he would have had either the thermite grenades or a box of angry scorpions. You don’t mess with a dude in his own murder lab.

480 dark shadows effect barnabas

“What good would shooting do?” Barnabas says. “You know that an ordinary bullet has no effect on me.” And then they talk that over for a while.

480 dark shadows

Lang counts to three, and that was the big cliffhanger from yesterday. Then there’s the opening titles, and today’s episode actually begins. I know I’m going into note-by-note detail, but you’ll see why in a minute.

480 dark shadows surprise barnabas lang

So, guess what. Barnabas puts the phone down, and Lang doesn’t shoot him, to the surprise of no one. And then they just go straight back into the conversation.

480 dark shadows call barnabas lang

Barnabas starts out by saying, “All right, I won’t call her, but we must contact Julia, she’s the only one who can get us out of this situation!”

Which doesn’t even make sense as a thing to say. Take a second to run back over that sentence. It’s like a Zen koan.

But Lang’s not buying it.

Lang:  I won’t do anything to endanger the experiment!

Barnabas:  I keep telling you that she can be trusted!

Lang:  I don’t want to have to trust her!

So, yeah, this is exactly the same discussion that they were having yesterday, before Lang pulled out the gun. This is apparently one of those conversations where you can either be armed or not armed, and it doesn’t make a difference.

480 dark shadows believe barnabas

Barnabas says, “Then can’t you see why it’s so easy for her to, to — to be trusted? She will be all right, believe me!”

480 dark shadows dry barnabas

And that’s when Jonathan Frid just goes dry. This happens sometimes. He takes a not-very-subtle peek at the teleprompter.

Barnabas:  She will keep… the secret, because she knows that… that I would be in danger.

Lang says, “Possibly. But only possibly.” Which is hardly even fair. What kind of a cue is that supposed to be?

480 dark shadows blocking barnabas lang

Barnabas retaliates by walking back to the phone.

Barnabas:  I won’t allow you to kill Jeff Clark. I’m going to call her, and get her over here. She’s going to hypnotize Jeff into forgetting everything that’s happened here tonight. There’s no other way!

480 dark shadows frisky barnabas lang

So Lang just raises his shootin’ hand again.

Lang:  Stay away from that phone.

Barnabas:  You won’t shoot.

Lang:  You don’t think so?

Barnabas:  No.

And there you have it, we’re in exactly the same place that we were at the end of yesterday’s episode. It’s no wonder Barnabas is shaky on his lines — this scene just did a lap around the track. How could you possibly remember whether you’re supposed to say “I’m going to call her, and get her over here,” or “I’m going to call her, no matter what you say”?

480 dark shadows phone sproat

So here’s the big exciting surprise: Sproat’s back!

Yes, writer Ron Sproat has been on vacation for the last three weeks, ever since we got back from 1795. The other two writers on the show, Gordon Russell and Sam Hall, have been covering the scripts so Sproat could get a little time off. Sproat wrote yesterday’s episode and today’s, and you can tell, because he’s the only writer who’s comfortable writing these recursive fishbowl scenes.

480 dark shadows scene cassandra julia

Cut to Collinwood, for another bewildering conversation. Angelique — the evil witch, who’s currently working undercover as Cassandra, Roger’s new wife — is heading out of the house with Julia.

Now, to set the scene, it’s not completely clear whether Julia knows that Roger’s wife is actually Angelique or not. Barnabas and Julia talked about Angelique earlier this week, and it seems like the kind of thing that he would give her a heads up about, but we never actually saw him explicity tell her.

480 dark shadows like cassandra julia

With that in mind, here’s the scene.

Julia:  I really can’t understand why you want me to meet this Professor Stokes.

Cassandra:  He’s a very interesting man. And I know you’ll like each other — you know, you might even become good friends.

Julia:  Why do you want us to become good friends?

Cassandra:  Well, because you were the first person in this house who was nice to me. And I want you to know me, and like me. And one way to know someone is to know their friends, don’t you think that’s true?

Julia:  Yes, I do. I also think it’s a very honest answer.

Cassandra:  Well, I try to be honest.

