Dark Shadows Every Day Finale Zoom Party

Thanks to everybody who joined us for the Dark Shadows Every Day Finale party! For the folks who missed it, here’s the video…

You can also check out the other videos on my channel, where I’ve got four talks on Superman, the Mickey Mouse watch, dangerous toys and flying saucers. I also did a shorter but better version of the dangerous toys talk for Nerd Nite. If you want more Danny talking, there’s a list of the Muppet podcasts that I’ve been on in the episode 1190 post, and I’ve also been on an episode of the Doctor Who Target Book Club.

I’m already working on my next project, which I expect I’ll start publishing in fall 2021. It’ll be a brand new topic, nothing to do with Dark Shadows, but if you like Dark Shadows Every Day (and the above talks) then you’re going to like the new blog; it’s going to be really fun. When the new blog starts, I’ll post here on DSED, as well as the Facebook and Twitter feeds, so stay subscribed, or just check back here in the fall.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this crazy adventure. This has been an incredible experience, and I’m excited to bring you all along on the next one. See you soon!

— Danny Horn

13 thoughts on “Dark Shadows Every Day Finale Zoom Party

  1. Thank you so much for posting the video, Danny! I am super excited about it! It was such a fun filled evening and I am so glad I got to be a part of it! Thank you to everyone who participated, too! It was really nice meeting all of you and hearing your stories and memories! Oh, and the red wine was really good! I feel like it was only appropriate because, well, vampire show and it was a celebration. That has always been a part of my ritual along with whiskey if it was a Chris Jennings episode. Maybe that’s why I didn’t watch the show then, either. I was not old enough to have it yet to get me through an especially tragic episode or scene, i.e. Sarah Collins death scene. Dark Shadows is my perfect escape from reality when I need it. I rewatch episodes fairly often. I even bought the entire series on DVD so I am never without it no matter what. The perfect mix of horror, drama, comedy, and suspense. I am totally obsessed. The scene where Angelique curses Barnabas keeps me on the edge of my seat no matter how many times I rewatch it.

    My favorite posts of yours:

    Anything involving Tom and Chris Jennings and Quentin Collins and other cute boys, especially pretty boys in peril or ripping their shirts off.
    Episode 441(?) Weekend at Maudie’s.
    Anything involving Julia and her handing out sedatives like M&Ms like that will solve every problem and her facial expressions. Also her slapping Cassandra and showing Barnabas who’s really wearing the pants in their relationship.

    Those are just a few of them. There are too many to mention in one comment. They are all priceless! A million thank yous again, Danny! Looking forward to your new project, whatever it may be!

  2. Thanks, Danny.

    Love you and all that, but are you feeling ok? Are you sure you wanna put yourself through this again?

    Looking forward to watching the party this week, thanks for posting.

  3. Thank you for posting it, Danny. I missed the last 45 minutes or so. By posting the party, you’ve capped off your present to us (your wonderful blog) with a lovely bow of sorts. Thank you for sharing your time, your dedication, knowledge, and sublime humor with us for so many years. Not meaning to get “sappy”, I just wanted to thank you for helping me get through the passing of both of my parents (mother in 2012 and father in 2019). The rest of the group helped too, with their sublime humor. You have all helped me laugh out loud when I needed it the most. Danny, you also helped me cry with some of your insightful writings, and that was of great help, too.

    I can’t wait to find out what your new project is, Danny. Take care!

  4. What? Comments are turned off? Awww. Ok, I’ll just like the video.

    But it would have been nice to praise the Man Behind the Blog on the Zoom video, just like we do here.

  5. Thanks so much, Danny. Mrs Acilius and I just put the video on our television and watched ourselves talking; she wanted to make sure she hadn’t sounded foolish, and was relieved at what she heard. Anyway, it was a great time!

    1. During the Zoom call, I noticed a few of the chat posts flicker past. I winced at one of them “Danny: Dark Shadows characters- FMK?” I hate that game.

      Anyway, by the time the question was put to Danny, I’d guessed what his answer would be: if he met 1840 Quentin, he’d try to talk him into a one-night stand; if he met 1897 Quentin, he’d propose marriage; if he met 1970 PT Quentin, he’d push him off a cliff. That wasn’t the answer he actually gave, but then he hadn’t seen the chat post and didn’t have as much time to think about it as I had.

