Episode 1075: The Night of the Sun and the Moon

“Well, at least you’re not accusing us of outright madness.”

And now I shall show you what hasn’t been seen by human eyes for more than one hundred and thirty years.

She’s the same woman I saw in my dream.

Stop talking for a minute, I’m trying to think something out.

Then the fact that so very little has been written about them would indicate that something unusual happened to them.

The portrait is secure, and so am I.

You know, there’s always a little mysterious, and, well, something a little frightening about, well, the moon, going totally dark when the earth’s shadow crosses over it.

What are we going to tell them, that they’re going to die, and they’re going to come back as some sort of mysterious ghost?

Some of them look like I wrote them, some look like you.

Where is the room? The portrait of Abner Collins didn’t find it for us.

Just tell about the ones that tell about the playroom, please.

Elizabeth’s had her chart drawn up by an astrologist?

It states that Collinwood is to come under a siege of unrelieved tranquility.

I’ve got to tell her that there’s danger for the entire house!

Whatever happens isn’t necessarily going to happen to the children, it could happen to anyone!

“When the music ends, the play begins.” I wish it would make more sense!

Monday: Say Yes to the Dress.

More Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

When Barnabas looks out the drawing room window at the moon, you can get a glimpse of one of the studio lights.

David tells Hallie, “We need a lot more cues — clues.”

After Julia leaves David’s room, someone in the studio coughs.

Dark Shadows Wiki points out that the final picture used for the lunar eclipse is actually from a solar eclipse. Lunar eclipses don’t have a “ring”.

Behind the Scenes:

Don Briscoe (who played werewolf Chris Jennings) was fired from Dark Shadows back in April, while Barnabas was in Parallel Time. His behavior had become erratic, based on some combination of drug use and mental health problems.

Now that they’ve returned to the present-day storyline, Chris is gone, taking his sister Amy (Denise Nickerson) and girlfriend Sabrina (Lisa Richards) with him. Richards last appeared in June, and Nickerson’s last episode was in July. Alex Stevens, the stunt man who played Chris as the werewolf, growled for the last time back in March.

This episode is the only time the characters are mentioned after Parallel Time; Quentin looks at the full moon, and says, “I hated to see him and Sabrina and Amy go away together, like they did. I can’t help thinking about what may be happening to them, especially on a night like this.” The werewolf storyline, which ran on and off from November 1968 to March 1970, is never resolved on the show.

Big Finish has continued the story in their line of Dark Shadows audio plays. In 2013’s The Enemy Within, Sabrina reveals the tragic way that her marriage to Chris ended, and she continues to battle against the werewolf curse in 2014’s Carriage of the Damned. Amy returns in 2013’s The Lucifer Gambit, and she plays an important role in several following audiobooks, leading up to one of the major story threads in the 2015 Bloodlust miniseries. If you want to follow this story, Dark Shadows Every Day readers can get a 25% discount on Big Finish’s Dark Shadows audiobooks range, by using the code DSED25OFF when you check out. This offer is valid until Dec 31, 2017.

Monday: Say Yes to the Dress.

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— Danny Horn

37 thoughts on “Episode 1075: The Night of the Sun and the Moon

  1. “We need a lot more cues” is the second greatest DS Freudian slip, though well behind number one, “incestors.”
    Hallie looks like Tonya Harding.

    1. “Hallie looks like Tonya Harding.” Ha! if Henesy had waited until this storyline to have his accident, then we could have had a crazed Tonya Hallie be the one to break his legs, instead of Jeb.

    2. “Hallie looks like Tonya Harding.”

      LOL! Tonya Harding was… not an attractive young woman. So I have to disagree.

  2. Here is where David starts wearing a nerdy cardigan sweater for episodes upon episodes and Hallie starts wearing mod Brady Bunch dresses. The lack of chemistry is palpable and the clothing clash just exemplifies this. They are as mismatched on camera as Quentin and Beth were. Just painful.

    1. To be fair, nothing’s going to look like a spark between David and anybody for a long time after seeing him and Amy together. I know they were just kids, but to my eyes they had a chemistry that was like lightning in a bottle. Those early days in 1969 when they were first exploring the west wing were so exciting!

      1. You could hear David thinking “AMY was never this big a load. AMY never kept up the wailing and saying my name more than a damn telemarketer after I twisted her arm behind her back a couple times.”

  3. David’s been possessed by Mr. Rogers!

    In the fourth picture, it looks like Julia’s trying to eeever so casually lean over and sneak her head onto Barnabas’s unsuspecting shoulder.

    1. Awful as Sebastian Shaw’s dress is in these episodes, I’d say David’s costume vies with it in sheer terribleness. With that belt hiked up to his ribs and that sweater, he looks like a cranky old South Boston Irishman who’s about to give you a bunch of his opinions.

  4. Quentin drives me crazy in this part of the show. I’m sorry, but you simply do not get to have a magic portrait that makes you immortal and keeps your lycanthropy in check, have a time-traveling vampire for your best friend, and be a cynic! He sounds ridiculous.

    (Spellcheck wanted me to change lycanthropy to philanthropy. Spellcheck has led a sheltered life.)

    1. He sure does sound ridiculous! Why in the world would he doubt what Barnabas and Julia are telling him after all they have been through? And he just eggs it on by falling for the ghost of Daphne. I swear, this man needs a job – as in employment.

    2. So, seriously: is Quentin immortal because of the portrait, his lycanthropy, or both? Do werewolves age in normal time? That portrait looks like forty miles of bad road, so he really must’ve been whooping it up in every syphilis-ridden brothel between losing Amanda and getting whomped by Barnabas in front of the antique shop. Can werewolves get the clap?

    1. I think Abner and Oscar were ‘confirmed bachelors’, and because of their libertine lifestyles, were considered the ‘black sheep’ and not mentioned in family histories.

  5. Dark Shadows really needs Roger Collins at this point. Big time!

    And why in the world hasn’t Prof. Stokes taken Hallie away from Collinwood, given what Barnabas has told him? (I know, I know, she wasn’t his favorite niece and he didn’t want to listen to her whining around his house all day!)

  6. Hallie only name-checks David nine times in twenty-two minutes, for an average of once every two minutes and twenty-seven seconds. We may forget what his name is, at that rate!

  7. I love Quentin’s tie!

    I also found that there was a partial lunar eclipse on August 17, 1970, ten days after this episode aired. From Wikipedia: “ A partial lunar eclipse took place on August 17, 1970. The Earth’s shadow on the Moon was clearly visible in this eclipse, with 41% of the Moon in shadow; the partial eclipse lasted for 2 hours and 11 minutes.”

  8. Some of the things that I Absolutely Love about Dark Shadows–
    the music
    Mitch Ryan
    Barnabas (duh)
    the seance that sent Victoria Winters to 1795
    Nathan Forbes’ crossbow
    Dr. Lang (because he’s hilarious; I don’t care whether he’s awful or not)
    the final life force experiment, when Barnabas puts his foot down and says enough of this foolishness, I don’t care what you do to me
    Don Briscoe’s voice (“I’m SORRY”)
    Petofi and Blackwood fighting to the death
    Homicidal Parallel Roger
    all of the lovely young ladies
    All of which is to emphasize just how super depressing it is to see these actors, especially the veterans like Frid and Hall, stand around and talk about playrooms and clues and dresses and lilacs, blahbety blah blah, as if any of this gibberish garbage actually means anything.
    Oy. It’s almost actually painful. And it’s only just begun.

  9. Sick of the playroom theme. Ugh. Julia should have kept her hair short. Sorry the eclipse is affecting my mood…

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