Julia:  I like that. It’s a quality I admire in people.

Cassandra:  Shall we go?

Julia:  Yes, let’s.

480 dark shadows quiz cassandra julia

Okay, so here’s a pop quiz: What the hell just happened?

I mean, that’s mind-boggling, right? I was just saying last week that Julia and Angelique can never have a normal scene, because they’ve always got some kind of angle. And here they are, chattering away like they don’t each have a couple murders under their belt.

Now, I guess if you don’t apply any of your televisual literacy to the scene, then you could make a case that one of them actually has some kind of secret plan in mind. But soap operas aren’t typically very nuanced about character motivations, and Dark Shadows is a particularly melodramatic and emotive soap opera. If a character has a secret plan, they find a way to tell you — through music, a sly look, or a thinks monologue. That’s not happening here.

Apparently, we’re supposed to believe that Angelique is sincerely trying to be Julia’s friend, and Julia — always the smartest character in the room — takes that entirely at face value.

Plus: Honesty is “a quality I admire in people”? Did she really just say that? Julia is the Queen of Lies. I have no idea who this woman is.

480 dark shadows stairs cassandra julia

Obviously, even Sproat can’t get Julia this wrong, so something else is going on here. I think he’s trying to make a point. The actual purpose of this episode is to highlight the danger of nerfing Julia, and handing her role to Dr. Lang.

We’re still establishing the nature of Barnabas and Julia’s relationship — they had their first big Junior Detectives episode just last week, where they finally started acting like friends and co-conspirators.

But Barnabas hasn’t confided in Julia about the experiment; instead, he’s been running off and sharing secrets with the detestable Dr. Lang.

So this conversation with Cassandra is a warning to the audience: If Barnabas and Lang keep Julia in the dark for very much longer, then this is what she’ll become: a clueless talk-to. From that perspective, this may actually be the scariest scene they’ve ever done.

480 dark shadows phone julia cassandra

The phone rings, and Cassandra stands by as Julia talks to Barnabas.

Barnabas:  I need your help urgently.

Julia:  What do you mean?

Barnabas:  Don’t ask questions. Just listen to me, and do as I say.

Julia:  All right.

Barnabas:  I’m here at Dr. Lang’s. I want you to come over immediately, and bring your medallion.

That’s a fantastic thing to say, but it’s a little jarring to hear him say “Listen to me, and do as I say.” Barnabas has a lot to learn about relationships with women.

By the way, look at how Julia holds the phone. God, I love Julia.

480 dark shadows purse julia cassandra

Anyway, Julia tells Cassandra that something important came up, and she’ll have to postpone their trip.

And then she just walks out of the house, which means that she keeps her hypnotic memory-erasing medallion in her purse at all times, even on social engagements, because she is a rock star.

480 dark shadows understand barnabas julia

She arrives at Lang’s house, and they get off to a rocky start.

Julia:  Barnabas, are you all right?

Barnabas:  I’m fine.

Julia:  Then what’s the emergency? I don’t understand.

Lang:  Won’t you sit down, Doctor?

Julia:  No, thank you, I don’t want to sit. I want to understand what’s going on.

480 dark shadows hypnotize barnabas

Then Barnabas runs out of words again.

Barnabas:  It’s Jeff Clark. We need your help.

Julia:  My help?

Barnabas:  Yes. We want you to hypnotize him, as you hypnotized Maggie. As you… know this, we want… him to forget five hours of his life.

Julia:  I don’t understand.

Which is pretty much the only possible response.

480 dark shadows fooled julia lang

And then they tell her the most transparent lies.

Lang:  There’s a good deal about Jeff Clark that you don’t understand.

Julia:  Well, I understand that he was in a mental institution once. Vicki told me that.

Lang:  That’s right. I was his doctor then, and I still am. I’m still treating him.

Julia:  Oh, well, then that explains why he was here the other night.

Lang:  Yes, he’s been living here, so that I can keep an eye on him.

Now, I know that the Collinsport medical community is a little unorthodox, but come on. You invite handsome young men with emotional disturbances to live in your house? Is Julia seriously going to buy this?

