Episode 1023: Rage Against the Machine

“I made myself into Yaeger, because I want to be Yaeger!”

Yaeger:  Well, Mrs. Collins, good evening.

Maggie:  Are you the gentleman who phoned me?

Yaeger:   At your service.

Maggie:  Who are you?

Yaeger:  Your friend, Mrs. Collins. Your friend.

Maggie:  Cyrus, I’m terribly sorry — I never would have stopped by so late like this, but…

Cyrus:  Maggie — what’s the matter? You’re frightened!

Maggie:  John Yaeger — he phoned me! I don’t know how I could have been so stupid!

Cyrus:  Yaeger?

Maggie:  Please tell me what you have to tell me.

Yaeger:   I was only going to say that I find you inescapably charming.

Cyrus:  I was the one who was so cruel to Buffie…

Maggie:  He said that he knew something about the seances! Cyrus, you didn’t tell him anything, did you?

Cyrus:  Of course I didn’t!

Yaeger:  Your husband was seen choking his wife at that first seance.

Maggie:  Go on.

Cyrus:  I was the one who killed Horace Gladstone!

Maggie:  But then, when he saw me…

Cyrus:  I was the one who walked up those streets…

Yaeger:  I hope you know that I’m doing you a very big favor…

Maggie:  Is it true that he’s a friend of yours?

Yaeger:  And I was wondering if you’d give me a favor, too.

Cyrus:  I’ve got to destroy John Yaeger!

Maggie:  Cyrus, you’re the only one in the world who can help me!

Cyrus:  I’ve got to destroy John Yaeger forever!

Yaeger:  Oh, Maggie… I touched you with these hands!

Maggie:  Do you know what he almost did?

Maggie:  If Miss Harrington hadn’t heard my screams… It was horrible!

Yaeger:  And someday, these lips are going to touch you, too!

Maggie:  He was holding me, and touching me… and laughing!

Cyrus:  Become Yaeger, and go after her! He’d never miss an opportunity like this!

Yaeger:  And no one’s going to stand in my way!

Cyrus:  Why do you just stand here? You can have her! Now!

Yaeger:  I’m sure she’s going to love explaining what she’s doing, meeting a stranger on a deserted street!

Maggie:  Please, just stay away from me!

Cyrus:  Maggie, you have my solemn word that you’re never going to see John Yaeger again.

Maggie:  If I could believe that…

Cyrus:  I remember how you looked, when he tried to force you…

Cyrus:  I made myself into Yaeger, because I want to be Yaeger!

Yaeger:  Now that I’ve met Mrs. Collins…

Cyrus:  Please believe me!

Yaeger:  I promise you… you’re going to enjoy our meetings!

Cyrus:  Please trust me!

Maggie:  Let go of me!

Yaeger:  Soon enough, Mrs. Collins — soon enough!

Tomorrow: The End of Love.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

When Buffie finds Yaeger pawing Maggie, she says she’ll call the police. Yaeger says, “Go ahead. Why don’t you — why don’t you tell them — why don’t you tell them all the sordid experiences, why — why she’s here!” The two women just look at him in shock, nobody can think of any way to respond to that particular utterance.

Yesterday, Yaeger had dark fur on the back of his hands; today, it’s gone.

Cyrus yells at the mirror, “I was the one who walked up those streets of Collinwood!”

When Roger approaches Maggie in the foyer, you can hear the sound of the crew sweeping up the broken mirror from the previous scene in Cyrus’ lab.

Angelique and Maggie’s conversation in the drawing room is staged so that they’re as far apart as possible, with Maggie looking very small huddled up against the doors. It’s a nice shot, but the boom mic struggles to pick up both of their voices.

When “Alexis” tells Maggie about how wonderful Quentin’s letters were, Maggie says, “Thank you, Angelique. That’s what I wanted to know.”

There’s an edit at the start of act 3 that clearly cuts off the first part of the scene — the music stops abruptly, and Roger and Angelique talk about something that just happened which we didn’t see.

Behind the Scenes:

This is Elizabeth Eis’ last episode as Buffie Harrington; she’ll return to the show in December as Mildred Ward.

Tomorrow: The End of Love.

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

32 thoughts on “Episode 1023: Rage Against the Machine

  1. I wonder what they use to get the bubbly foam effect for what Cyrus drinks to change into Yaeger. It looks tasty. Is it some kind of a raspberry shake drink mix? I want some!

