Episode 975: Bruno Dies at the End

“Did you really think that if you didn’t answer me, I’d go away?”

Now that the time draws near, Mr. Jennings, are you willing to be sensible?


That knife doesn’t need to hurt you. You’re already dead!


Does she realize that very soon, she’s going to be a very young widow?


As each minute goes by, you have less and less existence!


Whoever controls him, controls a source of great power.


What a pity you can’t read my mind!


You didn’t expect me to forget what you become!


I have an enemy — a man who shouldn’t be alive, but he is!


How desperate you must feel, knowing that tomorrow it’ll be even more beautiful, and more full!


Did you really think that if you didn’t answer me, I’d go away?


I’ve offended your sensibilities?


Even if you have the pain, I want no screams!


You won’t be heard much longer, my dear!


He isn’t going to see me, and you’re not going to see him!


And you never will — because I’m going to KILL you!

Monday: Another Another World.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

At the start of act 3, it looks like they’re fading from a sunset to a shot of a person, but then the music skips and we see a clock instead.

When Bruno moves to open the door for Carolyn, he drops the key on the floor, and has to retrieve it.

Monday: Another Another World.


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— Danny Horn

45 thoughts on “Episode 975: Bruno Dies at the End

  1. Yeah, there’s really not much to Bruno besides menacing threats, is there? I was quite happy to see him go, then found myself groaning out loud when they introduced his alternate self in Parallel Time. Ugh. Without the menacing threats, he’s even more boring and repulsive to look at.

    1. Yeah, Bruno’s alternate self isn’t all that alternate. They should have given him a chance to play a romantic lead in PT.

    2. At least when he was Petofi’s lackey he had a taste for flamboyant waistcoats. Now he just has that enormous Thunderbird hair and dead animal coat.

  2. Declining days indeed. The Leviathan storyline’s slow death march was painful to watch the on the first viewing and time has not been kind to it one bit. During Dark Shadows’ best times it had a kind of campy charm. But this period is is so joyless. It’s too bad IT wasn’t a parallel universe from which we (viewers and characters) could all escape and look at through the doors of the East Wing and think, “I’m glad we don’t live in that world”!

      1. Considering some of the inexplicable time paradoxes that are coming up in the dimension-crossing and time-hopping in the last year of Dark Shadows multiple parallel universes may be the answer to questions I’ve had for years

        1. Interesting you should say that… I’ve long been operating under the assumption that, whenever there’s a HUGE discrepancy between an episode ending and its recap the next day, we’ve jumped a minor time band. It’s a bit like the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION episode in which Worf keeps leaping into timelines in which only one or two things have changed. The differences in the episodes could be explained away like that, thus providing reasons that, say, Carolyn goes from being gung-ho about killing Julia on a Friday to bring completely against it the following Monday; or Julia and Cassandra in one episode are quite chummy and coming back from discussing the occult with Stokes together. Not to mention all those different versions of Barnabas’ past with Josette, or his sudden more sympathetic reason for helping the damn Leviathans… Those moments could be written off as continuity errors in any other show, but in THIS one, they could indeed be miniature parallel universes. LOTS of them.

          1. I believe it has more to do with parallel Curtises.

            If Dan Curtis loses interest in a particular story thread, then it changes. Or if, on a whim, he decides to introduce a ghost or a vampire, then the story changes.

            For instance, for several months early on, Vicky Winters was seeing Frank Garner, son of attorney Richard Garner who represented Liz Stoddard. At one point, when the firm of Garner & Garner open up a branch office in Collinsport, Frank then has the opportunity to be nearer to Vicky.

            But we never find out what becomes of Frank and Vicky, because the character of Frank Garner was simply dropped soon after. Then, Vicky all of a sudden has new gentleman callers, like Burke Devlin and Barnabas Collins — as if Frank Garner never even existed. Richard Garner remains on the show, but his ever helpful and officious son is never mentioned again.

            It’s unlikely that Conard Fowkes had other obligations at the time, because his only other work in 1967 was a single episode on The Edge of Night. More likely, Dan Curtis simply lost interest in the character when, on a whim, he decided to bring in a vampire.