480 dark shadows bologna lang julia

Yeah, apparently she is. They spin a story about Jeff having paranoid delusions, and that he’s convinced Dr. Lang wants to cut off his head. And Julia just stands there, and takes it.

480 dark shadows tied up julia jeff

Next on the parade of unlikely events, Dr. Lang brings Julia upstairs to see Jeff. He’s still knocked out, and they’ve tied his wrists with a piece of rope.

So if you thought yesterday’s episode was super gay, which it was, then just imagine the fun that Barnabas and Lang had during the last commercial break, carrying an unconscious Jeff into the bedroom and tying him up. This bed-and-breakfast is getting crazer all the time.

480 dark shadows medallion jeff

We can skip ahead at this point, because there’s really no need to focus on a scene where Jeff is talking. He tells Julia that Lang tried to cut off his head, she hypnotizes him, end of sequence.

480 dark shadows investigate julia

So this raises a series of important questions:

480 dark shadows look julia

Can Lang step into the role of Barnabas’ confidant, and shut Julia out of the storyline?

480 dark shadows lab julia

Can Barnabas tell Julia, “Just listen to me, and do as I say”?

480 dark shadows question julia

Can Julia Hoffman be nerfed?

480 dark shadows character julia

The answer is no. Hell, no. You do not take one of the greatest characters in the history of fiction, and leave her on the sidelines. That is not why you employ Dr. J. Hoffman.

480 dark shadows dramatic julia

This is what Julia is for — to have big, interesting reactions to things. Julia is always the most interesting thing in the room, and if the room already contains a vampire, a mad scientist and a headless patchwork monster, then she brings her A game.

480 dark shadows lab lang julia barnabas

She screams. She sobs. She rolls her eyes. She waves her hands around. She shouts accusations. She asks difficult questions. She gasps, “But this experiment, or whatever you call it — it’s madness!”

480 dark shadows hands julia

And she always, always keeps her hands in shot. I don’t think there’s a single other actor in the history of the dramatic arts who’s as determined as Grayson Hall is to keep the manicure in view at all times.

480 dark shadows manicure julia

And wouldn’t you know it — Julia manages to position herself smack in the middle of the show’s biggest storyline again. This time yesterday, it was all about the boys threatening each other. Now everything has to stop, so Julia can have hysterics.

Julia:  You needed a face. That’s why you tried to kill Jeff Clark! And now you’ll have to find — someone else!

Lang:  Julia… lives have been sacrificed before, for the sake of science!

Barnabas:  One more life. That’s all it will take, and then the destruction will be ended, forever!

And then Julia just stands there, and says:

480 dark shadows one julia


480 dark shadows more julia

“… more…”

480 dark shadows life julia

“… life.”

480 dark shadows quickly julia

And the show makes sense again. This is what Dark Shadows is supposed to be. This is what television is supposed to be.

Monday: Remember Someone.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

Jeff is wearing a different shirt. Yesterday, his shirt was blue, and today it’s white. The episode follows continuously from yesterday’s, so he didn’t have time to change. Also, he was unconscious.

When Julia walks into the lab, she puts her purse on the empty bed. After her hysterical conversation with Lang and Barnabas, she exits, leaving her purse behind.

When Julia leaves the lab at the end of the episode, she goes into the parlor and locks the door. Lang and Barnabas are looking for her, and Lang tries the doorknob. He tells Barnabas, “It’s locked. She must be in there.” He listens for a few seconds, and then says again, “She must be in there!”

Behind the Scenes:

The green lamp appears in Jeff’s room in this episode. We’ll see it again in two episodes, in Lang’s parlor. (Thanks to Prisoner of the Night.)

Monday: Remember Someone.

480 dark shadows sense julia

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

38 thoughts on “Episode 480: One More Life

  1. This logic ‘only one more life’ really aggravates me – this reminds me of the rationale they came up with in Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2 when all of the ‘non-vegetarian’ vampires came to assist the Cullens in defeating the Volturi – the Cullens felt no real remorse for the victims that were piling up to feed the visiting vampires so that they would stay and fight for ‘Renesmee’s’ life. And I’m supposed to root for these characters as the ‘good guys’?? That ‘one more life’ could have been mine – or yours…..Unbelievable logic…

    1. Joanne, that is called “collateral damage”, and no one seems to care who it is along it is someone else… Which in the international scene is why Americans are cordially hated in some places. Not because of their freedom, not because of their ideals, but because of the evil they spread around..

