Episode 403: But I Loved You, and Other Excuses

“I will hate you until I end your life, and I will end it.”

Man, did you ever have one of those days where nothing goes right? Meet Barnabas Collins. He’s experiencing an epic, unbroken string of days like that, which is a real shame, because he doesn’t have a whole lot of days left. As the saying goes: Life sucks, and then you die. And then things start to go seriously downhill from there.

403 dark shadows bed barnabas

So here’s Barnabas spending a quiet evening at home, trying to check off another item on his to-do list: Murder evil sorceress wife while she’s sleeping.

But she’s just piled up some pillows under the comforter, because you don’t get to be an evil sorceress wife by sleeping on the job. It’s a 24-hour lifestyle.

403 dark shadows lifestyle angelique barnabas

What follows is one of your all-time weirdest newlywed conversations. It turns out Angelique isn’t upset about the murder attempt; she’s just disappointed.

Angelique:  Do you really hate me that much?

Barnabas:  You are the witch. I know that.

Angelique:  I never wanted you to find out.

This, unfortunately, is not much of an apology.

Barnabas:  I listened outside of your door, when you made Victoria Winters run from her room. I think I know everything.

Angelique:  That I loved you? That I love you still? Do you really know that? I will always love you.

403 dark shadows knife angelique barnabas

He raises the dagger, and she cuts him off with a gesture.

Angelique:  You cannot kill me. I have many powers, Barnabas. I never wanted you to know that.

Barnabas:  I have powers, too! I will hate you until I end your life, and I will end it!

Angelique:  You’re going to put your arms down now. If I told those same arms to enclose me, to embrace me, they would. But I would not be that cruel.

Barnabas:  Cruel? Have you ever been anything else? You’ve been practicing your witchcraft in this house ever since you came here.

Angelique:  Do you want me to stop? I will, if you ask me. If you promise we’ll start over.

403 dark shadows cruel angelique barnabas

And that’s how committed Angelique is to her specific brand of crazy. Even now, with Barnabas holding a knife to her throat, she’s still doing a sales pitch.

Barnabas:  Are you so naive to think that I could forget?

Angelique:  Yes. You could forget, in time. When we met in Martinique, you saw a woman, not a witch. That woman stands before you now.

Barnabas:  That witch is still in your heart, and mine. You’ve destroyed all our lives. And yet you have no regrets.

403 dark shadows unreal barnabas angelique

It’s unreal. Nobody talks like this, especially on daytime television. It’s like they punched a hole in the back of the set, and discovered a whole new world of heightened melodrama on the other side that nobody else knew about.

This isn’t camp, or ironic. At this point, everyone involved in the show has drunk the Kool-Aid. They’re treating this with sincerity, and real passion.

This is a Sam Hall script, by the way. Although you probably guessed that from the enormous chunks of dialogue I’m transcribing.

403 dark shadows revealing barnabas angelique

Here’s a particularly revealing moment.

Angelique:  If you had loved me, the way you did in Martinique, none of this would have happened.

Barnabas:  I love Josette! Why do you seem to forget that?

Angelique:  Because I don’t want it to be so! I was so sure I could change it!

She gets swept up in the recollection.

Angelique:  I hated her! For once, I would have something that belonged to her.

403 dark shadows loved barnabas angelique

Oops. She turns away.

Angelique:  … But I loved you.

Yeah, great. Nice save.

403 dark shadows pitch barnabas angelique

Barnabas has had enough.

Barnabas:  Nothing you can do can make me continue this. Do you think we can carry on playing as if we were happily married?

Angelique:  That is exactly what we are going to do.

Barnabas:  I’m going to take you into Collinsport, and turn you over to the authorities.

Angelique:  No, you will never do that. And in time, as the years go by, you will learn that we can have a good life together.

403 dark shadows years angelique barnabas

And oh my God, you crazy bitch, are you still doing a sales pitch?

She is. Inside her twisted little mind, she’s actually convinced that this whole situation is going to turn around. This is salvageable for her.

In the end, she makes the obvious threat — if Barnabas walks out on her, or tells anyone about her, she’ll kill Josette.

403 dark shadows good nathan millicent

And then we cut to a comedy scene with Nathan and Millicent. It’s been a little while since we’ve seen them, and I’ve missed them terribly. Lieutenant Nathan Forbes is the handsome, manipulative rogue out to marry the extremely rich and impossibly sheltered Millicent Collins. He’s basically a cross between Tom Jones and Mr. Wickham, from Pride and Prejudice.