      1. If you go back and watch the first time Cyrus changes into Yaeger, it appears that Chris Pennock is actually gagging on the mixture. I’ve always wanted to ask him if he remembers what it was made of.

      1. yes. Or I was thinking of that Jello product that came out that would separate into three textured layers, with the top layer looking like the foam seen here. It could also be jello whipped together with whipped cream. I just hope it wasn’t Pepto!

    1. Buffie is still around, Barnabas sends someone, who we’ll soon be introduced to, to stay with her.

    2. After the PT 1970 story ends, RT Quentin reports that he looked into the Parallel Time room and saw a girl searching for Barnabas. Most fans assume he’s talking about PT Roxanne, but it could have been Buffie he saw. Quentin doesn’t provide much 411 on the woman’s description; mightn’t Buffie be wondering why Barnabas hasn’t been around to bite her lately and be searching for him at PT Collinwood?

      1. Fans assume it’s Roxanne because that who is clearly implied. There are other implications too. But I’ll wait until the episode in question is discussed…at least a month away

  2. One thing that we miss in this narrative, is any mention of vampire attacks. Which might mean that Barnabas has learned how to fly under the radar. He probably has a string of blood slaves, starting with Buffy, and paces himself as he alternates between them. If none of them end up at the hospital, or the morgue, or among missing persons, well, no one will ever know that there is a vampire around, and he can go on his merry way, sticking his nose in what is none of his business

    1. When I started watching regularly back in 1970 during the Parallel Time storyline my impression was that Barnabas had his vampirism somewhat under control. In fact there’s an upcoming incident where his biting of a certain character looks downright tame.

      1. I for one miss the days when cows were bit into by someone who misunderstood the concept of “rare.”

        1. As I recall, it was Willie who had the chore of draining the livestock, as would be strongly implied in the way Barnabas would send Willie out of the house and into the night whenever it was “time for that job that you have to do” and Willie would always react with dread each time. As Sheriff Patterson explains, each animal was “expertly drained” leaving not a drop remaining or any sign of telltale bites as would be detected with Barnabas’ human victims. In those days, in addition to being a guardian servant-slave, Willie was also a mule.

            1. At least one of the original cows came from the farm of Joe’s uncle, who I presume to have been Chris, Tom, and Amy’s father. Since PT Amy and Chris’s last name is Collins, maybe Farmer Jennings and his dairy herd don’t exist in PT Collinsport.

              1. Maybe in parallel time, there’s a goat farm in its place. (I’d wonder if PT Collinsport is still a fishing town, but there’s the waterfront still, even if the Collins clan themselves made their fortune in, say, pemmican).

  3. Isn’t this the first episode to end with “DAN CURTIS PRODUCTIONS, INC.” in text instead of logo, with no credits?

    I can only assume this ending style was used for more suspenseful cliffhangers – much like the log with no credits was.

      1. And I’m not sure why this different style was used a few times. This episode doesn’t seem an especially suspenseful cliffhanger to me. Maggie finds old letters?

  4. This episode really collapses Cyrus and John into one. Yeager is not Cyrus’s subconscious (like the Jekyll/Hyde plot often plays), he’s just Cyrus in a mustache. John drinks a quick potion just to swap facial hair. Otherwise their consciousnesses have become indistinguishable; they know and remember the same things and they want the same things. Cyrus/John isn’t a science experiment gone awry—he’s just a serial killer with an elaborate ritual.

    1. “ Yesterday, Yaeger had dark fur on the back of his hands; today, it’s gone.”

      They could have done something with that. When Yeager first appears he has the big putty-nose as well. So it could be said that the potion’s effectiveness is weakening and the physical change from Cyrus to Yeager is gradually lessening.

      That’s the risk you take when you murder your supplier of chemicals!

  5. It’s so nice to have Louis Edmonds back. The story needs that bit of spark he brings. With him it’s more fun to watch already.
    I did not remember that Ms. Eis returns. I will be waiting for Mildred Ward’s appearance. I’m glad that at least they didn’t kill Buffie off.

    1. Ugh, yes. And the way he lolls his tongue around… but later, when he licks his fingers, I seriously thought I was gonna barf. And btw, thanks Danny, for that image! lol

  6. I’m happy to report that in this episode, Yaeger’s widow’s peak has receded a a bit, but is now smack dab in the middle of his forehead, directly over his nose. Stay tuned for developments.

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