Episode 763: The One Where Magda Finds Out

“An afternoon of cards — a night of murder!”

The curtain rises on what is honestly one of the most irritating scenes that Dark Shadows has ever done.

So you already know the thing with Tim Shaw, we’ve talked about this. He’s played by Don Briscoe, who only three months ago was the undisputed titleholder of Only Hot Guy on the Show. Except he’s not the sexy haunted bad boy werewolf anymore, with a Southern drawl and an easy smile and a tendency to take his shirt off on camera whenever he feels like it. Now he’s a prissy schoolmaster with a tight collar and a weird part in his hair, and he translates Latin for kicks. Oh, and he’s being secretly trained as an assassin.

You’d think that maybe the trained-assassin thing could be kind of sexy and interesting, but no. They’ve decided they want to do The Manchurian Candidate this week, because that’s what you do when you’ve got a spare few minutes on your soap opera spookshow. So Tim is being hypnotized into murdering someone on cue, without being consciously aware of it.

Now, I’ve never been opposed to having the cute boys hypnotized and forced to do shocking and terrible things against their will. That concept is entirely okay with me. But the way that they hypnotize Tim is that they paint the edges of a book with magic hypno-assassin juice, and they ask him to read it. So he sits there and reads, and every time he’s done with a page, he licks his finger and turns to the next page.

This is a deeply unsexy thing to do.

But that’s how they establish that Tim is being hypnotized, so they spend several long scenes with us just watching him sit there and read, licking his finger. They even have a conversation where they specifically point out that he licks his finger to turn the page, just to make sure we’re spending a lot of time focusing on this entirely aggravating and unsanitary habit.

Even the murder weapon is boring and lame. When Tim sees the hypnotic trigger — the Queen of Spades, just like in The Manchurian Candidate — then he goes and pours a drink, dumps some poison in it, and hands it to whoever’s in the room with him at the time. And they spend several scenes running drills — showing him the trigger, and making him go put poison in a drink. This is not a particularly difficult skill to grasp, but they make us watch it three times over the course of two episodes. And honestly, that poison drink looks more and more appetizing every time we see it. The whole sequence is dull and baffling and unpleasant and disappointing, and it makes me want to hit somebody.

And yet this is one of the most thrilling Dark Shadows episodes ever made. Explain that!

763 dark shadows magda beth finds out

Because today is the day that Magda Finds Out.

We’re three months in on the 1897 time travel storyline, and so far it’s been a lot of fun — vivid, funny characters having overlapping interpersonal conflicts, with a brand-new pop star lead character — but it’s also been kind of unfocused.

The 1795 storyline had two big anchor stories, one for each of the two lead characters  — the toxic love triangle between Barnabas, Josette and Angelique, and everybody in the 18th century ganging up on Vicki. It hasn’t really been clear what 1897’s story is ultimately about.

Quentin’s been ping-ponging around through a lot of different stories, never quite committing to any of them long-term. He started out scheming to get his grandmother’s will and claim the family fortune, but after he lost that battle, he basically forgot about it. He’s declared war on Barnabas, and then un-declared it. He’s sort of fallen in love with Beth, but he’s still hitting on every other character. He can’t even stay dead.

763 dark shadows quentin beth animals

But the werewolf story is the one he can’t just shake off. He murdered his crazy wife Jenny in a thoroughly pre-meditated misunderstanding, and then it turned out that Jenny was related to Magda, the comedy gypsy who suddenly became the most sincere character on the show. Furious and grieving, Magda hit Quentin at point-blank range with a curse that turns him into a unstoppable murder machine when the full moon rises.

Finally, the player has become the played, and they’re not going to let him out of this one. They’ve had several months to establish Quentin’s roguish bona fides, and now comes the consequences. “Suddenly, I’m beginning to pay for all the things I’ve ever done and gotten away with,” he says. That’s a big moment for this character.

757 dark shadows magda angelique quentin

But there’s one more step required to make this the top-drawer storyline it needs to be: making a direct connection to one of the other A-Team characters. They just established last week that they can bring together the four permanent stars of the show — Barnabas, Angelique, Quentin and Julia/Magda — to form an unbeatable team of scene-stealers. If they want the werewolf story to stick — and it has to, because it’s the connection to the 1969 storyline that we left behind — then Quentin has to get the other big shots on board.

Unfortunately, Barnabas’ relationship with Quentin’s story is fairly abstract. Barnabas came back to 1897 to find a way to stop Quentin’s ghost from taking over Collinwood in the 20th century, but he’s not quite sure how to go about it, and he may just end up being a spectator. Angelique is even more distant from the story — her only interest is protecting Barnabas, and she has no skin in the werewolf game.

So they need to keep the story connected to Magda. You’d think that would be easy, since she’s the one who cursed Quentin. But it’s one of those long-term spells that doesn’t require regular maintenance, so it’s not clear what else she can do. This was the problem with the Dream Curse in spring 1968 — Angelique cast the spell, but then the story rambled around from one character to another, leaving Angelique with nothing to do.

The revelation that Magda is Jenny’s sister was a powerful blow, initiating the curse, but that’s over, and she can’t curse him again. So now what? She just stands around with a satisfied grin as Quentin runs around in circles, chasing his tail?

763 dark shadows beth magda secret

That’s why this moment is so important. Beth runs to Magda, to beg her to stop the curse. Magda says no, naturally, because what kind of revenge would it be, if she only cursed Quentin for a couple nights?

And then we get the big reveal that they’ve been holding back: Magda tells Beth that the curse will be passed down to Quentin’s children, which means that Jenny’s twins are also cursed. Magda didn’t know about the twins, and now she realizes that she’s cursed her own family.