      Sorry to get political, but 9/11 came, and with all the remembrance, few recalled the other 9/11, in 1973 when a CIA backed coup, on orders from Nixon and Kissinger, overthrew Allende in Chile and brought about the brutal dictatorship of Pinochet, whom they supported.

      At least you got to kill Osama bin Laden, we never got to hang Nixon or Kissinger.

  2. “One more life”–that is why at this stage we can’t really count Barnabas as one of the “good guys”. Though he’s definitely making progress, he still believes the end justifies the means.

    (However, some would say that killing a Roger Davis character was a good end in itself! eg)

    1. Yeah, I mean, if you’re going to take “one more life” for your own personal ends, then why not just choose the potential murderer who is also a rival for Vicki’s affections? No, Barnabas will take a stand against killing Clark and let Lang carve up some Sunday School teacher.

      And again, I repeat, why does the experiment suddenly involve the taking of a life rather than simply using corpses? And isn’t the face something you probably want to make yourself? Won’t it be a problem for Barnabas if he suddenly resembles the guy who died recently of mysterious circumstances?

      1. Yep, I figured out that they were digging corpses. Jeff was in charge of the digging (the original Frankestein also dug out corpses). But Jeff was an inconvenient witness. He had to go. Why not recycle him?

    2. Interesting to note that Barnabas is not a vampire here – he’s a human. And he’s still pretty much okay with the idea of killing someone.

  3. “One more life” sounds like it could be a soap opera theme in its own right.

    Today on One Life To Take, Barney is going in for plastic surgery. He’s looking forward to making a Brand New Start once Dr. Shang-A-Lang provides him with a brand new face. One more life is all it will take. ABC’s One Life To Take, brought to you by the Ginsu knife–it cuts meat better than an electric knife. And, by Endust. When building a human in your house out of dead body parts, what would any interior decorator recommend for the care of good lab equipment? Endust. For regular cleaning.

  4. In universe, it does make sense that Cassandra would try to ingratiate herself to Julia. She’s probably aware that there was some friction between Julia and Barnabas in the past and perhaps hopes to make an ally of Julia against him. Never stated on screen, of course, but I think it works. On a more general level, Cassandra probably is trying to make friends at Collinwood because she knows Barnabas will move against her at some point and she could use the help. Of course she ultimately aliennates every one. But that’s because she’s crazy.

    1. Cassandra’s inability to ingratiate herself at Collinwood is an example of how “off” Angelique is during the Dream Curse. The 1795 Angelique, who manipulated Trask, or the 1897 Angelique, who conned Edward, are more my style. Things were already problematic when she had to drug Roger to have him marry her.

          1. Well Cassandra could have chosen a more better wig…the black just did not go with the rest of her. She could have just worn her hair out long or something.

  5. “And she always, always keeps her hands in shot. I don’t think there’s a single other actor in the history of the dramatic arts who’s as determined as Grayson Hall is to keep the manicure in view at all times.”

    Ever watched William Hartnell in Doctor Who? He was often fond of coaching his co-stars on the art of keeping your hands near your face at all times. He would explain that TV screens are only small – it’s not theatre – and if you don’t make all your hand gestures near your face then they won’t be in shot!

  6. Angelique vs. Julia. One has crazy eyes and an endless bag of spells. The other has a broach, an endless supply of cigarettes, and access to a bazillion lit candles throughout the Collinwood estate. I call that a stalemate!

  7. I can understand Julia admiring honesty in others. I’m always in awe of people with skills I have no experience in, too.

