Episode 1156: The Framing

“What gods are against us, what gods?”

So! This is where your evil has lured you!

A higher authority than I will judge you!

Don’t try to escape, because I will shoot you, and then it would be quite obvious how guilty you were!

The Devil is against you, Samantha, and I say that with great sorrow.

There’s one word that everyone’s afraid to mention in this place — witchcraft!

Fear is spreading through this town like wildfire.

You know, Trask, you’re one of those peculiar emotional vultures who likes to fly around looking for a disaster, and then you swoop!

How can I be glad? My brother is dead!

You’ve never shown a human emotion in your life! No pity, no love! Only that mind of yours — cruel, devious — only interested in the things it shouldn’t be interested in!

Would it not be worse for him to grow up in this atmosphere of evil? When I think of the heinous practices that have gone on in this house!

You have crossed the river of indecision, and joined those on the other side who would be saved!

Quentin will enmesh you in his evil! And you will not even know it, until it’s too late!

Are you already a member of Quentin’s coven?

On the note — was the mark of the Devil!

There was a look on Quentin’s face — a look that said that he knew what he was going to do!

Tomorrow: The Last Sheriff.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

When Samantha stands up from her needlepoint, the camera tries to follow, and bobbles up and down.

Samantha steps on Gabriel’s line when he asks, “Do you ever think of Quentin — really think?”

At the beginning of the police station scene in act 2, Ward steps on Quentin’s line.

Quentin asks Ward, “Mordecry Grimes was here to visit you, wasn’t he?” Ward starts to answer, and Quentin says, “I know what he says! He thinks I destored his cattle.”

Ward tells Quentin, “Randall Drew was supposedly coming here to tell me proof of those accusations.”

There’s some offstage noise when Samantha asks Quentin, “What am I going to tell Tad?”

Ward asks Samantha, “Was your brother and Mr. Collins friends, after your brother’s returns?”

Behind the Scenes:

Constable Jim Ward is played by Roger Hamilton, who appears in today’s episode, and tomorrow’s. This is his only screen credit, but he had a long career on Broadway. He was an assistant stage manager in the 1950s, and his first on-stage role was in Little Moon of Alban in 1960. He played Claudius in the original 1967 production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, and in the 1970s, he appeared in the original productions of The Rothschilds and Pippin.

Tomorrow: The Last Sheriff.

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

33 thoughts on “Episode 1156: The Framing

  1. “There’s some offstage noise when Samantha asks Quentin, ‘What am I going to tell Tad?'”

    Tad? Who’s Tad?

    1. The children, who spawned this whole thing, have been long forgotten. Doesn’t David Hennessy make one more appearance before the show closes?

  2. I love Samantha. I love it when Quentin’s wives give him hell but unlike Jenny, Samantha is strong and assertive. Jenny was just way too unbearable – and screechy. And nuts – thanks to Quentin.
    PT Maggie was headed that way but thankfully, she got the hell out of that house before he drove her insane, too. What a husband!

      1. I love the 1840’s – Gerard, Samantha, Gabriel, Daniel, Flora, Lamar & Roxanne, Barnabas & Angelique – I even liked Judah Zachery’s head! I still jump when he opens his eyes for the first time.

          1. I agree, but Judah’s head didn’t have the sense of humor of Count Petofi. He was my favorite villain!

            1. Yes. Judah wasn’t much from trading quips in the drawing room.

              Nicolas Blair or Petofi probably take first place for that.

              1. The bit where Petofi made the 1897 characters do a 180 was really fun (uptight Charity being possessed by Pansy, and Edmund thinking he’s a servant).

                1. Petofi was so entertaining, he could make people he possessed riveting! I still say David Henesy’s turn as L’il Petofi was his best performance.

                  1. I’ve made it clear that I’m no David Henesy fan, but yes, credit where credit is due, he was delicious when he was acting Petofi (“why are you looking at my gloves?”)

    1. I like Samantha as well. I still think her telling Quentin that Tad wasn’t his was a strategic mistake, but the show keeps trying to paint this MARRIED MAN who was a serious adulterer, took her kid on a dangerous voyage, and let her think they were both DEAD for months as some kind of romantic hero–as he seduces his suicided because of him former mistress’s younger sister, and I’m sorry, but you can have Rascal Quentin do that kind of shit because of werewolf curses and such, but not Mopey Quentin Who Can’t Pull Off Moping Next To All Time World Champ Barnabas.

    1. Just started. Will stop at the end of episode 3 tonight. I so wish I were watching this on a big screen with some people who like this kind of show instead of by myself on the computer. If Hill house hadn’t done that dad’s restoration career in, maybe he could have moved on to a restoring the probably vacant HODS/NODS Collins estate. 🙂

      Just makes me really wish somebody would get hold of Dark Shadows and give it the same sort of quality treatment they’re giving Hill House.

      1. “Just makes me really wish somebody would get hold of Dark Shadows and give it the same sort of quality treatment they’re giving Hill House.”

        I totally agree.

  3. Lamar is the funniest Trask. Too bad he didn’t make it alive into 1841 PT- if a mopey vampire could carry the show for four years, a lunatic shouting about “THE ALMIGHTY!” would certainly be good for nine weeks.

  4. Have we ever learned Edith’s maiden name? What if it was Bradford? Maybe Edith is the daughter of Peter Bradford and Victoria Winters? It fits in the timeline. That would make Victoria Winters the grandmother of Edith’s unseen children and the ancestress of Judith, Quentin, Carl, Jameson, Elizabeth, Roger, Carolyn, and David. It might explain her similarity in looks to Elizabeth and Judith. Something to think about.

    1. Superb! Of course if she really was Elizabeth’s daughter then she’d be her own great-great-great-great grandmother!
      That takes Roger’s ‘incesters’ to a whole new level!!

  5. I really liked Gabriel this episode. He’s a nasty, malicious piece of work in general. But only behind closed doors, it seems. It was quite touching that despite everything he was defending his brother from outside attack.

      1. Such an awesome reveal. Yet despite my vague memory of the 1840 storyline, I wasn’t surprised, because that moment was one of a handful from these episodes that stood out in my recollection. And watching it again I was able to appreciate how well executed it was, and superbly acted by both Mr. Pennock and Mr. Edmonds, requiescant in pace.

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