It’s an astonishing moment, tying up lots of little clues that they established back in the 20th century. The little boy buried in the woods with a silver pentagram around his neck was Quentin and Jenny’s son, and now the tragedy hits both Quentin and Magda with equal force. Just like Angelique cursing Barnabas in 1795, the curse rebounds on the reckless witch.

763 dark shadows magda beth victim

For a minute there, it looked like the story was just a simple good-vs-evil morality play. Magda was the injured party, finally bringing Quentin to justice. “Suddenly, I’m beginning to pay for all the things I’ve ever done and gotten away with.” That could have been the whole story.

But now it’s clear that Magda is also part of the cycle of violence that will destroy them all. She was willing to sacrifice practically everyone else she knows, setting a vicious animal in their midst. She’s responsible for Dorcas Trilling’s death, and all of the werewolf’s future victims. She doesn’t get to stand back, and tell herself that this is all for the best.

Magda is not an avenging angel of justice. She’s messed up, like everybody else on this show. She’s set a curse on herself and her own family, and she has absolutely no idea how to stop it. That’s good soap opera.

Tomorrow: Straight Outta Collinsport.

Dark Shadows bloopers to watch out for:

There’s a dramatic reveal moment when Tim asks what the signal will be, and Evan says, “This!” — and then shows him the Queen of Spades. Unfortunately, when Evan raises the cards, the Ace of Clubs is also peeking out from behind the Queen. Evan has to tuck the stray card into the pack with his pinky.

When Quentin reaches for the brandy, Beth says, “Don’t!” Quentin frowns at her and says, “Don’t you say another word for me.”

Beth tells Quentin, “I’m just not going to sit here and wait for evening.”

Right after that, she crosses the room and poses in front of his full-length mirror. The boom mic can be seen in the mirror, crossing behind her. At the end of the scene, when Beth runs from the room, you can see a studio light reflected in the mirror a couple times.

Not a blooper, just a random fact: the brand of cards they’re using is Bicycle Playing Cards. You can see the back of the cards most clearly when Quentin and Beth are playing, showing the distinctive design involving cherubs riding bicycles. I thought this might be an anachronism, so I looked it up, and found out they’ve been making Bicycle Playing Cards since 1885. Well played, Dark Shadows.

Tomorrow: Straight Outta Collinsport.

763 dark shadows evan queen

Dark Shadows episode guide

— Danny Horn

17 thoughts on “Episode 763: The One Where Magda Finds Out

  1. I have a question my dad has a DVD complete of Dark Shadows yet there is one episode that he says is missing. It involves the destruction of the mansion does anybody know what this episode is?

    1. The only missing episode is #1219. Occasionally the master tape of an episode would be lost, which is why from time to time we see episodes in black and white, even after the show has gone to color broadcasting. When the master tape cannot be found, these black and white mono recordings are kinescopes, or taping of a television broadcast. These were used as back-up copies for television stations in smaller markets who didn’t have their own video recorders.


      But for episode 1219, neither the master tape nor the kinescope copy has survived. This episode has been reconstructed with still photos and a home audio of the original broadcast supplied by a fan, intercut with narrative segments recorded with Lara Parker more than 20 years later, which is why the closing credit copyright note for this episode shows two years, 1971 and 1993.



      The episode showing the destruction of Collinwood is intact and happens months earlier in 1970, serving as the gateway into the 1840 timeline.

  2. The missing ep is narrated by Lara Parker with audio and stills.

    It is not the destruction of Collinwood.

    Which happened twice, once in present day, started by Gerard Stiles, who used zombies,and once in parallel time by Angelique and Alexis’ father Stokes, who burned it.

  3. I had the same question about the playing cards. Thanks for answering it. One minor correction… in The Manchurian Candidate, one of the best American films ever, the trigger card was the queen of hearts.

  4. The disconnect of the Werewolf story can lead to some funny moments. I loved the recent Angelique episode where she’s trying to team up with Quentin and Magda. She gets hilariously irritated when realising that they had the temerity to be pre-occupied with a sub-plot that SHE didn’t have anything to do with.

    1. davidspofforth, i loved that moment, too, seeing her take in this whole other plot line, realizing Magda has power, in one annoyed go.

  5. I think the idea that Magda was an avenging angel sailed from the moment she cursed Quentin with something that kills other people. That’s not just callous; it’s also not an especially effective curse. Sure, he’s beating himself up about it now, but how long before he becomes desensitised to the killing? He only regrets Jenny’s death now because of the curse he got as a result, he seems to have come to terms with the actual murdering.

    There’s an interesting moment when Magda is explaining the curse to Beth – she says “every night when there is a moon, he will be at its mercy”. I don’t know if that’s a blooper and Hall was supposed to say “every night when there is a FULL moon”, but it sounds like they’re setting the transformation up as a random event that isn’t specifically tied to a monthly cycle – which would be the smart thing on a soap, I think.

  6. Attempting to apply logic to DS is always a bad idea but I couldn’t help wondering why Quentin’s children would be affected by the curse when they were born before it was set upon him.

  7. Evan: So Tim, what do you think of the Rev. Trask?

    Tim: He’s the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.

  8. The remark about Quentin “chasing his tail”…. hmm… do werewolves have tails? If so, how do those tails fit in their clothes? If not, how do werewolves keep their balance when leaping about in wolf-like ways?

  9. I just realized that Quentin reminds me of Joe Cocker when he starts spazzing out at the beginning of the transformation. Quentin’s got some moves.

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