            The only thing that could override Dan Curtis’ level of interest or whims was the volume of fan mail, which was a factor that stopped him from killing off two key characters in 1967 as he had planned — Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman.

            1. True – but nothing says these two explanations are mutually exclusive, yes? There are definitely production-based reasons for inconsistencies in any show’s continuity, but few other shows have the concept of parallel timeliness built in, providing an in-universe explanation for those problems as well.

              1. Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the circumstances under which he was no longer appearing on the show. I suppose that was a cardinal sin, asking for a raise when, to my knowledge, all the regular credited players received the same amount of pay for an episode ($330), whether you were Conard Fowkes or Joan Bennett.

                I suppose a better example of when Curtis loses interest in a story and unceremoniously drops both a character and the actor who plays the character would be Adam.

                1. The story I read (somewhere–sorry, can’t remember where) is that Conard Fowkes didn’t just ask for a raise; he asked for a contract similar to Joan Bennett’s where he would get a guaranteed amount of money and number of episodes (and get paid anyway if that guaranteed number of episodes didn’t occur).

            2. Conard did work on lots of different soaps over the years. It’s too bad DS didn’t do a full cast end credit roll the way soaps eventually did, listing all the contract players in alphabetical order and then the day players and under-fivers at the end. That way we’d know (for what it was worth) who was on contract and who was not.

            3. I think they should have tried to bring Conard back for 1795 and had him play the Peter Bradford character – this would have been a treat for the viewers who had followed the show from the beginning and would have fit nicely with Vicki recognizing him as the ‘Frank Garner’ counterpart. With the abrupt ‘death’ of Burke it would have been a comfort to see a familiar face instead of obnoxious Roger Davis.

          2. Yeah, back at ep 465, I flagged the fact that the Collinwood that Vicki left in 1967 was not the same Collinwood that she returned to in 1968. I wouldn’t necessarily say that there’s 1245 different parallel universes, one for each episode plus some extras for holidays, but the feedback and feedforward loops from Vicki’s irresponsible time travel created some stubborn chrono-synclastic infundibula.


            1. Listen…Vicki Winters has come unstuck in time. 🙂

              I had been about to leave a message that there WERE 1245 different parallel universes! Curse you, Inspector Dim! You are too clever for us naughty people.

              Maybe not 1245, but at least a few hundred. It would explain much.

              1. I’m just happy to have some validation of my theory – I don’t need 1245 alternate time lines. Hell, I’m barely holding my own right now with 1970 Parallel Time. 🙂

            2. I agreed with your assessment that the Collinwood Vicki left in ’67 wasn’t the same that she returned to in ’68. Not unlike the first “Back to the Future” movie where Marty returns to an alternate present time and displayed himself: an alternate Marty McFly raised by a successful dad and seemingly happily-married mom with two well-adjusted siblings. OR you could use the
              “Frequency” answer. There was no alternate John Sullivan character. Just someone who basically stayed in one place but retained memories of all various timelines as history was changed in the past. Present day Barnabas had memories of at least two 1796-96 timelines one with a Phyllis Wick AND another with Victoria Winters

  3. Prisoner, Conard worked for more than one episode on The Edge of Night. He was on for awhile. IMDB is not the best source when it comes to how many episodes an actors appears in a TV series – especially a soap.

    1. Yes, I suppose not. James Hall, who first played Willie Loomis, has a similar credit for Edge of Night in 1970, with the listing making it seem as if it were a single episode. But in a recent interview, Hall mentioned that he was on Edge of Night for around a year.

  4. Bruno thinks he’s Bogart, but doesn’t realize he’s actually Elisha Cook Jr. (who typically died before the end.)

  5. Dear Maniacal Laughter,

     How I've missed you! Bruno's incessant cackling brought us together again, if only for a fleeting moment, but now he's been murdered, and besmirched. He's been banned, burned and abolished. His anguish has been extinguished. 

    In his world of high fashion, there was one fashion accessory one should never be caught without, when the moon is full: a silver pentagram.