Millicent:  No, no! You must not come with me.

Nathan:  Oh, nonsense. I always see my ladies home.

Millicent:  A lady would not be getting in this late. Oh, what shall I say if someone sees me?

Nathan:  Well, it was such a lovely night, you decided to go for a walk.

Millicent:  I never walk. And it’s not lovely; it’s black, and gloomy.

Nathan:  Yes. As you are, very suddenly.

403 dark shadows ever millicent nathan

It’s gorgeous. This is one of those days that make you glad you’re a Dark Shadows fan; the episode starts out great, and gets better from there.

This scene is exactly what we’ve needed for a couple weeks. The Barnabas/Angelique/Josette love triangle is very strong and story-productive, but it’s been the only storyline going on, and that’s dangerous for a daily soap. You can’t keep the same three characters on screen every day; they need some time off.

Right now, they’ve only got one active B-story, which is Reverend Trask accusing Vicki of being a witch. They need to develop some more B-stories, so here comes Nathan and Millicent with some welcome comedy relief.

403 dark shadows bench millicent nathan

Millicent:  I don’t think you know anything about love. You talk about it, but you don’t feel it, I think. I mean, you talk about my loving you, not about your loving me. And to know about love, one must base one’s knowledge on one’s self, I’ve heard.

Nathan:  Hmm. Are you basing your knowledge on what you have felt?

Millicent:  We’re not talking about me. Oh, this is truly impossible. We shall never be alone again.

403 dark shadows ruined millicent nathan

Barnabas arrives at Collinwood, and finds them together. Millicent jumps up from the bench where they were sitting, and her immediate reaction is to yelp, “Oh! I am RUINED!” Then she starts to weep into her handkerchief.

Barnabas, obviously, has more important things on his mind, and he hardly even notices the impropriety of Millicent and Nathan spending unsupervised time together. Frankly, he couldn’t care less; he just wants Millicent to speak to Josette for him.

This is another great Rosencrantz moment, where the B-story is just quietly going on in the background, while the A-story people act out their sweeping melodrama. It’ll take a while, but eventually these background characters will take their place at the front of the stage. We just need all these A-story people to drop dead first.

403 dark shadows magic natalie barnabas

And then, to make things even better, here comes the Countess Natalie Du Prés, with some withering dialogue.

Natalie:  I have not seen you to congratulate you on your marriage, Barnabas.

Barnabas:  Countess, I must see Josette tonight.

Natalie:  What an odd way to spend your honeymoon.

And it just goes on like this, for the whole episode. Passionate, angry, stubborn and deeply eccentric, the citizens of Collinwood have come out to play tonight.

403 dark shadows eyes angelique

And we even get a new little bit of spectacle today. Angelique is upset that Barnabas left the house, so she draws a pair of big cartoon eyes on a piece of paper, and casts a spell to turn a bat into her personal security camera.

403 dark shadows bat by bil baird

And so we end with this little bit of lunatic scenecraft — it’s a “bat by Bil Baird” puppet, keeping a squeaky eye on the populace.

Good night, Collinwood, and good luck with whatever the hell it is that you think you’re doing. I love you.

Tomorrow: Oh My God, Vicki Is an Idiot.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

When Barnabas finds Millicent and Nathan together, the boom mic is in view at the top of the screen as Millicent jumps up from the bench.

Tomorrow: Oh My God, Vicki Is an Idiot.

403 dark shadows eyes

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

19 thoughts on “Episode 403: But I Loved You, and Other Excuses

  1. I guess Angelique didn’t have the Nicolas Blair satellite surveillance hanging wall mirror at that time to enter her GPS tracking coordinates for Barnabas.

    Also Danny I’m currently rewatching DS and am up to Episode 662. In regards to your previous DS 1991 review you mentioned you never saw the old Barnabas ‘hiss’ like Ben Cross did in Episode 2 of the Revival series. While not getting into too many details of the storyline for now I do think that in Episode 662 Barnabas does some scary things while attacking a girl
    on the docks and one of them definitely resembled a ‘hiss’.

  2. God, I want to live in the countess’ s red velvet nightgown. I mean, like a tent. Such great costuming in 1795.

    1. Barnabas is also being a serious cock blocker to Millicent and the Lieutenant. Just go to bed and give them some privacy!