  8. Early on a thought Danny was being rough on the guy as being the worst actor on Dark Shadows, but by God he’s right. He’s like a caricature of a bad melodramatic actor. Every sentence must have a hand gesture or body action, none of which look remotely natural. The VOLUME…yes, surprised he hasn’t stroked out with that intensity. And I’m not sure why, but some of his movements remind me of “Frasier”, esp a few episodes ago when he practically ran from the doorway to see the arm that Jeff brought him. Had a little flair to it! 🙂

  9. Oh, I can’t even with Julia’s “little” meltdown today…oh my hell, she irritates me so much! And I know she’s a fan favorite but I just can’t with her. And that stupid medallion….ugh!

    I’m also tired of everyone insisting that everyone listen to them with no questions asked. If anybody said that to me, I’d say, “If you’re not going to tell me, I won’t comply with your request/demand.” But this is the first soap I’ve ever got into (discounting a couple weeks in elementary when I watched “Days of Our Lives” with my best friend at the time but that was only so she’d like me).

    Anyway, it was a total letdown that Barnabas and Lang didn’t wrestle to get the gun away from Lang.

  10. I also thought Julia’s “magic” as the easy solution to every crisis Barnabas was faced with–time and time again–exemplied nothing more than lazy writing.

  11. “One more life”–cold, chilling rationalization that proves his selfish a character Barnabas always was.

    As for “You know an ordinary bullet can’t kill me,” like hell it can’t! Barnabas is no longer a vampire, but a human being.

    Finally, it is significant that Barnabas has now, for the last few episodes, been calling Julia by her first name, as an indication of the changes in their relationship.

  12. Barnabas has certainly come a long way since the eighteenth century. Two weeks ago, he ride in a car; now, he uses a telephone.

  13. “You invite handsome young men with emotional disturbances to live in your house?”
    Couldn’t that also describe Barnabas and Willie as far as the outside world was concerned?

    1. Me too, Marsha. It’s been at least two decades since I read Frankenstein and I can’t recall whether Shelley explains why the Creature had to be comprised of multiple corpse-parts. I think it was because Victor was trying to choose superior … “ingredients” to concoct a sort of superhuman.

      Either way, it always seems an annoying oversight, as at least a couple others here have mentioned before, that the DS writers didn’t ever allow Julia or any other educated characters to reflect on stories like Dracula and Frankenstein while contemplating how to help or at least understand Barnabas and Adam.

      Grrrrr. Especially Adam. His desperation for a mate with whom to seek his future (and how he threatened to kill all of Barnabas’s loved ones if his needs were not met) is exactly all I really remember from reading Frankenstein: the Creature’s desperation for a mate with whom to seek his future (and how he threatened to kill all of Victor’s loved ones if his needs were not met). And how it all went wrong …

      How satisfactory it would have been if at least one of the DS characters had a line or two to say about how they should all maybe reread some classic gothic fiction since Collinwood is being overrun with these same classic types of monsters.

  14. Julia’s crazy reaction to the body creature is so strange. I got the feeling that she’s putting them on for some reason, but then she ran upstairs and called the police! I’m confused. I thought she was made of stronger mettle than that!!

    1. Exactly, Nicci!

      Julia’s an experienced medical doctor and has surely seen quite a number of stitched-up cadavers.

      And she’s a mad scientist, with specialties that include altering the vascular structure of the undead and hypnotizing time-travellers and those suffering from spell-related PTSD.

      And and she’s a murderess (or, at the very least, an accomplice to murder) who was forced to touch/search the corpse of the man she helped kill.

      And and AND she is comfortable with the supernatural. She has fallen in love with a vampire and chatted with his ghost sister; and lately she has become friendly with a 200+year-old witch.

      I love Danny’s adoration of her ‘A game’ response but it truly makes no sense that she would totally freak out upon discovering the exact nature of Lang’s experiment.

      I wouldn’t expert her to shrug dismissively but at most I think she would have gasped and hissed in revulsion and alarm as she considered what the extent of Barnabas’s involvement might be.

  15. (In the future…)

    {Sproat types} “JULIA discovers something otherworldly and grotesque, starts to scream, moan, and babble into feminine hysterics”

    “Um, Ron, you know that’s just a hairball from the Roger-Cat. Cassandra just turned Roger into one the previous episode.”

    “I’ve typed what I typed.”

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