My new blog: Superheroes Every Day!

Hey everyone! I talked in my final Dark Shadows post about a new project coming up, and here it is: Superheroes Every Day — the history of superhero movies, in order and in detail.

The story starts with Superman: The Movie in 1978, and goes chronologically from there. The structure is very similar to this blog: talking about the movie from scene to scene, with lots of backstory and insight and crazy side trips. It’s about movies and comic books and money and singing cowboys and tax evasion and exploding scientists, and that’s just the beginning.

Even if you’re not into superhero movies — if you love Dark Shadows Every Day, then you will love Superheroes Every Day. Come take a look, and if you like it, tell your friends! See you there.

11 thoughts on “My new blog: Superheroes Every Day!

  1. Danny –
    While 1978 is a good starting point, I hope you will also delve a little bit back into historical background/history – the Siegel-Schuster (sp?) first issue comics (1938?), the radio and movie serials, the George Reeves show, etc. etc.
    Both Noell Neil (whom I actually met in 8th grade at my high school’s Film Club afternoon gala way back in 1976) and Kirk Alyn had cameos in the 1978 movie, so that’d be a good place to jump into their backgrounds.
    OK – well, I’m signing up for your new Superhero blog. God bless, and wishing you all the best, Danny!

  2. I used to teach a class titled From Comics Into Film, with an emphasis on superheroes. I always used to tell them if they wanted to better appreciate the modern movies, they had to see the old stuff, to see how they evolved over time.

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