      In my case, if I hadn’t met my lovely wife and found myself in a universe with Dark Shadows characters, there are various ways I might answer the same question, even though I still hate the game. So if I met Victoria Winters as played by Carolyn Groves, I might try for a one-nighter with her; if I met Victoria Winters as played by Alexandra Moltke, I would propose marriage; if I met Victoria Winters as played by Betsy Durkin, I’d push her off Widow’s Hill- one governess on the rocks, coming up.

      Or if I met Kathryn Leigh Scott’s characters- PT Maggie Collins seems like she needs a distraction to brighten things up for her a little, so a brief romantic interlude might be just the thing for her. And Maggie as she was for the first three years of the show was a dynamic multifaceted character, someone anybody would be glad to marry. I wouldn’t want to push any of her characters off a cliff, but if I had to pick one, it can’t be denied that Josette was so much more interesting as a ghost than as a living being that it was a relief when she went over.

      It’s such a terrible game that I wish I hadn’t started this, but I’ve already written too much to delete. I’ll just mention one more category, the female characters from 1841 PT. The Wuthering Heights storyline is absolute death, so it would be a service to push Catherine off a cliff and put a stop to it. PT Daphne, like all of Kate Jackson’s Dark Shadows characters, is intelligent and appealing, so she would be the one to marry. And for a fleeting moment of incandescence, Julia Collins, obviously- Grayson Hall cycles through so many facial expressions during a calm moment, just imagine her in the throes of ecstasy. Or pretending to be in the throes of ecstasy- that performance would be an entirely new art-form, one more akin to the dance or to sculpture than to acting as conventionally understood.

      As I say, a terrible terrible game, I’m sorry I brought this up, please forget you read it, I’m very much ashamed of myself. I certainly won’t propose any more categories, such as characters played by Thayer David, or characters who appeared in heavy makeup, or characters only seen in dream sequences, or characters who may have been played by mannequins. That would be wrong.

  6. I came across this blog while it was on hiatus, but it was invaluable. I was there since 1968 but could only watch in the summer if atmospheric conditions were right. So this let me relive the episode I watched, and filled me in on the ones I missed, all with the colour commentary the seriesso needed. My favourite episode, 830, needed a tribute to the glorious snarkfest between Trask and Quentin. Upon hearing that Edward and Jamison have recovered, Trask says, “Well. I’m happy to hear that.” Oh, yes,” purrs Quentin. “So happy you could cry.” Quentin calling Trask out on his hypocrisy was glorious.

  7. Sorry I missed the virtual get together, but I look forward to watching the video. This blog provided some much needed escape during a period of extreme craziness in the world, and I will miss seeing further DS-related thoughts from Danny.

    In the mean time, if you’ve ever wondered to yourself “What would it look like if the Old House got turned into condos?”, wonder no more. The Vanderlip mansion (the Old House in HODS) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beechwood_(Vanderlip_mansion)) got turned into three condo units a few years back. It was tricky matching things to the movie (at least partly because the side of the exterior they show people walking towards in HODS appears to be the back of the house), but 3 Beechwood Way is the part of the interior that is featured in the film — if you look at the real estate sites, you can see the front door with the fanlight in the pictures of the exterior, and one of the fireplaces flanked by windows matches the room where Barnabas and Maggie have dinner. Perhaps not coincidentally, that’s the only unit of the three which doesn’t show floor plans, and the entrance hall with the staircase is conspicuously absent from any of the pictures or the video tour…If it comes back on the market, for a cool $1.8 mil you can stand on the staircase and yell “YOU BETRAYED ME!” or “JULIAAAAA!”

    1 Beechwood Way https://tour.vht.com/433422455/idx

    2 Beechwood Way https://tour.vht.com/433559278/idx

    3 Beechwood Way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBKVGs3O55I

  8. Thank you for posting the video of the Zoom party for those of us who couldn’t make it! After watching it I really feel like I got to be there after all, especially since I would’ve been too shy to say anything anyway (I’m that person who avoids phone calls like the plague).

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