    1. You’d think, since WEREWOLVES are the mortal enemies of the Lame-viathans, that they might have chosen the pentagram for their talisman, or something made of silver to ward off the lycanthropes! Guess the committee went with the ‘style over substance’ of the snake with four heads. Those Satanists had already taken the star thing anyhow…

      1. After making silver pentagrams, and silver bullets, for several members of the Collins family, their friends, servants, and lawyers, and for a lot of other seemingly unrelated people throughout Collinsport, the Braithwaites eventually started to ask questions…..

    1. I didnt really care for Bruno’s parts. He was always the slickster-didnt even know how to be. I was glad when Barnabas kicked his ass about Julia when he saw her ring on his finger. Not sure if he killed him or not, but he did find Julia. By now Barnabas is fighting everybody about Julia. Fuck around if you want too…lol. It is so cute!

    1. She’s so great! All mouthy and Tennessee Williams Angry Wife with her little tunic and slacks.

  6. I liked Bruno well enough, not a top favorite character, but he was still sort of amusing. I love his first scene where he claims “I”ll do ANYTHING!”
    Anything? Like cross the street, without looking both ways? Commit mucilage in a public library? Go to church naked on Sunday morning, and do heroin in front of everybody?

    His menace reminds me of part Frank Gorshin’s Ridler, part Richard Widmark as Tommy Udo in Kiss Of Death, and part Ed Wood actor of your choice.

  7. Speaking of parallel time lines, what the heck happened to Sky Rumson from the previous episode? The cliffhanger was that Chris opened a closet door and found a tied-up, seemingly half-dead Sky. Wasn’t even mentioned in this episode (and all the doors changed places in Bruno’s house again, too).

    1. I asked out loud “Is Sky still in the closet?” You’d think even a brickhead like him would yell or kick the door or something.

  8. –I must say that the actor playing Chris Jennings is starting to look a bit on the dissipated side. I wonder if he’s about to wrap up his appearances on DS.

    –About the actor playing Bruno, I find his acting to be painful to watch, and made even more painful by the amount of lines he’s given.

    –I agree with commenter TD; why weren’t we shown what had happened to Sky Rumson?

    –Finally, a plea to the Leviathan storyline: please END!

  9. Chris’ escape attempt wasn’t very well thought through. He jumps up, shouts “Sabrina!” and tries to remove the curtain from the window.

    1. It sounded to me like he said, “Sabrina, run!” So I think his plan was to distract Bruno with a halfhearted escape attempt so that she could get away. Only she didn’t run, because unlike him she has half a brain and immediately realized it was an idiotic plan.

  10. Yeah, what the HELL is going on with the rooms in that house. Were the directors having a spat? “The locked room is over HERE!” “Well, I’m directing THIS episode & I say it’s over HERE!”

      1. A jump to the left puts the outside door to the left and a step to the right moves it to the right. Afraid to see what happens with your hands on your hips!

  11. Is, or was, I guess, anybody else just utterly fed up with this idiot plot B episode Batman TV Villain drawn out murder plot of Nicholas and Bruno’s?

    For one thing, Jeb is a regular human being now! Nary a tentacle or Naga to be found–if you want him dead, just fucking shoot him! This is Collinwood, with a gun tucked in every single drawer and closet! Or Bruno, quit talking for three seconds and stab the guy!

    But okay, for some reason they don’t want the direct approach, like he’s got leftover protection to go with his will to live or whatever, fine. What they’re actually planning is somehow worse. Even if their plan was to use Chris to kill Jeb, it’s ridiculously convoluted, but to use him to kill Carolyn is 100% pure uncut stupid.

    Why???? She’s a regular human being! There’s nothing supernatural about or around her! Just like with Jeb, walk into the never locked mansion and gun her down and Jeb will crumble to little bits and there, done! What makes Werewolf Chris so damn indispensable to this scenario?

    Gah, no wonder Nicholas is never going to win the Infernal Employee of the Month steak knives set. He gets all rococo with everything he does and ends up facing Diabolos going “okay, you’re gonna laugh…”

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