    2. Living in the countess’ red velvet nightgown, eh? Well now, that could make for an “interesting” visual there, Neil. 😉

  3. Hi Danny and all,

    I am still very new to everything Dark Shadows; but in the manner of an alien explorer about to slip through some interdimensional rift in spacetime and enter a new universe, I tried to conduct some research before willingly experiencing this new realm of existence.

    I didn’t think it was realistic for me to try to explore every DS story. I don’t have ‘television/cable’ so my option for viewing the episodes is to stream them via my Roku. I can’t afford to purchase all the ‘season’ packages available via Amazon Video and Hulu only has episodes 1-290 and 534-735.

    So what I ultimately decided, after scanning through your brilliant (BRILLIANT!) blog and a couple Wikias (and concluding that Dr. Julia Hoffman’s character interested me the most, by far), was to try to simply watch every episode with her in it.

    [In all truth: I assumed I would implement this plan only until I lost interest in the show and probably end up only having watched up to 290 on Hulu].

    I first made the jump through the spacetime rift some weeks ago, using DS episode 265 as my landing platform; but far from losing interest by episode 290, I found that within … oh … about 9 seconds of Julia meeting Barnabas, I had fallen utterly in love with the DS universe as only an awed, half-blind interdimensional alien visitor to the realm can. (And I mean obsessively in love, necessitating I replace all my book-reading and film-watching time with Dark Shadows marathon watching sessions followed by [or sometimes amidst] reading your wonderful blog entries recapping each episode).

    Already I have viewed [strike-through ‘viewed’ replace with ‘experienced’ or ‘interacted with’] episodes 265-365 but have suddenly been halted in my journey because … well, you know what happens in episode 365.

    I planned to skip to 461, when the seance ends back in nineteen sixty mumble. And I still think I would rather do that, to really try to see the Dark Shadows events through Julia’s eyes (those huge, heavily eyelinered, frequently-squinting-under-arched-eyebrows eyes).

    But I’ve just double-checked IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0036629/filmoseries#tt0059978) and noticed it indicates Dr. Julia Hoffman randomly appears in this episode: 403. (Not Grayson Hall as one of her other characters but “Dr. Julia Hoffman.”)

    Reading your description, that appears to be a mistake. There is no sudden shift in perspective, back to the ‘modern-day’ characters conducting the seance, is there?

    Thanks in advance for confirming this and whether I can re-initiate my explorations, as I expected to, with episode 461.

    I really can’t wait to see what she (and the rest of them) are thinking/feeling as they stare at the time traveling governess during that seance and wonder what has happened to Victoria.

    (And I’m kinda wondering, now, what they would make of me: the spacetime interdimensional, invisible alien observer of them all! 😉

    1. I love your method of watching Dark Shadows — everybody who watches the show should be just as melodramatic and interesting about it as you are. Well done.

      Julia does not appear in this episode — Grayson Hall plays Natalie, IMDb is incorrect. You can move on to 1968 with a clear conscience.

      But Julia does make several surprise appearances midway through the next time trip, so you should watch for those. I hope you post again, and tell us how things are going.

  4. Barnabas apparently is not good in the bedroom. By that I mean he flubs his assassination attempts (Angelique/Julia) and cannot go thru with his biting attacks on Vicki. May need some Viagra.

  5. After all the secrecy and manipulation, that Barnabas and Angelique scene is so incredibly satisfying to watch. And then the comedic relief of Millicent and Nathan? Absolutely perfect. Sam Hall wrote the hell out of this script. Fantastic episode!

  6. The amount of weapons passing through Barnabas’ hands these days would make Jack The Ripper pause. Duels with guns, knives in the bedroom, vials with poison in them…..Perhaps Angelique’s efforts are towards her new best-seller, “How To Create A Madman Vampire In Only 4 Weeks!”

  7. Great to see Millicent back and I loved her scenes with Nathan – and Barnabas’s interactions with both of them. I guess we’ll just have to call Millicent “Miss Titters of 1795!”

  8. Wow, what a great exchange between Barnabas and Angelique. This you would never hear during ANY marriage counseling session!

    That having been said, you realy understand where Angelique is coming from. Her insistence that for once she would have something that belonged to Josette (her man) speaks not only to the personal but the class differences that Angelique has always resented about her station in life.

  9. I’m watching DS for the first time, (tho I’ve seen the 90s version and heard lots of Big Finish audios)and stated with episode 1, because I’m a completist. Anyway, that bat at the end doesn’t look like a physical prop, but more like someone has gotten a black texta and drawn on the actual film.

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